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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 16th January, 1953, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

All Happy About Clock Scheme
Ministry approves Coronation gift

Even the Finance Committee, which got into trouble last month, seemed quite happy at Wednesday’s meeting of Rushden Council when, with consent from Whitehall, a resolution was passed to authorise expenditure of not more than £425 on an additional dial and other work in connection with St. Mary’s Church clock.

There was laughter when Coun. C. G. Faulkner, chairman of the Finance Committee, acknowledged the comments of “a famous columnist” and suggested that the public conscience should now be appeased.

In “a personal statement” Mr. Faulkner said that in December he was under the impression that illumination of the dial, instead of being a second thought, was an original condition of the Council’s offer.

Complaining of “unfair competition” from sources outside the district (apparently for American custom), a local taxi proprietor has asked for a taxi rank to be provided near the Ritz Cinema.

As “standing or plying for hire” without a licence is an offence, it was decided to explain this point to local taxi-men who now conduct their business on the private hire system. The question of prescribing stands, for which by-laws would be necessary, was deferred pending any applications for licences.

More J.P.s

A resolution was carried urging the appointment of additional magistrates, the Council pointing out that only three permanent justices for the Wellingborough Division, one of whom (Mr. Fred Green) is in poor health, reside in the town.

In reply to Coun. R. R. Griffiths, who enquired when traffic lights were to be installed at the Church cross-roads, Coun. E. A. Sugars said that although the Council had consistently advocated them they had not been agreed to by the Ministry of Transport or the County Council. The “halt” line was the first of a series of experiments, but it was coupled with a no-waiting order (not yet in force) for Church Street and in any case might be altered, so that the scheme had still to receive a complete trial.

Coun. A. H. Bailey complained of “delay” in road clearance during the recent severe weather, but Mr. Sugars replied that the Surveyor, who had lost some of his labour to the Americans, could not have done any better than he did.

Reporting against a proposal to erect prefabricated shops at the corner of High Street and Duck Street, the Highways Committee had no support from Mr. Bailey, who favoured more shops and keener competition. “We are not in the position that Coventry was,” replied Mr. Sugars.

It was agreed to invite applications for tenancy of two shops, with separate flats and garages, which could be built in Upper Queen Street and let at 35s. a week.

Subject to permission to borrow £1,400 the Council will erect 10 prefabricated garages on the same estate.

A sub-committee was appointed to inspect 11 poplars at the rear of Nos. 24 and 26, St. James’ Close, and a further seven at the rear of No. 22, with a view to their being removed. It would cost about £3 to remove each tree and an additional £15 to plant flowering trees in substitution.

No lodgers

An application from a tenant in Tennyson Road requesting permission to accommodate two lodgers was refused. A circular is to be sent to every tenant reminding them about the Housing Committee’s previous decision in regard to sub-letting and lodgers.

The Minister of Housing and Local Government has provisionally approved the scheme for further restoration work at Rushden Hall, and tenders are to be invited.

Coun. E. A. Sugars (chairman of the Highways Committee) reported that members had met the County Surveyor and the owner of building land in St. Peter’s Avenue and discussed the flooding which occurs in the vicinity. Subsequently, two alternative schemes were put forward, and the owners of the properties involved are to be invited to combine together for the purpose of meeting the cost.

Recent severe frosts have damaged a number of roads in the town, and it will cost approximately £450 to carry out repairs.

The Highways Committee authorised the Surveyor to arrange for an additional lamp to be provided in Robinson Road, near to the junction with Newton Road.

The Police are to be consulted as to the exact siting of the lamp in the hope that the Chief Constable will be prepared to grant a dispensation to permit vehicles to stand on the car park in Robinson Road without lights.

An offer by the East Midlands Gas Board for an amendment of the street lighting agreement entered into in 1951 – reducing the charges payable by £250 per annum – was accepted.

A Parks sub-committee recommended that the new children’s playground equipment for the Hall Grounds should be placed near the path from Wymington Road. Following complaints from residents in High Street South it was decided that three trees should be removed from the spinney near that entrance and six others substituted.

Three local bands will be invited to submit dates on which they would be prepared to give concerts at the Hall Grounds from the first Sunday in May until Rushden Feast. Payment will be £15 per Sunday for two concerts.


Fifteen houses will be built this year to accommodate persons who may be displaced by clearance of unfit property.

The Public Health Committee reported that the Medical Officer and Sanitary Inspector had inspected an unauthorised caravan site near Eastfields, Newton Road. Information was submitted as to “unsatisfactory” sanitary conditions, and other action is being taken.

The Medical Officer was requested to contact the American authorities at Chelveston with regard to sanitary arrangements in connection with caravans.

The Council approved an application from the Westward Hotel for a licence to use a caravan on land adjoining for sleeping purposes only.

Building plans were as follows : House, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. P. F. Andrews; additions to garage, Woodland Road, Mr. J. R. Cross; bungalow, Bencroft Farm, Bedford Road, Mr. W. G. Holt; petrol pump and tank, 21, Park Road, Mr. E. Wadsworth; garage, Grafton Road, Mr. W. Robinson; additional office accommodation, Irchester Road, Eaton and Co. Ltd.; sand and gravel pits off Kimbolton Road, Mr. J. R. Wills; office and showroom, Quorn Road, Johnson’s Motors; house, Quorn Road, Mr. W. F. Elmore; garage and shed, Maple Road, Mr. R. N. Pauley; garage, Quorn Road, Mr. J. W. Panter; dairy and open shed, 181, Bedford Road, Mr. R. A. Clark; alterations to living accommodation, 119, High Street, Mr. W. B. Wright; garage, Prospect Avenue, Mr. K. R. Brown; garage, 1, Balmoral Avenue, Mr. H. Maidwell; laboratory and stores, Kimbolton Road, Harris Bros., Ltd.; bathroom, 83, Portland Road, Mr. O. V. Collins; alterations, 60, Roberts Street, F. Hawkes (N.V. Engineers), Ltd.; iron fire escape, Manton Road, Knight and Lawrence Ltd.; tool and store shed, Higham Road, P.X. (Properties) Ltd.; alterations, 48, High Street South, Mrs. A. A. R. Dilley; alterations, Rosemount, Irchester Road, Mr. S. Hawkes; caravan site, Manor Lodge Farm, Newton Road (Modern Electric Co.); extension to garage, 5, Talbot Road, Mr. J. Perkins; garden sheds at 3, 5 and 11, Gloucester Crescent, Messrs. R. E. Pack, L. R. Tysoe and D. A. Bass.

Mrs. B. V. Weaving, of Uxbridge, has been appointed Librarian and will begin her duties on February 2nd.

Sympathetic reference was made to the illness of the Housing Manager (Mr. H. C. Allen).

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