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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 13th February, 1953, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Women Speak for Motorists
Too much restriction in High Street

An extended no-waiting area in High Street is now favoured by Rushden Urban Council, though two women members pleaded against it when the question was debated at Wednesday’s meeting.

It was decided by a majority vote to recommend the authorities to extend the area northwards beyond Victoria Road to Beaconsfield Place.

Coun. H. Waring said that a double line of parking often held up traffic and created danger.

Coun. Mrs. G. Marriott, however, said there should be unilateral parking, at least, in that part of the street. Rushden was getting very difficult for motorists who wished to take invalids and old people to the shops.

Coun. Mrs. W. M. Lean declared: “We are strangling visitors and trade.”

It was reported that through an error some of the council’s workmen had been receiving pay in excess of the national scale and that after the council had implemented a new award at a cost of £900 in a full year some of them would still be receiving threepence an hour over the agreed rate. Coun. A. Green, who spoke of “a sequence of errors going back to June,” was assured that all possible care would be taken in future.

After a long debate in which opinions differed sharply, it was agreed to give priority for a council house to a caravan dweller who had been displaced following a reference by the council to the Rent Tribunal. Questions at issue were whether the council had a moral responsibility and would be justified in waiving the two year waiting rule for council houses.

Licences covering 29 hire cars and 30 drivers were granted, subject to satisfactory reports on the vehicles.

Taking up a suggestion from the Road Safety Committee, the council recommended the placing of “halt” signs at the Moor Road – Station Road crossing, the junction of Portland Road with Rectory Road, and all points where side streets converge on to the A6 road.

When it was reported that further public lavatories might be built next year, Coun. J. E. Wills suggested a site at the foot of St. Mary’s Avenue. Sites already mentioned by the Health Committee are the junction of Irchester Road and Wellingborough Road and near the Royal Theatre.

It was resolved to seek loans of £4,250 for the provision of footpaths, grass verges and street lighting on the Upper Queen Street estate; £1,080 for land in Upper Queen Street and Lawton Road; £93,200 to cover the cost of a contract with Robert Marriott, Ltd., for the erection of 68 houses on the Upper Queen Street estate, and £4,500 in respect of a contract with Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin, Ltd., for the erection of a block of four flats in Blinco Road.


Contracts for the erection of the remaining 52 houses of the 120 on the Upper Queen Street site, for which tenders were invited, are to be given to Whittington and Tomlin, Ltd. (16 houses) and Messrs. F. and R. Windsor (36 houses). Application is to be made for a loan of £72,300 for the work.

After considering a Government circular which stated that licences to build should be issued on application to any person wishing to build a house of not more than 1,000 square feet, and to any builder who wishes to build up to 12 houses of not more than 1,000 square feet each, the Housing Committee requested the Clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) to inform all persons who have outstanding applications.

The Surveyor (Mr. A. Millar) was authorised to arrange for the removal of a number of poplar trees on land at the rear of houses in St. James’ Close, and to plant six trees in substitution.

Informed that there is likely to be difficulty over the supply of bricks for housing during the current year, the Housing Committee authorised the surveyor to place an order with the London Brick Co. for 796,000 bricks at a cost of £4,650.

The Health committee reported that the clerk had communicated with the Ministry urging that the provision of a sewer for properties in Newton Rd. (Court Estate) should be re-considered. The Ministry replied that they should be furnished with particulars of any epidemic or individual cases of illness which could be attributable to the existing drainage arrangements.

The committee approved of the action of the clerk in forwarding a report by the Medical Officer to the effect that while there was no definite evidence of the kind requested it was very desirable for the sewer to be provided as a preventive measure.

The Ministry approved in principle the council’s proposals for the construction of a relief sewer in Washbrook Road, and tenders are to be invited for the work.

The occupier of premises in Washbrook Road criticised a development plan involving the use of land at the rear of Washbrook Road and Fletcher Road for a warehouse, garage and office. The opinion was expressed that it would constitute a source of road traffic danger, particularly for children.

More Light

The Highways Committee reported that the re-lighting of Rectory Road has been substantially completed and lamps also provided in Newton Road, Coffee Tavern Lane, Blinco Road and Fletcher Road.

Seven tenders were considered for the installation of improved street lighting in Church Street and Wellingborough Road from Skinner’s Hill to St. Peter’s Avenue, and it was decided that a contract be offered to Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co., Ltd., Birmingham, at the provisional sum of £2,663.

A letter from the County Surveyor stated that the culvert under Wellingborough Road, near St. Peter’s Avenue, was in good condition and that flooding must be due to the drains or ditches being either blocked or of insufficient capacity.

The surveyor said that owners of properties had been informed of the cost of alternative schemes, but the replies received so far indicated that they were not in favour of any work being carried out.

“In order to avoid further litigation,” the Hall Avenue Residents’ Association suggested in a letter to the Highways Committee that the question of the completion of roadworks should be discussed between representatives of the council, the committee of the association and the estate developer.


The committee authorised the clerk to invite representatives of the association and the estate developer to attend a meeting and requested the chairman of the council and the committee to be present.

Building plans were as follows:- House, Quorn Road, Mr. W. F. Elmore; garage, Prospect Avenue, Mr. K. R. Brown; alterations, 48, High Street South, Mrs. A. A. R. Dilley; house and bungalow, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. R. Wood; 10 garages, Denton Close, Rushden U.D.C.; change of use from dwelling house to offices, 1, Carnegie Street, Wilkins and Denton, Ltd.; bungalow, Upper Queen Street, Mr. A. Green; garage, Woodland Road, Express Dyeing and Cleaning Co.; conversion of house into two flats, 6, Fitzwilliam Street, Mr. W. E. Lockie; provision of office at dairy, 42, Griffith Street, Mr. D. Summerfield; covered way, 19, Blinco Road, Mr. R. W. Campion; garage, 455, Newton Road, Mr. E. S. Fane; garage, 86, Hall Avenue, Mr. E. H. Gramshaw; formation of bathroom, Manor Farm, Bedford Road, Mr. E. E. Newell; new shop front, High Street, Mr. J. Knight.

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