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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 16th January, 1948, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Right of Way on Estate is Problem
Rushden Council to Discuss Point

A Right-of-way problem in connection with Rushden’s No. 3 post-war permanent housing site is to be studied in consequence of a discussion at the Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

It was agreed that amended plans for the layout of the Upper Queen Street estate should be sent to the Ministry of Health for approval.

Coun. Cox said they incorporated a new road which might obviate the Council’s objections to a previous plan. The main difference was that the road would carry traffic right through to the new industrial zone “round the back.”

Coun. Sawford wanted to know if anything had been done regarding a right of way into Rectory Road.

The Surveyor (Mr. J. E. Johnson) said provision was made on the plans.

The Clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) said the only way of obtaining a public road would be to acquire the necessary land. This would be expensive.

Mr. Cox thought it wise to take some steps to carry out Mr. Sawford’s suggestion. The committee would consider it.

Urgent Need

Anxious to arrange further contracts for the erection of houses, the Housing Committee has arranged to approach the Regional Housing Officer.

“The committee considers there is urgent need for further contracts,” said Coun. T. W. Cox, who added, in reference to building now in progress, that they were “doing very well,” but hoped to do a little better in January and February.

The possibility of establishing a small works department is to be considered by the Housing Committee.

Payment of £124 to 24 tenants on Southfields prefab. estate – compensation for damage to floor coverings – was approved. The Government will reimburse the Council.

A £200 improvement scheme at the junction of Duck Street and Wellingborough Road was adopted, subject to Ministry of Transport approval. The carriageway between Harborough Road and Pightles Terrace is to be completed at a similar cost. Both projects will be carried out by direct labour. If the Government consents, half an acre of land near this road will be used as a children’s playground.

No Extra Cost

Mr. Allen reported on a conference on town and country planning which had asked for the fullest possible delegation of powers to local authorities. He understood an agreement with the County Council would be before them shortly.

An order was made prohibiting the use of land in Talbot Road as a standing place for motor vehicles.

Steps are being taken to prevent cycling on footpaths not adjoining public highways. Action depends upon whether the County Council will make a bylaw.

Coun. Richardson asked if anything could be done with regard to street lights being “on” at the proper time. “It seems to me,” he said, “that they are not on when you need them, and that when you don’t need them they are there.”

First explaining that the Council did not have to pay extra for any extravagances, the Chairman said the clock-work controls were out of date, but could not be replaced at present.

Facts Known

Complaining of the dangerous state of the footpath near Newton Road School, and prophesying that legs would be broken there, Mrs. Muxlow was assured that the facts were now known to the County Council.

It was reported that the Ministry of Transport had agreed to contribute to the cost (£370) of repairing footpaths in Pightles Terrace.

In line with other authorities, the Council has written to the Ministry of Health expressing regard that the County Council failed to consult local authorities at an early stage in the formulation of its proposals under the National Health Services Act. The letter pressed for the appointment of Area Sub-Committees of the County Public Health Committee, and for the fullest possible delegation of powers.

A Civic Restaurant trading account, covering nine months, showed £37 net profit.


Building plans were : Canteen in Hayway, Messrs. Sanders and Sanders; house, Newton Road, Mr. C. Packwood; alterations to exits in Alfred Street, the Palace Cinema; canteen, Portland Rd., Messrs. F. Hawkes, Ltd.; conservatory, 10, Link Road, Mr. Laxton; conservatory, 12, Link Road, Mr. New; extension to bungalow, 157, St. Margaret’s Ave., Mr. A. B. Randall; coal bunkers, Rushden House Sanatorium; garage, Carnegie St., Messrs. B. Denton and Son; portable garage, Cromwell Rd., Mr. S. A. Jolly.

Use of five acres of land near Wellingborough Road as a poultry farm was granted.

Members present: Couns. A. H. Bailey (chairman), J. H. J. Paragreen (vice-chairman), F. E. Brown, J. Roe, A. A. Allebone, T. W. Cox, F. Green, R. E. B. Sargent, A.F.C., J. Allen, W. E. Capon, A. F. Weale, Mrs. O. A. H. Muxlow, G. Knight, H. Waring, W. J. Sawford, E. A. Sugars and J. T. Richardson.

Irchester Road Estate
Council May Build Garages

Rushden’s problem of meeting the needs of car owners on the public housing estates came nearer to solution at the Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Interesting news for those living on the Irchester Road estate came from the Housing Committee, for the Surveyor (Mr. L. E. Johnson) has submitted plans showing sites on the estate which could be used for the erection of garages. The committee recommended sending them to the Ministry of Health for approval.

The plans, exhibited on the wall of the Council Chamber, showed two sites in Tennyson Road and one in Highfield Road. When Coun. T. W. Cox, the chairman of the Housing Committee, referred to them, Coun. Mrs. Muxlow said she hoped the Newton Road estate would not be forgotten.

Coun. Cox replied that it would be safer to take one step at a time, but he thought that in the end all Council estates would be accommodated.

The report was adopted.

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