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Transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 29th January 1960

Rushden’s Rents Queue Protest: Investigation

The Saturday morning queues to pay rents at the Council Buildings were the subject of protest by Mr. E. F. Mawson at Wednesday’s meeting of Rushden Urban Council. It was alleged that tenants had to wait up to twenty minutes while one clerk received the money.

Mrs. A. Perkins promised inquiries by the Housing Committee and said that everything possible would be done.

She announced that building of 12 flats in Rose Avenue had begun and the 878 post-war dwellings had been completed.

Mr. J. E. Wills asked for the earliest possible re-housing of a family at 154 Bedford Road, the owner of which has been interviewed by the Public Health Inspector with regards to defects.

Mr. R. H. S. Greenwood mentioned that when the central Duck Street car park is surfaced provision will be made for the parking of a dozen or more heavy vehicles.

Mr. R. R. Griffiths pressed the need for road repairs in Wellingborough Road, Newton Road and Higham Road, and was supported by Mr. R. H. Marriott, who said that a section of Bedford Road was the most dangerous in the county.

Replying to Mr. Griffiths, Mr. Greenwood indicated that the final position of the Rectory Road bus stop may be at the small garden north of Queen Street, and that a barrier and shelter will be erected there.

A scheme already provided for in estimates, was submitted for the removal of old stables and a nissen hut at the rear of Rushden Hall and the erection of a new store building there, at a total estimate cost of £2,800.

Members of the Parks Committee are to inspect the lodge at Rushden Hall, and estimates for repairing the building are to be prepared. The lodge is no longer to be used as a house.

Following the council’s acquisition of property in Kilburn Place it was agreed to acquire two acres of adjoining land with a view to the erection of old people’s dwellings on the site.

With a balance of 38 dwellings still outstanding on the present year’s housing programme, it was stated that the programme to March 31, 1961, including the 38, would comprise 68 dwellings. In addition, 38 houses, flats and maisonettes are under construction.

The Public Health Committee has agreed in principle to the clearance of a further thirty houses under the Housing Act, 1957.

The surveyor (Mr. W. J. Anker) has been instructed to proceed with surveys with a view to the provision of a sewer on the south side of Avenue Road.

A letter from the Officer Commanding the US forces at Chelveston explained that the running of aircraft engines was necessary to ensure full efficiency before the machines were allowed to fly.

It regretted the resulting inconvenience to residents, but added that instructions had already been given that except in cases of urgent necessity the tests should not be carried out between the hours of 11p.m. and 7 a.m. and during Sunday church times.

The officer added that in order to reduce the sound, tests were being made with blast fences.

The Health Committee reported that members had complained about noises from the base during the afternoon and evening of Sunday, January 20.

It was agreed to make up Morris Avenue from St. Margaret’s Avenue to Church Hall Road, under the provision of the Highways Act, 1959. Plans for the making up of Alpine Road were approved.

Following complaints about the condition of Grafton Road, the Highways Committee has agreed to meet the residents’ representatives. The committee’s view, however, is that there is no reasonable ground for complaint. The committee will also meet a delegation from Rushden Town Football Club concerning the condition of Hayden Road and the possibility of securing some improvement.

The General Purposes Committee is suggesting to the United Counties Omnibus Co. that a complete list of the services between Rushden and Higham Ferrers should be restored to the timetable.

The committee also reported that further complaints had been received about noise from Northampton Road. The owners of the premises will be informed.


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