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The Rushden Echo and Argus, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

11th February 1949

Rushden Rec. Field Plan

To meet the demand for more playing fields, Rushden Urban Council is to ask for the freeing of a park which is now given over to cultivation of food.

At the Council’s meeting on Wednesday the Parks Committee reported that a letter was received from the Rotary Club of Rushden referring to a Youth Forum organised by the club, at which all the youth organisations of the town were given an opportunity to express views on various questions relating to youth welfare, and at which one of the complaints generally supported was the lack of playing fields for organised games.

The club enquired whether it would be possible to arrange for Jubilee Park to be restored for this purpose as soon as possible.

The park is at present cultivated in accordance with an instruction given by the Agricultural Executive Committee and the committee instructed the Clerk to make representations for the release of the land for use as playing fields.

Councillor A. A. Allebone complained that residents did not receive warning when workmen sent to repair water pipes proposed to cut off the water. He thought notices might be displayed on boards.

The Chairman (Councillor J. H. J. Paragreen) told of recent inconvenience at his own home and remarked that if notice could be given it would obviate much trouble to housewives.

Bowling Greens

Construction of two bowling greens at the Hall Grounds has been approved “in principle” by the Ministry of Health, who will consider sanctioning a loan for the balance of cost not covered by grants.

Having considered a report from the Road Safety Committee, the Highways Committee were unable to suggest any additional car parking places that would be more convenient than the existing car parks in Portland Road, College Street and Station Road, “which are not at present fully utilised.”

Demolition orders were made in respect of numbers 6, 8 and 10, Little Street, and number 86, High Street South.

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