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Rushden Echo, 16th August, 1907 , transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Land For Small Holdings
The Rate Collector’s Salary

  A meeting of this Council was held on Wednesday night at the Council Chambers, when there were present: Messrs. F. Ballard (chairman), W. Bazeley (vice-chairman), F. Knight, J. Claridge, G. H. Skinner, G. Miller, C. E. Bayes, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, J. Paragreen, C. Bates, and A. J. Dobbs, with the Clerk (Mr. Mason), the Surveyor (Mr. Madin), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. Hunter).

Council In Committee

  A meeting of the whole Council in Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, the 17th July, 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. F. Ballard (chairman), W. Bazeley, C. Bates, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, A. J. Dobbs, F. Knight, Geo. Miller, J. Paragreen, G. H. Skinner, and T. Swindall.

Road Materials – Team Labour

  Tenders for team labour were received from Messrs. A. Sharp, W. Packwood, W G. Wilmott and A. Groome.

  It was resolved to divide the work into sections and to accept the tenders of Messrs. Sharp, Packwood, and Groome each in respect of a distinct section at the respective rates per ton quoted.

Team Labour – Day Scavenging

  The following tenders for day-work were received:-

  Mr. A. Packwood:- Two horses and carts and driver per hour ½; one horse and cart per hour 9d.

  Mr. W. G. Wilmott:- Two horses and carts and driver per hour 1/5; one horse and cart per hour 6½d.

  Mr. A. Groome:- Two horses and carts and driver per hour ¼; one horse and cart per hour 7d.

  Mr. W. W. Smith:- Two horses and carts and driver per hour 1/0; one horse and cart per hour 6d.

  It was resolved that the tender of Mr. Smith be accepted for the year ending 31st March, 1908.

Public Lighting – Wentworth Road

  A letter was received from Mr. W. Clark asking that a lamp might be placed in this road at the top of Carnegie Road.

  It was resolved to recommend the Council to accede to the request.

  The report was adopted.

Plans, &c., Committee

  A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday the 31st July, 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. F. Ballard (chairman), W. Bazeley, C. E. Bayes, F. Knight, G. Miller, J. S. Clipson and A. J. Dobbs.


were presented by :-

  Mr. Tomkins for house on the Court Estate and passed.

  Mr. A. Clayton for Box shed to factory in Park-road and passed.

Infringement Of Bye-Laws

  The Surveyor reported the erection of wooden buildings by Messrs. Pack and Espin at the rear of their houses in Robinson-road not in accordance with the Bye-laws and without plans having been first submitted.

  It was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to require Messrs. Pack and Espin to give the usual undertaking to remove the buildings when called upon so to do.

Steam Roller

  The Surveyor reported that he had received an application from the County Surveyor for the use of the Steam Roller for scarifying purposes at Irthlingborough Bridge and he proposed to accede to the same on the usual terms.

  The Committee approved.

Public Lighting

  It was resolved to commence public lighting in full on Saturday, August 24th.

Steam Fire Engine

  It was resolved to take out a policy of insurance with the National Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd. covering liability up to £500.

High Street South Improvement

  A communication from the Clerk to the County Council was received stating that the County Council had given their consent to the execution of the work, and had agreed on its completion to pay to this Council a sum of £50 towards the cost of the buildings and land acquired, and half the cost not exceeding £185 of the work necessary to carry out the improvement.

Main Roads

  The annual report of the County Surveyor was received.  The following is an extract from the report so far as the roads in the Urban District of Rushden are concerned:-

  The roads in this district are maintained in a high state of efficiency and the general surface work is well attended to.

  Kettering and Higham Ferrers-road – 3m. 5¼f.:- An excellent road with an exceptionally good surface.

  The Committee congratulated the Surveyor upon the very satisfactory nature of the report.

High Street

  Referring to the tarring of the roads now taking place in the High-street, the Surveyor asked permission to pave a short length of the roadway between West-street and Duck-street with tar macadam.

  The Committee agreed.

  The Surveyor informed the Committee that the cost of tarring the roads as at present carried out amounted to about 1d. per square yard, the expenditure on the High-street to date being £40/1/5 and that on the Newton-road £3/6/3.

