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The Wellingborough News, 12th July/2nd August/20th September , 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Thursday, July 11th. – Present:- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), J. Claridge, Geo. Denton, A. Cave, J. Spencer, G. H. Skinner, J. S. Clipson, H. Brawne, J. E. Bayes (acting-clerk), and J. B. Martin (inspector).

PLANS – At a meeting of the Plan and Water Committee plans were presented from Messrs. Lilley and Skinner for roads on the Spencer Park Estate, which were referred back in order to show a more complete drainage system. – An amended plan for a factory for Mr. A. Franklin in Rectory-road was passed.

RATE – It was decided that the seal of the Council be affixed to an order for a general district rate of 2s. in the £.

BATHS – In accordance with notice, Mr. Spencer moved the adoption of the Baths and Washhouses Act. He did not move this with an idea of incurring any expense, but if possible to have the present place cleaned out, or if not that, that the Council might see their way to provide a proper bathing place. He believed that at Higham a private person kept baths, and he was of opinion that if the Council at Rushden could do something of the kind it would be remunerative. He also thought there should be some means of preventing accidents at the place at present in use. – Mr. Claridge seconded Mr. Spencer’s proposition. – Mr. Denton supported it, though the question was as to how Mr. Spencer’s idea could be rendered practicable. – Mr. Brawne had no objection to the adoption of the Act, though he was against incurring any expense at the present place. – Mr. Skinner held that the present place was not dangerous, and, besides, the Council stood at too great expense now to undertake any further work. – Mr. Brawne thought they could not afford luxuries, and Mr. Spencer replied that he did not think a bathing place a luxury, but a necessity. – Mr. Clipson agreed with Mr. Spencer’s views, but did not believe in anything being done down at the river, and suggested that an effort should be made to utilise the warm water from the various gas engines in the town. – On the question as to whether the Act should be adopted being put to the vote, Mr. Spencer’s proposition was carried, Messrs. Brawne, Skinner, and A. Cave voting against. – The Chairman suggested the method in which the Act should be applied should be left to a committee, with Mr. Spencer added. – Mr. Denton proposed this, Mr. Clipson seconded, and it was carried, Messrs. Brawne and A. cave voting in the negative.

MEDICAL OFFICER’S REPORT – The Medical Officer reported that he had looked into the matter of the nuisance complained of by Mr. Ashdowne some few weeks ago, and in his opinion it arose chiefly from the cesspit connected with Messrs. Cave’s works. Some discussion took place on the matter, and eventually it was decided to refer the whole question to the Sanitary Committee.

INSPECTOR’S REPORT – Mr. Martin (inspector) reported defective closets on property belonging to Dr. Owen. The fact of the Medical Officer being reported caused some amusement on the Council, the doctor explaining that the pails had been taken by the men with the night-soil cart. One member suggested that the pails might possibly be found at the pawnbroker’s, which remark caused some laughter, and it was renewed when the Inspector said that if such were the case he thought he would be able to identify them. – The Council decided to serve notice on the Medical Officer in the usual way.

A QUESTION OF FOOTPATHS – Mr. Spencer mentioned the fact that in a field through which a public footpath ran, the occupier (Mr. Knight) had put up a notice to the effect that a bull had been placed there, and that persons crossing the field did so at their own risk. He wished to know whether the occupier had any right to do this. – The Chairman said that undoubtedly the occupier would have to take the responsibility in case of any person receiving personal injury. The footpath was a public one, and anyone had as much right to go across those fields as across the street. It was decided to call the attention of Mr. Mason (clerk to the Council) to the matter, and he would write the occupier pointing out his responsibility.

The Wellingborough News, 2nd August 1895

Rushden Urban Council
Thursday, July 25. Present:- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), John Claridge (vice-chairman), G. Denton, T. Bromage, H. Brawne, A. Cave, J. S. Clipson, John Spencer, Thos. Wilmott, F. Knight, P. Cave, Geo. S. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

PLANS:- At a meeting of the Plans and Water Committee, plans were passed for four houses in Brookfield-road for Messrs. Fisher and Wadsworth. – The matter of the bathing-place was also raised at this meeting, and it was recommended that Mr. Sanders be applied to as to the terms upon which he would construct a public bathing-place. – On discussion at the full Council meeting various opinions were expressed, and it was ultimately decided that the Chairman be instructed to see Mr. Sanders on the matter.

