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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 24th August 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night, there were in attendance Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, J. Spencer, W. Bazeley, J. S. Clipson, G. H. Skinner, and T. Swindall, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), and the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin).

Council in Committee

A meeting of the whole Council in Committee was held on Tuesday, 31st July. Present, Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton, J. Claridge, G. Miller, G. Fountain, G. H. Skinner, Wm. Bazeley, T. Swindall, and J. S. Clipson.

Bedford-Road Well

The Chairman reported that Mr. Middleton, with the water sub-committee, had visited the site of the Bedford-road well this morning, and the Council would no doubt like in the first instance to take Mr. Middleton’s opinion as to the advisability of continuing the headings. Mr. Middleton stated that he did not consider any great increase to the present supply might be expected from carrying the headings further, certainly not sufficient to justify the expense of continuing them. He should advise the Council to use the water at present obtained and pump direct into the mains.

The Committee decided to act on Mr. Middleton’s advice forthwith. The Surveyor was instructed to inform Messrs. Timmins’s men to finish up their work at once, and the Clerk was instructed to acquaint Messrs. Timmins and Mr. Eunson of the decision arrived at, and also inform Messrs. Timmins that the Council would require the use of their pump and power in accordance with the contract. The Surveyor was also instructed to order sufficient 3in mains from the Staveley Ironworks at their quotation of £7 per ton and to proceed with the work of laying them to the well at once.

Permanent Supply

With regard to a permanent supply for the town, Mr. Middleton asked to be given a free hand; he would then go fully into the question and report with as little delay as possible, but it must necessarily take him some time.

The Committee agreed, and instructed Mr. Middleton accordingly.

Further Temporary Supplies

The Clerk was instructed to enter into negotiations as to the temporary use of further local springs.

The report was adopted.

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 1st August, 1900. Present:- Mr. Fred Knight (chairman), J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, Tom Swindall, and Wm. Bazeley.


Plans were presented:-

On behalf of the Trustees of the Baptist Chapel for new chapel in Park-road and passed.

By Mr. S. Knight and Mrs. S. J. Nunley for a pair of semi-detached villas on the Kimbolton-road, and passed subject to the branch drains to stable each having a ventilation shaft, the manure pit having a suitable cover, and the footings of the walls complying with bye-law 17.

By Mr. T. Swindall for 5 houses in Washbrook-road and passed.

By Mr. C. Barker for additions to house in Newton-road, and passed.

By Mr. J. Shortland for stable and coach-house in corrugated iron off Portland-road and passed.

Brook Near Old Gas-Works

The following tenders for providing and fixing the iron fencing were received:-

A.A. Parker
£7 12 0
A.T. Ginns
£7 10 0
W. Leeson
£9 9 0

It was resolved to accept Mr. Ginns tender and the Surveyor was instructed to order the work to proceed forthwith.


The Chairman reported that the Athletic Club had agreed to give up the 6 feet of land required to make the road 36 feet wide subject to the value thereof being taken into consideration in making the provisional apportionment. The other owners on that side were prepared to accept similar terms. The Surveyor was instructed to prepare specifications and estimates for making and completing the whole street, but to divide the work into two sections – (a) From Newton-road to the corner (b) from the corner to Cromwell-road.

Main Road Surface Drain Near Mr. P. Cave’s

The surface drain at this point was reported by the Surveyor to be completely blocked for a considerable distance under the asphalted footpath. It was considered inadvisable to take up the path and it was resolved that a new drain be laid under the road.

Public Seats

The following sites for public seats were decided upon, and the Surveyor instructed to obtain designs and prices:-

The Green (a circular seat round corner tree)
Wymington-road near Mrs. Currie’s
Newton-road near Cemetery Gates
Wellingborough-road near Fitzwilliam-street
Washbrook-road in front of Fern Dale
Higham Hill near Mr. Thomas Sanders

The Chairman said a word of explanation was needed with regard to the seats, because the committee had not before them the cost of an iron circular seat. They now had an estimate, which amounted to £8 10s.

It was thought by several Councillors that the estimate was too high for one seat, and it was decided that the circular seat should be of wood instead of iron.

Main Road Agreement

A letter was received from the County Council with regard to the definition of the term “improvements” in the agreement and in order to render the practice uniform throughout the county asking this Council to agree to the clause in the agreement being construed as if the words “The substitution of a more expensive material for that formerly used” were inserted in lieu of the words “any change in the material used.”

It was resolved to recommend the Council to give their consent to this.


It was resolved to apply to the county Council for their consent to this Council constructing a channel on each side of the road on Higham-hill and raising a loan for the purpose.

The report was adopted.

Sewage Farm Sub-Committee

A meeting of the Sewage Farm Sub-committee was held at the Sewage Farm on Thursday, the 2nd day of August. Present:- Messrs. F. Knight, G. H. Skinner, T. Swindall, and Wm. Bazeley.

