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The Rushden Echo, 19th August 1898, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Mr. John Claridge presided at the meeting of the Council on Wednesday evening, when there were also present:- Messrs. F. Knight ( vice-chairman), G. Denton, J Spencer, G. Miller, G. Fountain, W. H. Wilkins, B. Mortimer, G. H. Skinner, T. Swindall, W. H. Brawn, and Paul Cave, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason) and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. J. B. Martin).

Committee Work

The minutes of the committee meeting were:-

Plans – Plans were presented by the W.M.C., Griffith-street, amended, and passed so far as domestic portion of building is concerned, but the committee was not satisfied with the second staircase shown for the concert room; Mr. C. L. Bradfield for additions to house on the Newton-road, and passed; Mr. J. Harrison for two houses on the Victoria Estate and passed; Mr. J. Knight for extension to factory in Rectory-road and passed subject to manner of drainage being shown on the plan.

Waterworks – The Surveyor reported progress of further trial holes in Mr. Goosey’s field at Wymington, and it was resolved that the well near the barn be connected with the tank at once. The Surveyor also reported that the well near Knuston Spinney was to be commenced by the contractor this month. The Clerk was instructed to apply to the Midland Railway for permission to drive headings under their land from the well in the adjoining field.

The Pumping Station – The Surveyor was instructed to prepare specifications and obtain tenders for painting the pumping station and papering the house; to buy a copper and fix same in the house; and to obtain tenders for painting the Infectious Hospital.

Victoria Estate – An application was received from the owners of house property on the Victoria Estate for the water mains to be extended along Wellingborough-road, and the Surveyor was instructed to lay a three inch main as far as the junction of Graveley-street with the Wellingborough-road.

Sewers – The Surveyor was instructed to proceed forthwith in laying the sewer from Midland-road to North-street.

Pillar Box – An application was received from the Postal Authorities for permission to remove the pillar box at present standing at the top of Queen-street and place it on the pavement opposite to No. 61, Queen-street. the application was granted.

Mr. Northern’s Building line – A letter was received from Mr. H. Knight making further suggestions as to the building line of proposed new building in High-street and was referred to the Plans Sub-committee to consider and report.

Public Lighting – The Surveyor was instructed to have as many street lamps as possible put up and lighted in the High-street on the Saturday following the meeting.

The minutes were adopted.

Escape of Gas

Dealing with the accounts, the Chairman said there had been a big escape of gas at the pumping station of the waterworks, the effect of which was that there was a difference of £16 in the value of gas consumed between the Council’s meter and the meter of the Gas Company. The representatives of the Gas Company tried to trace the escape but were some time before they could do so. At last they found there were one or two pipes which were split and that a big escape had been going on for some weeks. The matter had come before the Finance Committee of the Gas Company and under the circumstances they thought the case would be met by allowing the Council half the cost of the gas, so that instead of having to pay the £16 the Council would only pay £8. That, the Chairman thought, was an equitable arrangement. The manager at the pumping station a day or two ago could hardly get enough gas and he thought there might have been another escape.

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