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The Rushden Echo, 23rd August 1901, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night there were present Messrs. G. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), F. Knight, C. Bates, W. Bazeley, J. Claridge, W. H. Wilkins, G. Miller, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, with Mr. G. S. Mason (clerk), and Mr. W. B. Madin (surveyor).

Waterworks Committee

A meeting of the Waterworks committee was held on Wednesday, 24th July, 1901. Present:- Messrs. G. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), C. Bates, Wm. Bazeley, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner, T. Swindall, W. H. Wilkins, and Fred Knight.

Sharnbrook:- The Surveyor reported on his interview with Mr. Middleton who, although quite in sympathy with the Council in their wish to make a further test at Sharnbrook, did not anticipate any favourable results. If the Council decided to proceed further Mr. Middleton advised the continuation of the trench at No. 3 well, and that in pumping provision should be made for the discharge of the water into the river. It was thought desirable before proceeding with further trenching that the yield of water from the present No. 3 well should be tested by seven days pumping and compared with the yield last autumn and, if this test were satisfactory, to again consider the question of further trenching.

Wymington:- The Clerk read a letter received from Mr. Goosey’s Agents offering terms for the continuation of the present arrangement at Wymington for a period of three years. The Committee considered the present rental a very liberal one and the Clerk was instructed to reply that the Council were unable to agree to the new terms suggested, and authorised to make an offer to continue the present rental.

Higham Ferrers Water Company:- A letter was received from Messrs. Baker Lees & Co., the solicitors to this Company, stating that they could make arrangements, if required, for the sale to Rushden in bulk of 200,000 gallons per day at a price to be agreed upon, and further suggesting that if the Council desired it the Company’s Engineer would be pleased to confer with them on the subject. It was decided to meet the Engineer on some date convenient to him.

The report was adopted on the motion of the Chairman.

Plans &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, July 31st, 1901. Present:- Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), W. H. Wilkins, W. Bazeley, J. S. Clipson, and F. Knight.


Plans were presented by:-

Mr. J. F. Adams for bungalow on the Rushden Court Estate and passed subject to cesspit being constructed at least 60 feet from the well and a window being provided for the w.c.

Messrs. J. East & Co, for shed at rear of house on Rushden Hill occupied by F. G. Wyatt and passed.

Messrs. Hipwell & Co, for extension to cellar at the Wagon and Horses Inn and passed subject to the drainage being made satisfactory to the Surveyor.

Mr. S. Pack for two houses in Robinson-road and referred back.

Mr. F. Bayes for shed on the Rushden Court Estate and passed.

Co-operative Wholesale Society:- The surveyor reported that the Architect had promised to supply him with an amended plan showing all the alterations made from that originally deposited.

Newton-road:- The Sub-Committee appointed to confer with Mr. Radburne as to an amended building line reported that they had approached him on the matter; they had suggested that the slaughter house occupied by Mr. C. E. Knight should be set back in a line with Mr. Ward’s shops and this line continued into Park-road. Mr. Radburn’s terms were that the Council should undertake the work of taking down and re-building the end wall of the slaughter house and pay £50 as compensation for land given up. The Committee were prepared to recommend the Council to undertake the re-building required and to pay £25 compensation but this Mr. Radburne declined and the Committee now recommend that no further steps be taken at present.

Wheatsheaf Inn:- The Committee again had before them a complaint from Mr. G. Evans as to storm water running through the yard of the Wheatsheaf Inn from the vacant land at the rear. The Surveyor was instructed to make inquiries as to the cause and report to the next meeting.

The Late Fire:- With regard to the damage caused to the footpaths by the falling buildings the Surveyor was instructed to repair those in Alfred-street with as little delay as possible.

Public Lighting:- It was resolved to commence lighting the street lamps on August 31st.

It was also resolved to erect a new lamp on Portland-road near the Co-operative Society’s new factory.

Robinson Road:- The Surveyor reported that practically the whole of the works to be done by the Contractor were now completed but there would be some slight delay in finishing off the asphalting which the Council would do by their own men. Under these circumstances the Committee considered the Surveyor might properly give the contractor a certificate for £650 on account.

Wymington Footpath:- The Chairman stated that since the last Council meeting he had walked over this footpath and found the stiles to be identical with those which had existed for many years. He found as a fact that the tenants both in Rushden and Wymington grazed a bull in the fields through which the path passed and this might be considered as likely to deprive the public of the proper enjoyment of the path in question. The Clerk was instructed to write to the tenants and draw their attention to the matter.