The following tenders for the new buildings were received:-

Wm. Packwood £172
C. E. Bayes £183
Robert Marriott £160

Resolved that the Council be recommended to accept Mr. R. Marriott’s tender.

Finance, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 15th August, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton, J. Spencer, G. Miller, G. Fountain, G. H. Skinner, and J. Claridge.


Accounts. – A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.


Sanitary Reports. – The following report from the Medical Officer was read:-

I examined a sample of water supplied by your inspector and found it good and fit for domestic use. There have been five cases of infectious diseases reported during the past month – four of scarlet fever and one of enteric which was fatal.


The Inspector reported that disinfectants had been supplied to all cases reported, and every precaution taken. Four houses had been fumigated where fever had been, and there was only one house at the present time infected. The officer had also visited several workshops and factories during the month.

Cemetery. – The Caretaker reported several cases of wilful damage to the fences and trees at the cemetery. In the cases of Harry Westley, Nellie Pendered, Nellie Boswell, and Beatrice and Edith Linnett, who were reported as having broken two large branches off an elm tree, it was resolved (Mr. Spencer voted against) to recommend the Council to take proceedings before the magistrates. The caretaker pointed out to the Committee that there was a notice board warning persons against committing damage within a few yards of this tree, and also that unless something were done by way of an example it would be quite impossible to keep the cemetery in good order as the trees and hedges were continually being destroyed.

Among the bills presented for payment was one from Messrs. Timmins and Co., the contractors for the Bedford-road well, for £238 13s 7d.

Mr. Swindall: That’s rather quick work.

Mr. Claridge: Yes, they have hardly finished.

The clerk said they had the engineer’s certificate.

Mr. Swindall said he wished all architects were as quick in certifying.

Referring to the damage at the Cemetery, the Chairman said there had been continual complaints and the committee thought they could not do any other than support the caretaker and make an example of those boys and girls by taking out a summons. They would notice that Mr. Spencer was opposed to this course, but otherwise the recommendation was unanimous.

Mr. Bazeley said he also was against a summons being taken out.

Mr. Spencer did not like the idea of bringing children before a Police-court. He thought more harm than good was likely to be done.

The committee’s recommendation was carried only Messrs. Spencer and Bazeley voting against it. Mr. Clipson did note vote.

Waterworks Committee

A meeting of the Waterworks Committee was held on Wednesday, 15th August. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), Geo. Denton, J. S. Clipson, J. Claridge, T. Swindall, and J. Spencer.

Bedford-Road Well

A letter was received from Messrs. Timmins and Co., with reference to the terms of hire of their pump and engine. The hire of the pump with fittings would in accordance with tender of 25th July, 1899, be £1 5s per week. Messrs. Timmins asks in addition for engine and boiler as now fixed £2 10s per week. The Committee were of the opinion that pump and power could be obtained on much better terms by purchase, and instructed the Surveyor to prepare a scheme. The Clerk to inform Messrs. Timmins that their apparatus would not be required.

Further Temporary Supplies

Correspondence with the owners of a spring on the Wellingborough-road was read asking for a formal offer. It was decided that the water sub-committee should visit the spring to-morrow and instruct the Clerk as to a reply.

The sub-committee visited the spring in question on Thursday afternoon and, after measuring the quantity of water obtainable, were of the opinion that there was not sufficient to justify the expense of bringing it to Rushden.

The Chairman said the Surveyor had got out a report dealing with the Bedford-road well, and how it should be dealt with now. The committee thought it would be well for Mr. Middleton, the engineer, to see it.

The report was adopted, and it was decided that the Surveyor should have an interview with Mr. Middleton.

Re-Appointment of Sanitary Inspector

Mr. Claridge moved the re-appointment of Mr. J. B. Martin, the Inspector of Nuisances, and said he was a very efficient officer and did his work thoroughly.

Mr. Skinner seconded.

The Chairman remarked that the Inspector did his work very satisfactorily, and said he thought he gave satisfaction even to those of whom he sometimes had to complain. He was always a very civil and obliging officer.

The motion was unanimously carried.

The New Police-Station

The Chairman said Mr. Wilkins had spoken to him regarding the desirability of getting the new police-station put in telephonic communication with Wellingborough and Northampton. He thought that if they made representations to the Chief Constable the telephone might be added to the handsome new building.

Mr. Denton thought they were perhaps a little premature in assuming that it was not intended to put the telephone on. He should think it was a hundred chances to one that it would be.

Mr. Spencer said that if it had been suggested that the number of Rushden gentlemen should be appointed magistrates that would have been more serviceable.

It was left to the Chairman to communicate with the Chief Constable.

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