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The Rushden Echo, 13th February, 1931, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

March 28th To Be Election Day

Tree Planting – At Own Expense

Newton Road Schools Improvement

The monthly meeting of the Rushden Urban Council was held at the Council chambers on Wednesday, the members present being Mr. G. W. Coles, J.P. (chairman), Messrs. T. T. Wilmott, J. Roe, A. Allebone, C.C., J. Spencer, J.P., Charles W. Horrell, C.A., A. Wilmott, F. Green, T. F. B. Newberry, J. Hornsby, J. Allen, J. T. Richardson, L. Tysoe and C. Claridge, with the Clerk, Mr. G. S. Mason, the Surveyor, Mr. J. W. Lloyd; and the Sanitary Inspector, Mr. F. S. Piper.

Apologies for absence were received from Mr. L. Perkins, M.B.E. B.Sc. (vice-chairman of the Council), and Dr. Greenfield. The Chairman stated that Mr. F. Knight, J.P., had been indisposed and it was not a fit night for him to turn out.

With reference to the forthcoming Urban Council elections, the Clerk said a new election order had been issued and the day of election was to be under the order, the first Monday in April, except, when that Monday was Easter Monday, as it was this year. In that case election day was to be the Monday previous to Easter Monday. They were, however, at liberty, with the consent of the County Council, to have the election either on the previous Saturday, or the following Wednesday. For the past six or seven years they had been at liberty to have the election on the Saturday, and that remained in force if they wished it.

On the proposition of Mr. J. Spencer it was agreed that the election should take place on the Saturday, March 28th.

Rent Arrears Again

The Housing Committee reported that they had interviewed four tenants with regard to their rent arrears, and that they had been given to understand that the rents must be paid punctually. The tenants in question had agreed to pay something off the arrears each week until their books were clear.

In submitting the Committee’s report, Mr. Hornsby said that from time to time the Committee found it necessary to interview tenants with regard to their rent arrears, but they hoped they would take notice of this, so that it would not be necessary to call tenants before them on that matter again.

The Housing Committee, having considered the question of asphalting the back yards of certain of the assisted houses, recommended the Council to have a portion of each of the yards of 66 of the houses asphalted at an estimated cost of £70.

Mr. Hornsby said the roads in which the houses were situated were Newton-road, Hove-road and Trafford-road. He stated that the houses were inspected some time ago, and only very small portions of the back yards of the houses were asphalted, so that as soon as anyone was outside the house, they were on the garden. In the interests of the tenants the Committee felt a larger portion should be asphalted.

The Council agreed to the recommendation.

The Council were recommended by the Housing Committee to resolve into Committee at the close of the meeting to consider the question of housing inspection.

This was agreed to.

Houses Nearly Ready

The Housing Committee reported that they had considered the lists of applications for Council houses and had made arrangements for the selection of tenants for 30 houses, which it was understood, would be ready shortly.

On the recommendation of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee, plans were approved as follows :- Two houses in Blinco-road for Mr. A. Sanders; two houses in Upper Queen-street, for Messrs. T. Swindall and Sons; additions to his house in Prospect Avenue for Mr. J. Austin; garage in Blinco-road for Mr. C. Espin; shed at rear of his house, 61 Midland-road, for Mr. S. G. Leach.

The Surveyor reported that he had been in communication with the County Surveyor with regard to the gritting of county roads in frosty weather, and he submitted a letter from him authorising this work to be carried out by local labour and charged to the account of the County Council.

Following an inspection by a Lighting Sub-committee, the Lighting Committee recommended the Council to place two additional lamps in Irchester-road before the works of road improvements were completed.

Tree Planting

The Highways Committee reported that the question of the continuation of the Council’s programme in regard to tree planting on the Bedford and Wellingborough-roads had been considered. The duty of planting trees on these roads was now claimed by the County Council, who, it was understood, could apply to the Ministry of Transport for a grant towards the cost.

The Surveyor was instructed to communicate with the County Surveyor on the subject.

Ald. C. W. Horrell, submitting the report said that since the County Council had taken over the control of the classified roads, they had to make application to them to continue the planting of trees, and it was suggested that they should make application for a grant towards the cost of such planting.

Mr. Horrell added that the matter came before the Roads and Bridges Committee of the County Council on Saturday and the idea was not favourably entertained. They could, however, continue planting at their own expense.

The report of the health and Sanitary Committee stated that the Sanitary Inspector submitted his monthly report of the number of nuisances, etc., dealt with, and gave a detailed statement as to his visits and work during the month.

Cemetery Statistics

The Inspector also reported that he had visited and inspected Newton-road Schools and found them in a much cleaner condition than on his previous visit. The lavatories were still far from satisfactory, but he understood that these were to be reconstructed in the near future.

The Cemetery Registrar submitted his report for the half-year ended 31st. Dec. last, and it appeared that there had been 59 interments during that period. The number of grave spaces purchased was 25; two grave spaces had been reserved for a period of 14 years, and one for a second period of 14 years. Fees for the erection of 15 headstones had been paid, including 11 for which the Imperial War Graves Commission were responsible. The receipts for this period totalled £125 7s. and no fees were outstanding.

The Sanitary Inspector reported that, as instructed, he had purchased a galvanised iron sanitary dustbin, which had been installed on property in Pemberton-street. On the recommendation of the Health and Sanitary Committee, the Council instructed the Clerk to apply to the owner for payment of the amount, 6s., and in default of payment to take proceedings for the recovery of the amount.

Only Two Guineas

The report of the Finance and Estates Committee stated that the expenses of the Fire Brigade, namely £6 2s., in connection with the fire at Mrs. S. Wright’s house, 87, Robinson-road on the 20th November last, had been duly forwarded to the Co-operative Insurance Society, who, however, had refused to pay them, but had offered the sum of two guineas as an ex gratia payment.

It was pointed out that the expenses incurred were the actual amounts paid by the Council to the Brigade and were usually paid in full by the insurance companies. The committee accepted the sum offered.

Mr. Roe, chairman of the committee stated that they had no claim on the company and they were obliged to accept the two guineas offered.

The Finance and Estates Committee reported that only one application had been received for the tenancy of the Oakpits, viz., from Mr. B. Folkes, who offered a rent of £5 per annum. The Council agreed to accept this offer, the tenancy to be a yearly one, dating from January last.

On the proposition of Ald. Horrell, Mr. Hornsby was re-elected the Council’s representative on the After-care Tuberculosis Committee.

The chairman and vice-chairman, with Dr. D. G. Greenfield as reserve delegate, were appointed to attend a conference at Northampton, with reference to the appointment of Medical Officers of Health.

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