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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th December 1951, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Council Disagrees On Housing
Do Tenants Really Want to Purchase?

Do any of Rushden council’s tenants want to purchase their houses? The question, arising from the Government’s recently announced policy, was debated at Rushden Council’s meeting on Wednesday after the Housing Committee had put in reasons why none of the Ministry’s recommendations should be taken up immediately.

The committee’s views on three points:-

Sale of houses to tenants; Not aware that any tenant desires to purchase.

Increased proportion of private building: It is already planned that the council should build 44 and private enterprise 13 next year. The question of the remaining eight allocated to the town should be decided later.

New house-type plans: It is too late to change plans for the council’s batch of 44.

In the discussion, Councillor A. H. Bailey claimed there were small firms who would be glad to build a house or two, thus quickening progress and enabling the council to claim an extra allocation. The truth about the purchase scheme was that the tenants were not aware of any desire of the council to sell.

Councillor A. Allebone supported Mr. Bailey’s views, but Councillors J. T. Richardson and Mrs. Muxlow foresaw difficulties in the purchase plan.

After the chairman (Ald. C. G. Faulkner) had said that specific applications should precede a decision, the committee’s report was adopted.

School ‘Concern’

Concern was expressed about the County Education Committee’s decision that South End School should be “adapted and extended” and not replaced. It was decided to ask for further information, Mr. Allebone saying that it would be uneconomical to rebuild on the present site, which was not a good one.

Because only three bands will be available, the Mission being depleted, it was decided to shorten the concert season at Rushden Hall next year. The bands have asked for higher fees, and the Council will offer £15 (a £5 increase) for two concerts. There was a promise to meet the bands’ complaints about unsatisfactory seating arrangements and dirty chairs.

It was announced that local County Council representatives will meet on January 9th to consider alternatives to traffic lights at the Church Road junction.

The Housing Committee reported that an analysis of the 237 applications which had been on the lists for more than 12 months, revealed that in 15 cases applicants had also sought tenancies with the Higham Ferrers Council. It was decided that applicants be requested to decide with which authority they wished their application to remain.

The Public Health Committee outlined details of a clean food campaign which will open on January 15th with a meeting and film show for the purpose of introducing the campaign to local traders. There will be meetings for food trade employees, canteen workers and the general public. The co-operation of the Higham Ferrers council will be invited.

Twelve tenders were received for the construction of two additional hard tennis courts at Spencer Park and that of En-Tout-Cas Co., Ltd., Leicester, at £683, was accepted.

Rival Offer

An inquiry was received from an amusement caterer as to whether the council would be willing to consider an offer for the right to bring a fair into Spencer Park for Rushden Feast in 1952. Decision was deferred until Mr. Charles Thurston had been informed of the inquiry and asked what terms he is prepared to offer.

A further progress report on the restoration of Rushden Hall revealed that the majority of the old tiles from the roof have been stripped and that it has been decided to remove some of the old buildings in the centre courtyard.


Building plans were as follows: Site for caravan, 201, Avenue Road, Mr. L. F. Berrill; alterations to covered way, Wellingborough Road F. Caswell, Ltd.; alterations to building at rear of Railway Hotel, Timpson Bros., Ltd.; garage, Shirley Road. Mr. W. H. Tansley; site for two houses, Wymington Road, Mr. G. P Robinson; conversion of Old Rectory into two dwellings, Mrs. J. C. Brew; garage, Cresswell Road, Mr. H. Perkins; site plan for dwelling house, Wellingborough Road, Mr. M. B. Cave; Secondary Modern School for Girls, Northamptonshire County Council Education Committee; work shop, Wellingborough Road, Messrs. Denley and Bedford; dwelling house, Link Road, Mr. J. Wild; sheds and refrigeration space, High Street, Messrs. J. Bugby and Son; Nissen building, North Street, Vehicle Hire and Supply Co., Ltd.

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