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The Rushden Echo, 13th February, 1903, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

A meeting of the Council was held on Wednesday. There were present : Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), J. S. Clipson, F. Knight, J. Claridge, W. Bazeley, J. Spencer, J. Hornsby, W. H. Wilkins, J. Green, F. Ballard, and T. Swindall.

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held at the Vestry Hall, on Wednesday, the 28th January, 1903, when there were present :- Messrs. G. Denton (chairman), J. S. Clipson, W. Bazeley, F. Knight, W. H. Wilkins, and J. Green.


were presented by:-

Mr. A. Pack for four houses on Rushden Hill and passed.

The Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd. for new shop front to No. 58, High-street, the property of Mr. E. Claridge, and passed.

Mr. F. Cave for alterations and additions to his house in Victoria-road and for a stable and coach house at the rear, and passed subject to the stable and coach house being set back such a distance from the house as required by the bye laws and the drainage and ventilation being made satisfactory to the Surveyor.

Mr. W. Packwood for ten houses in Portland-road (upper portion) and passed.

Mr. T. Willmott, jun. for two houses in Portland-road and passed.

Mr. Charles Green for stable and coach house adjoining his factory in Upper Queen-street and rejected for proper system of drainage to be shown.

Mr. M. Bates for house, stable, and coach house on the Rushden Court Estate and passed subject to the stable and coach house being set back sufficient distance from the house so as to comply with the bye laws and the drainage and ventilation provided to the Surveyor’s satisfaction.

Mr. C. E. Bayes for ten houses in Spencer-road and passed.

Newton-Road Sewer

The Surveyor submitted letters he had received from Messrs. Sharman and Archer with regard to the cost of lowering the sewer in Newton-road in which they stated that the owners of the Newton-road Estate did not consider they should be asked to bear the entire cost of the alteration, their suggestion being that they should contribute thereto. The Committee further considered the matter but were unable to make any further recommendations.


Letters were received from the Clerk to the Rushden School Board, Mrs. Higgins, and Mr. Bradfield acknowledging receipt of the Clerk’s communication with regard to College-street.

The report was adopted.

Finance &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held at the Vestry Hall, on Wednesday, the 4th day of February, 1903. Present : Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), F. Ballard, J. Claridge, J. Hornsby, and T. Swindall.

Surveyor’s Cash Account

The Committee examined the Surveyor’s cash account with the wages books, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-


£ s d

Week ending 16th January…… 33 0 4

Week ending 23rd January…… 35 19 3

Week ending 30th January…… 37 14 7

Collector’s Accounts

The Collector’s accounts were examined, from which it appeared that during the past three weeks he had received the following sums on the under-mentioned accounts :-

£ s d

District Rate…… 61 3 2

Water Rate…… 88 13 6

Treasurer’s Receipts

The Treasurer’s Account was examined from which it appeared that the following sums had during the past three weeks been paid to him by the under-mentioned persons on the following accounts:-


£ s d

J. Sargent, District Rate…… 61 3 2

J. Sargent, Water Rate…… 27 10 3

Per Water Board…… 340 0 0

Goodger, Robinson-road…… 18 3 2

Warren, Robinson-road…… 9 3 6

Berry, Harborough-road…… 8 3 2

Mortimer, Harborough-road…… 49 19 9

Couldwell, Harborough-road…… 4 18 2

Skinner, Robinson-road…… 123 19 0

W. G. Willmott, Robinson-road…… 10 0

C. Bull, Harborough-road…… 26 13 7

J. Underwood, Harborough-road…… 13 6 3

Cuff, chimney on fire…… 2 6

Wooding, chimney on fire…… 2 6

Alderman, chimney on fire…… 2 6

Rawlins, chimney on fire…… 2 6

Total 684 0 1

Treasurer’s Balances

The Committee examined the treasurer’s books and found that the following balances were in his hands on the under-mentioned accounts:-


£ s d

General Account…… 2,111 2 3

Loan Account No. 11…… 7 1 9

Loan Account No. 16…… 584 5 1

Loan Account No. 17…… 216 2 8

Total 2,918 11 9

Tradesmen’s and Other Accounts

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Water Charges

Mr. Whitney, of the “Queen Victoria” Hotel, attended before the Committee with reference to an alleged overcharge for water supplied to the Hotel. The Committee were satisfied that such an overcharge had been made and gave the Collector instructions to correct the account.

Health and Sanitary Report

The Medical Officer reported that only one case of infectious disease had been notified since the last meeting, this was a case of membranous croup.

The Inspector reported that the case referred to by the Medical Officer was that of a child aged 3, in Church-street and was recovering.

Medical Officer

It was resolved to recommend the Council to re-appoint Dr. Morris as Medical Officer of Health for the district at their next meeting.

Inspector of Nuisances

A letter was received from the Clerk to the County Council with copy of the resolution passed by that Council expressing an opinion that it was desirable in all future appointments of Inspectors of Nuisances that the persons appointed should possess a qualifying certificate of the Sanitary Institute or such other body as might be approved by the Local Government Board.

Cemetery Regulations

Printed regulations and table of fees in draft as prepared by the Sub-Committee were submitted to the meeting and after consideration the same with the Registrar and Caretaker and having made various amendments and additions thereto it was resolved that the regulation and table of fees as so amended and added to should be printed and submitted to the next meeting of the Council with a recommendation from this Committee to adopt same.

Cemetery Chapel

The Surveyor was instructed to obtain an estimate for painting and re-colouring the walls of the Chapel.

Office Boy

The Surveyor was authorized to engage an office boy for one month on trial at a remuneration of 3s. 6d. per week.

Mr. Bazeley, referring to the cemetery regulations, called attention to a clause providing that no one should smoke in the cemetery. He said he could see no harm in smoking there, and he moved that the clause be struck out.

No one seconded the amendment, which therefore dropped.

Referring to the paragraph relating to the engagement of an office-boy, Mr. Bazeley moved that the remuneration be 5/- per week so as to give a working-man’s son a chance.

Mr. Spencer seconded the motion, but the Chairman pointed out that the proposed appointment was at present merely temporary and the amendment was lost, only the mover and seconder voting for it.

The report was then adopted.

The Education Act

The Chairman gave notice that he would move a resolution at the next meeting of the Council to the effect that a committee be appointed to consider the Education Act in relation to the town and make such recommendations to the Council as they thought necessary to bring the Act into operation.

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