Mr. Bazeley said he had been informed that, with regard to the Wymington footpath, one obstruction had been removed either on the night of the Council meeting or on the night after. It might be taken, from the report, that there had not been any obstruction.

The report was adopted.

Finance &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, August 14th, 1901. Present:- Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), T. Swindall, J. Claridge, G. H. Skinner, and Chas. Bates.


Cash Accounts:- The Committee examined the Surveyors cash account with the wages book, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-




Week ending July 19th




Week ending July 26th




Week ending August 2nd




Week ending August 9th




Water Rate Account:- The Collectors Water Rate Account was submitted, the total receipts since the last meeting amounting to £49 18s 1d, which had been paid to the treasurer.

Treasurer’s Receipts:- The Treasurer’s General Account was examined, from which it appeared that the following sums had been paid to him by the under-mentioned persons on the following accounts:-




Clarke and Pendered, North-street




J. Sargent, water rates




Treasurer’s Balances:- The Treasurer’s accounts were examined and the Committee found that the following balances were in his hands on the under-mentioned accounts:-




General Current Account




Loan No. 11




Loan No. 16








Tradesmen’s Accounts:- A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Sanitary Reports:- The Medical Officer reported the notification of four cases of infectious disease since the last meeting, viz., one each of diphtheria, scarlet fever, erysipelas and typhoid, the latter undoubtedly contracted at Raunds.

The Inspector reported that he had visited all the cases notified and inspected the surroundings. He could discover nothing likely to cause the disease. Disinfectants had been supplied and every precaution was being taken.

A notice having been received from H. M. Inspector of Factories calling attention to the closet accommodation at the factory of Messrs. Garley and Co., the Sanitary Inspector was requested to give the matter careful attention.

Steam Coal for Pumping Station:- The Committee had before them prices from several firms for the supply of steam coal and resolved to recommend the Council to instruct the Surveyor to purchase 10 tons of best hard and 50 tons of small nuts from Messrs. Ellis and Everard at 16s 6d and 14s per ton respectively.

Mr. Pratt:- The Chairman reported that he had received a communication from Mr. Pratt stating that in consequence of having received another appointment he wished to resign his clerkship in the Surveyor’s office. He asked for a testimonial from the Council and also be allowed his annual holiday. It was resolved to recommend the Council to comply with Mr. Pratt’s request.

It was also resolved to advertise for a successor to Mr. Pratt at a commencing salary of 25s per week, age not to exceed 25.

The report was adopted.

Wellingborough’s Sympathy

A letter was received from the Clerk to the Wellingborough Urban Council expressing the sympathy of that body and the town they represented with Rushden in the calamitous fire.

The Clerk was directed to reply expressing the Council’s appreciation of the good feeling indicated by the letter.

The Water Supply

The Chairman said he was invited by the Co-operative Wholesale Society to meet one of their directors and he did so. The director informed him that in consequence of the reports which had appeared with reference to Messrs. Cave’s fire, serious concern was felt by the Society as to whether sufficient water would be obtained from the town mains for use in their factory. He (the Chairman) informed him that the Council were now supplying about ten gallons per head of the population, and that the supply was not so unsatisfactory as might be expected from the misleading statements contained in the press. He also spoke of the steps taken to increase the supply, and of the difficulties experienced, and was assured that his explanations were entirely satisfactory and that the Society could be relied on to give the Council any assistance they could in the matter of getting an adequate supply.

Mr. Miller thought it was very prejudicial to the town to see such statements in the press as had appeared with reference to the fire.

The Chairman said some of the attacks, especially one in the trade paper, were really malicious.

Work for Committees

A report was received from Mr. G. R. Turner, secretary to the Fire Brigade, with regard to the great fire, and on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Spencer, it was referred to the Lighting Committee.

A letter was received from Mr. Perkins, Alfred-street, setting out that in rebuilding his property he proposed to take a different building line, and was prepared to give up land for widening the highway.

The letter was referred to the Highways Committee.

Public Works

A cheque was drawn for Mr. T. Willmott, the contractor for the making up of Robinson-road, for £650 on account.

The seal of the Council was affixed to the contract with Mr. Willmott for the erection of a portion of the buildings to form the new town depot. The amount of the contract is £799 10s.

The Pawnbroker’s Certificate

held by Mr. Beaverstock was renewed,

The Council then went into committee.

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