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The Rushden Echo, 25th August 1899, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The members present at a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night, were Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, T. Swindall, P. Cave, W. H. Wilkins, G. H. Skinner, G. Fountain, J. Spencer, B. Mortimer, and J. S. Clipson, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin), and the Sanitary Inspector. (Mr. J. B. Martin).

The Town Water Supply

A meeting of the Waterworks Committee was held on Wednesday, 16th August, 1899. Present:- Mr. F. Knight (chairman), Messrs. G. Denton, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, G. Fountain, B. Mortimer, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner, J. Spencer, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins.

Appointment of Plumber:- Sixty-nine applications for this appointment were received and a Selection Committee consisting of Messrs. G. Denton, J. Claridge, T. Swindall, and G. Miller were appointed to consider and select the most suitable candidate for appointment by the Council on Wednesday next.

Water Supply (Moors). – The Surveyor submitted the following analysis of water taken from the Moors.

Parts per Million
Free ammonia
Albumenoid ammonia
Grains per Gallon
Chlorine in chlorides
Nitrogen in nitrates and nitrites
Hardness reckoned as chalk, grains, or degrees.
Total solid matter dried at 212 fah.


The above data indicate a little previous sewerage contamination, it may be only the drainage from Agricultural land dressed with farm yard manure, but as the natural filtration is very efficient, I am of opinion that in the absence of a better supply it might with reasonable safety be used for drinking purposes.

The water is clear and palatable and rather hard.

(Signed) J. BINGLEY, F.C.S.,

The minutes were adopted on the motion of the Chairman.

The Appointment of a Plumber

The Clerk reported that the Committee appointed to select a plumber for the Council from the 69 applications received met on Aug. 16, and selected five candidates. The Surveyor was instructed to make inquiries as to these candidates. Those inquiries had been made and at a meeting of the Committee held that night, two men had been selected from the five names – Walter Sissons (Morley) and J. W. Morley (Pontefract).

Mr. Denton said very good testimonials had been received with regard to both men.

The final appointment was left in the hands of the sub-committee.

Sanitary Matters

A meeting of the Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 16th August. Present:- Mr. Fred Knight (chairman), Messrs. G. Denton, J. Claridge, J. Spencer, G. Fountain, G. Miller, and G. H. Skinner.

Land at Sewage Works. – Resolved that the letting of the surplus land at the Sewage Works be deferred until the spring.

Overcrowding. – The Sanitary Inspector reported a case of overcrowding by Mr. Thompson in Duck-street and he was instructed to inform Mr. Thompson that the Council would take sharp measures unless the nuisance was abated before Wednesday next.

The Chairman moved the adoption of the minutes.

The sanitary Inspector reported that the overcrowding in Duck-street had not yet been remedied. Husband, wife and six children were sleeping in two rooms containing less than the requisite air space.

Mr. Claridge was very much surprised to hear that the nuisance had not yet been abated. The mother told him she had arranged for two of the children to sleep out.

On the motion of Mr. Wilkins, seconded by Mr. Denton, it was resolved that unless the nuisance were abated within 48 hours proceedings be taken.

The minutes were then adopted.

Plans, Etc

A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 16th August. Present:- Mr. Fred Knight (chairman), Messrs. J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, B. Mortimer, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins.

Plans were presented by:-

Messrs. Miller and Skinner (amended plan) for new streets on Rectory Estate and passed.

Mr. J. C. Mayo for additional Workshop in Sartoris-road and passed.

Mr. Jack Green for 2 dwelling houses and stable in Cromwell-road and passed subject to drainage being laid to satisfaction of Surveyor.

The Northants Union Bank for the rebuilding of Factory in Park Lane and passed.

Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin (amended plan) for cart shed and stable in Queen-street and passed subject to drainage being laid to satisfaction of surveyor.

Messrs. J. Cave and Sons, Ltd. for engine house in Alfred-street and passed subject to building being set back to line of adjoining premises.

The adoption of the minutes was moved by the Chairman.

Mr. Swindall said he understood that the plan submitted by Messrs. Cave and Sons was incorrect. He suggested that it should be referred back to the Committee.

Mr. Cave said that course would be very inconvenient. The first plan was incorrect, but a correct one had now been sent to the Surveyor and he suggested that the Committee might consider the fresh plan after that meeting.

The minutes were passed and it was decided that the Plans Committee should meet after the meeting in accordance with Mr. Cave’s request.

The Proposed Bathing-Place

A letter was read from the Clerk to Higham Ferrers Corporation stating that his Council had appointed Messrs. Owen Parker, J. W. Higgins, and C. S. R. Palmer as a sub-committee to meet a sub-committee of the Rushden Council for the consideration of the proposal to construct a bathing-place at the Wharf, Higham.

Mr. Mortimer: Wouldn’t it be too far for the people of Rushden to go down there? They will want horses and carriages. I should like to propose that we provide baths in Rushden.

The Council left it to the Clerk and the Chairman to arrange a meeting between the two sub-committees.

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