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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 16th December 1949, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Improved Bus Services
Plans in Hand for Rushden

In-town bus facilities and an improvement of the Northampton route service have been won by Rushden Council, according to a report received at Wednesday’s meeting.

There was a report on the interview between representatives of the Council, the United Counties Omnibus Co. and the Traffic Commissioners, when the Council representatives asked for improved in-town services, particularly for the Highfield Road, Newton Road, Cromwell Road, and Queen street areas, and also for better travelling facilities between Rushden and Northampton.

It was stated on behalf of the Bus Company that preliminary plans had already been made for improved services in the Highfield Road and Newton Road areas, but that their introduction had been deferred pending the result of the High Street traffic inquiry. The company undertook to consider the provision of an additional through service to Northampton at about 9 a.m. with additional return services at about 4.30 and 9.30 p.m.

Mrs. Muxlow expressed the hope that the Traffic Commissioners would agree to the proposals.


Following discussions at a private meeting, the Council decided to seek a conference with the Education Authority on the following points: Rezoning; provision of a nursery or infants’ school to serve the Higham Road and Upper Queen Street estates; provision of a secondary grammar school for Rushden; urgently needed improvements at South End School; the site selected in Hayway for extensions of North End School; the possibility of using more prefabricated structures as a means of temporary improvements, the need for improvements at North End School.

In reference to the Hayway Site the minutes stated that it was “Not entirely satisfactory, being low-lying and damp.”

Councillor J. Allen described the first two proposals as “immediate necessities.”

A list of new assessments increased the rateable value of the district by £430.

Councillor A. H. Bailey said this report was probably the last that the Council would receive from the Rating and Valuation Committee. He spoke sadly of the extension of “remote control,” and added that in rating affairs the Council’s officials, hitherto helped by a committee who knew local conditions, would now be working with people at Kettering or Northampton.

It was agreed that the whole Council should meet Prof. A. E. Richardson, who has completed his preliminary survey of Rushden Hall.


Will Enforce Tenancy Rules

Suggestion that they adopt the principle used in Welwyn Garden City, whereby a shilling was added to the rent for every lodger and a shilling deducted for every child was made by Councillor A. A. Allebone at Rushden Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Said Councillor Allebone: “There seems to be a lot of sense in it.”

He was commenting on a minute instructing the Housing manager to enforce a condition of tenancy prohibiting unauthorised sub-letting.

Referring to their recent statement on procedure for the letting of houses, the Housing Committee emphasised that where a house has recently been relieved of overcrowding no other application from that address would be entertained for a period of three years.

Mrs. Muxlow said the committee felt that a lot of people were not aware of the rule. She mentioned a case where the Council found accommodation for some of the occupants of an overcrowded house where, within two months, another member of the family moved in with his wife and children, and the overcrowding began all over again.

Members present: Councillors W. E. Capon (Chairman), F. E. Brown (Vice-Chairman), Mrs. W. M. Lean, E. J. Roe, A. A. Allebone, A. H. Dickens, E. E. Newell, A. H. Bailey, W. J. Keller, J. Allen, Mrs. A. U. Muxlow, C. G. Faulkner, H. Waring, W. J. Sawford, E. A. Sugars, J. T. Richardson, and Mrs. A. Rowthorn. An apology for absence was received from Councillor J. H. J. Paragreen.


Playgrounds Everywhere
Pleasures Planned by Council

The delightful vision of Rushden as a town full of happy children is conjured up by the decision of the Council to install playground equipment not only in the two parks which originally had it, but on various housing sites where at present children have nowhere to play.

This comes in the nature of a Christmas surprise for both parents and children, for parents will breathe a sigh of relief that at last the kiddies can be sent out to play safely without being in the streets or too far away from their homes, and the children themselves will welcome the extensive selection of merry-go-rounds, slides, swings and rocking horses the Council intends to buy.

The project was discussed at last month’s Council meeting but the decision was deferred until this month’s meeting on Wednesday.

The total cost of the scheme is estimated at £2,638, towards which there is a sum of £837 received as compensation for the restoration of land adjoining the Southfields estate.

The balance of £1,801 will involve loan charges of £282 each year, assuming the loan period of seven years, unless any grants are received towards the cost of the scheme, in which case the annual charges will be appropriately reduced.

The scheme will be carried out by instalments over a period of two years, and a start is to be made very soon.

Jubilee Park and Spencer Park, the two places where equipment was installed before the war, are to be re-supplied with a slide and seats in the first case, and a merry-go-round, two slides and seats in the second.

The pre-war western housing estate is to have £328 worth of equipment including a thirty-foot slide, a merry-go-round, see-saw, swings and seats to be sited on land adjoining No.24 Boundary Avenue.

On land adjoining Southfields the prefab estate, before any of the equipment can be installed £400 will have to be spent on building a dwarf wall along the frontage, seeding a grass plot and clearing the site.

The site in the Hall Grounds has been changed from land adjoining the Wymington Rd. entrance to land north-west of the drive from Hall Avenue, and £496 is to be spent on this, which will be one of the largest “play centres.”

“Trusteel” Housing Estate in Hove Road, and Higham Road Housing Estate, both post-war developments, are the two others concerned, and will be equipped on similar lines to those already mentioned.

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