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The Rushden Echo, 5th July, 1901, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday there were present Messrs. G. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, C. Bates, W. Bazeley, G. Miller, F. Knight, G. H. Skinner, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins, with the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin), the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. J. B. Martin), and Mr. Hayes (the Clerk’s deputy).

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, June 19th, 1901. Present:- Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), W. H. Wilkins, W. Bazeley, G. Miller, J. S. Clipson, and F. Knight.

Plans were presented by:-

Mr. William Chettle (amended plan) for house on the Knuston-road, and referred back for stable to be detached so as to comply with bye-law 54.

Mr. Geo. W. Willmott, for two houses in the Midland-road, and passed.

Mr. Diring, for two houses on Rushden-hill, and passed.

Mr. T. Swindall, for four houses in Queen-street, and passed subject to an additional ventilating shaft to the drain passing under one of the houses being provided.

Mr. C. Hester, for villa residence on the Rushden Court Estate, and referred back for block plan and system of drainage to be shown.

Mr. A. Bramley-Moore, for bungalow on the Rushden Court Estate, and passed.

Mr. E. Claridge, for stable on Spencer-road, and passed.

Mr. F. Bayes, for additions to his house in Harborough-road, and passed.

Mr. J. Radburne, for four cottages in Newton-road, and referred to a sub-committee consisting of the Chairman, Mr. Wilkins, and Mr. Knight to confer with the owner as to building line.

Public Lighting

A letter was received from the Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd., asking for public lamps to be provided in Portland-road. It was decided to consider this and other applications for additional lamps at the next meeting of the committee.

Town Depot and Fire Station

The Surveyor having reported that he had taken out the quantities for the sheds and stores comprising the depot, he was authorised to invite tenders for this work by advertisement in the local papers, and was further instructed to proceed with the quantities for the Fire Station and Cottage.

The report was adopted.

Finance, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, June 26th, 1901. Present – Messrs. Geo. Denton (chairman), J. Spencer (vice-chairman), C. Bates, J. Claridge, G. H. Skinner and T. Swindall.


Cash Accounts. – The Committee examined the Surveyor’s cash account, with the wages book, and recommended that the expenditure shown therein, as follows, be approved and confirmed by the Council.




Week ending June 14th




Week ending June 21st




Treasurer’s Balances. – The Treasurer’s accounts were examined, and the Committee report that the following balances were in his hands on the under-mentioned accounts, viz.:-





General Current Accounts




Loan Account No. 11




Loan Account No. 16








Tradesmen’s Accounts. – A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Destroyed Bedding. – The Sanitary Inspector reported that on the recommendation of the medical attendant, he had destroyed the bedding used by the patient in the case of enteric fever at No. 63, Duck-street, and the Committee agreed to recommend that Mr. E. Cox be compensated to the amount of £1 on account thereof.

Office Desk. – Upon the application of the Surveyor, the Committee recommended that a double slope office desk be obtained for the Surveyor’s Office. The Surveyor was instructed to obtain quotations, and submit same to the Committee.


Medical Officer’s Report. – The Medical Officer reported that three cases of diphtheria had been notified, as follows : Mabel Groome and Cyril Groome, Orchard-place, and John Wm. Sears, 2, Thrift Cottages. He had personally seen Cyril Groome the same day as notified, and found him sickening for measles. At his request the Inspector had again seen the child on June 3rd, who reported him as having a good crop of measles, with throat better. In the case of Sears, the mother had informed the Medical Officer that the child slept well all night, took food well, but had a little cough. The Medical Officer also reported that eighteen cases of scarlet fever had been notified since the last meeting, and attributed the outbreak to a reported case on Higham-hill in respect of whom no notification had been received. The child had been allowed to go out, and other children who associated with him had since been attacked with scarlet fever.

The Committee requested the Medical Officer to further investigate the above mentioned unnotified case, and to submit a special report thereon in time for the next Council meeting. The Medical Officer further reported that he had inspected nine factories and workshops, and found them in order.

Inspector’s Report. – The Inspector reported that the cases of Scarlet Fever were of a very mild type, a good portion of them having recovered and the remainder were progressing reasonably. The usual precautions with regard to isolation and fumigation had been taken. The case of enteric fever in Duck-street had proved fatal. One of the notified cases of diphtheria in Orchard-place had since turned out to be measles, and the other case at Thrift Cottage was doing well.

The Inspector also reported that the drainage from the premises of two cottages belonging to Mr. Thos. Margetts, in High-street South, was connected with the storm water drain, and passed under one of the houses, and that the premises (which are on the pail system) were in an unsatisfactory state. He suggested that the drainage should be put into proper order and connected with the Public Sewer. It was resolved to recommend the Council to call upon the owner to forthwith place the drainage in satisfactory order, and to connect same with the Public Sewer.

C. E. Knight’s premises :- A letter was received from Mr. G. Miller drawing attention to a nuisance arising from the closet of the adjoining property in the occupation of Mr. C. E. Knight.

The letter was referred to the Inspector with instructions to visit the premises, and report to the next meeting.

East Grove Sewer :- The Surveyor drew attention to the frequent stoppages of this sewer, and he was instructed to investigate and report upon same at the next meeting.

Cartage of night soil. – A letter was received from the Chairman of the Wymington Parish Council drawing attention to a nuisance caused by the cartage into their parish of night soil, from Rushden by Mr. W. W. Smith, during the day time.

The Surveyor was instructed to enquire into the matter and report.

The Medical Officer forwarded a supplemental report as requested by the committee, but said he was unable to trace the origin of the scarlet fever.

The Chairman said the report was not altogether satisfactory and it looked as though the case of not notifying the first case broke down. Perhaps the Sanitary Inspector could throw a little light on the matter. With regard to the case of diphtheria, he suggested that the attention of the medical attendant concerned should be called to the Medical Officer’s report on one of the cases – the one which turned out to be measles – and that attention be drawn to the fact that the symptoms in another case were not such as were to be expected in a case of diphtheria. He suggested that a copy of the Medical Officer’s report be sent to the doctor.

The Sanitary Inspector said he had made every enquiry with regard to the supposed unnotified case on Higham Hill. The parents, and the doctor who attended the patient in that case said there was no suspicion of the case being one of scarlet fever. It appeared to be a false rumour. As to where the rumour came from he could not say. He could not hear of any of the children who had been attacked having been away.

The Chairman said that information would be satisfactory to those who would have been responsible for the notification. It would have been a serious thing if an epidemic had originated in the way which had been suggested, but the Inspector said there was no foundation for the report.

Mr. Claridge : It would have been serious for the doctor and the parents if the case had been of scarlet fever.

Mr. Bazeley said he was of opinion that more attention might often be given by medical men to cases before they notified them.

The report was adopted and the Chairman’s suggestion with regard to the doctor notifying diphtheria cases was also adopted.

Chimneys On Fire

The police reported three cases in which chimneys had been on fire, and it was stated that two of the occupiers of the houses where the fires occurred had paid the Council’s fine of 2/6. In the third case, it was understood that proceedings would be taken in the police-court.

No Objection

The Chairman said he had received a letter from the Mayor of Higham Ferrers asking for the services of Mr. Martin, the Inspector of Nuisances, for a short time, Mr. Dunkley having left Higham.

Mr. Miller : We shall have to incorporate Higham Ferrers.

Mr. Wilkins : They will be incorporating us.

The Chairman said he had written stating that he did not think there would be any objection so long as the Rushden work was not interfered with.

The Council agreed to the Mayor of Higham’s request.

The New Rate

The Chairman gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would move that notice be given of a general district rate at 2s. in the £.

The Council then went into committee on the water supply question.

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