Damage To Cemetery Fence

  The Cemetery Caretaker attended the meeting and reported that a boy named Percy Thompson had been found damaging the hedge.

  It was resolved to recommend the Council to prosecute the boy.

  Mr. Claridge, referring to the infringement of the bye-laws by Messrs. Pack and Espin, said these cases appeared to be getting quite ordinary occurrences.

  Mr. Skinner thought it was an easy way of getting out of a difficulty.

  Mr. Bates: I don’t suppose any of these buildings have ever been removed?

  Mr. Claridge: But we can call upon the owners to remove them.

  Mr. Clipson said there seemed to be no objection to these buildings, apart from the infringement of the bye-laws.

  The Sanitary Inspector: There is in some cases.

  Mr. Bates, referring to street lighting, expressed the hope that the time would soon arrive when they would be able to light the streets all the year round.

  The Chairman: It’s a question of expense.

  Mr. Paragreen: It’s worse than it is in some of the villages.

  Mr. Claridge: You go into some of them and see.

  The report was adopted.

Small Holdings

  The Finance Committee reported that a circular letter was received from the Clerk to the Council stating that he had been directed by the Allotments and Small Holdings Committee, in consequence of a communication from the Board of Agriculture, to ask what land was occupied in the parish of Rushden as small holdings, whether there was a demand for further land, and whether there was any land available for use for small holdings.  The committee were of opinion that sufficient land was available to meet present demands.  Mr. Swindall had promised particulars regarding small holdings held in connection with the Allotments Association, and the committee thought this information, with particulars obtainable from the rate-book, would sufficiently answer the questions put to the Council.

  The Clerk said Mr. Swindall had informed him that there were 18 small holders in connection with the Association, the total acreage of their holdings being 59a. 1r. 8p.  The land used for allotments, inclusive of small holdings, was 131 acres.  Outside the Allotments Association, there were 118 tenants of land under 1 acre, the total cultivated being 1244 acres.  Altogether there were 136 small holders occupying 184 acres.

  Mr. Bazeley: Do I understand there was no demand for more land?

  The Clerk: The committee consider there is sufficient land for the present demand.

  Mr. Bazeley: I have heard from working men that their names have been put down for allotments for a long time and that they cannot get them yet.

  Mr. Swindall said there were a few names down, but not sufficient to warrant the Association taking another field.  The Association had plenty of fields offered to them if they had sufficient applications for allotments to warrant them taking more land.  He had two fields offered him on the previous day.

  Mr. Claridge said he was very glad to hear that there was land available.

  The report was adopted.

The District Rate Collector’s Salary

  The Finance Committee had had the matter of the collector’s salary under consideration.  The Clerk had submitted to them a statement showing the amount of salary as originally fixed at the first appointment of a collector, the various increases from time to time made thereto, and also the yearly sums collected, increasing from £1870 in 1891 to £9666 in 1906.  The committee were satisfied that the present salary of £90 is not excessive for the amount of work done and the responsibility involved, but agreed that the Council might well consider whether the time had not arrived for some re-arrangement of the Collector’s department, with a view to the employment of an official entirely by the Council.

  The Chairman said the matter came under consideration in consequence of its being brought to the Council’s notice that the collector had been relieved of the duty of collecting the water rate for the council.

  The report of the committee was adopted, and it was further resolved, on the motion of Mr. Dobbs, seconded by Mr. Bates, that the question of re-arranging the collector’s department be considered by the Council in committee.

Health of The Town

  The Medical Officer (Dr. Morris) reported that two cases of typhoid fever, one of diphtheria, and two of scarlet fever had been notified during the month.  He had visited the premises where the outbreaks had occurred, but could find nothing to account for the presence of the disease.


  On the recommendation of the Sanitary Committee, the Sanitary Inspector was authorised to serve formal notices on the owners of the following properties, requesting them to abate nuisances caused by defective drainage: - Nos. 107 and 109, Park-road; 1 and 3, Sandpit-lane; the factory in Sandpit-lane; 48, Harborough-road; and 1 and 3, Queen-street.

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