SEWAGE WORKS:- The following tenders for the construction of sewage works were laid before the meeting:- Patterson and Co. Lincoln, £12,619 5s 3d; W. Braithwaite, Horsforth, Leeds, £12,402; B. and G. Bentley, Preston, £11,348 2s 10d; Solden Hipwell, Wisbech, £11,279; J. T. Binns, Horwick, £10,529 12s 6d; William Cunliffe, Kingston-on-Thames, £10,526; George Bell, Tottenham, £10,411; G. Wilmott, Rushden, £10,360; F. Barlow, Rothwell, £10,050; Jesse Young, Irchester, £10,000; Brown and Sons, Wellingborough, £9,650; Herbert Weldon, Birmingham, £9,429 7s 2d; F. W. Hall, Rugby, £9,255 10s; George Henson, Wellingborough, £9.190. The engineer’s estimate was £8,796 2s 6d. – Mr. Claridge proposed and Mr. P. Cave seconded, that the tender of Mr. Henson, £9,190, be accepted – carried. After further discussion as to whether Mr. Pare should supervise the construction of the works, or whether a clerk of the works should be engaged, it was decided that the Surveyor have the supervision of the work. – The Chairman also read Mr. Pendered’s award to Mr. Skinner (the tenant of the land upon which the sewage disposal works would be constructed), which award gave £12 10s to Mr. Skinner as compensation for giving up possession at Michaelmas without statutory notice.

The Wellingborough News, 20th September 1895

Rushden Urban Council
Thursday, Sept. 19th. – Present:- Messrs. W. Wilkins (chairman), J. Claridge (vice-chairman), G. Denton, F. Knight, J. Spencer, P. Cave, T. Bromage, A. Cave, J. S. Clipson, H. Brawn, G. H. Skinner, G. S. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

PLANS – The Plans Committee reported that plans had been submitted by Mr. J. Crane for house, shop, and bake-house, on the Higham-road, and passed; by the trustees of the Independent Wesleyan Chapel, for an iron mission chapel on the Station-road, and passed; by Mr. Warner, for four houses in Pemberton-street, and passed; for Mr. F. Strong, for four houses in Allen-road, and passed; by Mr. H. Addison, for six houses in Queen-street, and passed subject to return wall being 9in. work; and for Mr. W. T. Whitbread, for carpenter’s shop and stable in Sartoris-road, and passed. The minutes were confirmed by the Council.

HIGH-STREET IMPROVEMENTS – The Highways Committee reported that Mr. P. Cave had called their attention to the state of the footpath outside his firm’s riveter’s shop and the Rose and Crown Inn. The matter had been discussed at length but the majority of the committee were unable to recommend any serious expenditure not provided for in the estimates, though all were agreed that it was one of the first works to be undertaken when a loan could be arranged for main-road improvements.

ADDITIONAL COUNTY COUNCILLOR – The Chairman reported that Mr. Spencer and he had attended a meeting of a committee of the County Council to support the application for an additional councillor for Rushden, and for the town to be divided into wards. It was pointed out to them that there were considerable difficulties in the way of granting additional representation to Rushden, as it might involve a redistribution of the whole county. The deputation urged that in preference to disfranchising any of the smaller divisions it would be better to increase the number of councillors, and suggested that other places beside Rushden might be found entitled to increased representation, or that Finedon and Irthlingborough, Rothwell and Desborough, might properly be divided, with a councillor to each. In accordance with their instructions they asked that the division of the town into wards should await the decision of the County Council as to granting another councillor. The committee would report to the County Council, and the result would not be known until the Council meeting in October.

LOAN – The Clerk intimated that the Atlas Insurance Company had agreed to advance a loan of £12,500 for the carrying out of sewerage and sewage disposal works, at 3½ per cent interest. – A guarantee from Mr. Ives was also read, in which he agreed to carry out his part of the undertaking in a satisfactory manner, and it was resolved that the document be sealed and stamped.

APPLICATION – Mr. E. Claridge wrote asking that the swing gate near his residence might be removed, as the banging of the gate by foot passengers at all hours was very annoying. – The Council were of opinion that posts would at all events be preferable to the gates now in use, and Mr. Brawn proposed, and Mr. P. Cave seconded, that posts should be put down in place of the gates.

TAMPERING WITH GAS LAMPS – Mr. P. Cave raised the question of the lamps being tampered with – one, in particular, in North-street, which was often lit when it ought not to be. – The Council discussed the matter, and eventually it was decided that bills be printed offering a reward to anyone giving information of persons found lighting or tampering with the lamps.

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