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The Rushden Echo, 4th August 1899, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Proposed Public Bathing-Place for Rushden and Higham

The question of the provision of a public bathing-place came before the Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday night. It was not the first time that the subject had been considered: Mr. John Spencer introduced it a long time ago, but for some reason or other the matter was allowed to drop. Mr. Swindall re-introduced the subject on Wednesday night, and moved “that this Council appoint a small committee to enquire into

The Ways And Means

of providing a public bathing-place, and that the Higham Ferrers Corporation be asked to appoint a small committee to work in conjunction with the committee appointed by this Council.” Mr. Swindall said that, bearing in mind the population of the town and the fact that there was a river within two miles, he thought a bathing-place was a necessity. The part of the river at Ditchford at present used by those who wanted a swim was not at all suitable, and it was only a few weeks ago that a man lost his life through bathing in a place which was not suitable for bathing. If there had been a proper bathing place that would not have occurred. At the present time those who wished to bath had to trespass to do so.

The Best Place

for the construction of a bathing-place was near The Wharf at Higham Ferrers, and he thought it was advisable that Higham should be invited to go in with them and pay its share of the expenses.

Mr. Clipson seconded the motion and said he had been to the Wharf and had seen a very suitable place suggested by Mr. Mason.

Mr. Cave supported the motion and thought swimming ought to be included in every child’s education.

Mr. Spencer said it was very desirable that a place should be provided where people could bathe in safety, and the bathing-place should have a proper gradient to accommodate those who were learning to swim. He did not think the cost would be much.

Mr. Denton thought the idea of providing a bathing-place must commend itself to every member of the Council.

The Only Difficulty

was in carrying it out properly. The present custom of bathing indiscriminately on the river banks was condemned throughout the county.

The Chairman said he understood the proposal was to dig out a bathing-place near the river, from which the water would run in.

The motion was unanimously carried and Messrs. Knight, Swindall, and Spencer were appointed to act as members of the committee.

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