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Rushden Echo, 16th July, 1943, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

They’ve Even Secured the Keys!
Council Find Premises for Restaurant
Depot Plan Dropped

The High-street shop just vacated by Mr. C. F. Poole may become Rushden’s British Restaurant. The Council Clerk has secured the keys, and at Wednesday’s meeting the Urban Council approved a complete scheme for establishing the restaurant. There has been some quick work, and the enterprise can go forward at once if the Ministry of Food agrees.

The report of the War Emergency Committee, which met on June 24th and July 8th, showed that the Clerk (Mr. T. L. Watts, L.L.B.), on learning that the shop at No. 93, High-street had been vacated by Mr. C. F. Poole, obtained the keys, took steps to ensure that the premises would not be requisitioned by other authorities, and induced the Ministry of Food to earmark the building as a provisional step.

Considering the premises to be particularly suitable as regards situation, layout and condition, and that comparatively little redecoration would be necessary, the War Emergency Committee instructed the Surveyor (Mr. J. W. Lloyd) to prepare details and estimates. These showed seating accommodation for 110-120, certain structural alterations of rooms at the back, and the erection of a brick extension, also at the rear.

First Cost £1,000

It was estimated that a restaurant could be established at a cost of £1,000, including equipment, and that the annual expenditure would be £1,400 – a sum which would be reduced if voluntary assistance was forthcoming. The Ministry of Food would provide the equipment and generally make good any approved loss, on the other hand taking any surplus. Apart from this financial control the restaurant would be entirely under the control and management of the Council.

The committee recommended that the scheme be adopted and sent for the Ministry’s approval, and that, subject to this approval, tenders be invited for the adaptation and extension of the premises.

Coun. Capon said he was quite sure that not only those present, but the public in the town, would be glad to see this result.

“Sometimes,” he said, “complaint is made that we are slow in acting. I would not like to say whether or not that is always justified; certainly it is not true in this case. Our Clerk took quick action and everything is proceeding apace.

“If it goes on according to plan there is no reason why before the dark evenings come we should not meet for a feed at our own British Restaurant.”

Not Asleep

The Chairman (Coun. Weale) said the committee had not been slow, although it had sometimes been made out in certain quarters that they had been asleep. This was the first good set of premises that had come under notice, and he thought the committee were wise in taking them. The Clerk was very forward in taking steps immediately the premises became available.

No questions were asked, and the report was carried unanimously.

A.R.P. Changes
Fight for Retention of Parties

Cancellation of the scheme to establish a new Rescue Party depot in Spencer Park was announced in a letter from the County Council. The letter also stated that the rescue service unit establishment was to be reduced to 23 and the total personnel to 63, Rushden being allowed three parties, each of seven members and two reserves.

All these alterations were attributed to the Regional Authority.

It was reported that on receiving the letter the Clerk arranged for a meeting between the Rushden A.R.P. leaders and the County A.R.P. Officer, the result being that the remaining personnel within the limit of the total establishment could now be formed into additional parties. For the present there will be five parties in all.

Presenting the report, Coun. Capon said he thought they might now say that the amalgamation of the First Aid and Rescue Party services had been settled satisfactorily.

“Amazing” Proposals

Coun. Bailey said he was sure they were all very pleased to see that the proposal to build a new depot in Spencer Park had been withdrawn. When it was first brought before them he asked for a resolution of protest because he considered the expense was not justified and that it would bring no greater security to the town. The Council supported him in this.

After a brush with Coun. Capon, who suggested that he was out of order, the Council having no jurisdiction, Mr. Bailey commented on the allocation of rescue parties. He was amazed, he said, when he heard that while Higham Ferrers had been allowed two parties, Rushden, with a population five times greater, was to have only three parties.

He thought that the Clerk and the A.R.P. Officer were to be commended on the action they took in meeting the County A.R.P. Officer, because some action was necessary. The result of the meeting was that they now had five parties training in Rushden.

Vehicles Needed

Coun. Bailey added that he felt concerned about the provision of vehicles for the parties, and hoped the committee would press for them. They could not get maximum efficiency until each party was mobile and carried its own equipment.

The Clerk said he had spoken to the County Controller, who said that within a week they would get one or possibly two vehicles for this district.

Later Coun. Bailey paid a tribute to the A.R.P. Training School at Kettering, the opening session of which he had attended. The instruction, he said, was very thorough, and the organisation and administration were excellent. He was sure Kettering was one of the finest schools in the country.

The Clerk reported that teams from the Rescue Service and Wardens’ Service had been entered for the County Civil Defence competitions.

It was reported that four A.R.P. training films would shortly be available for showing in Rushden.

Telephone Demand

Coun. George said it had been suggested to him that a telephone call box ought to be erected in Avenue-road, Court Estate, there being no telephone within 1½ miles of the estate. Many people lived there, and these were days of emergency.

The Chairman said he had no doubt that if this could be brought before the appropriate committee steps would be taken to apply for facilities. He perfectly agreed that there should be a telephone on the Court Estate.

Coun. Sugars asked for details of the milk tests, which did not appear in the month’s report. Coun. Paragreen then informed him that of 21 samples taken 7 were satisfactory, 5 moderate and 9 unsatisfactory.

Coun. Green said this deserved a certain amount of explanation. The first set of samples was taken under bad conditions, and a further set turned out much better.

Coun. Sugars also asked whether a complaint had been reported by the cemetery caretaker, and the Chairman replied that a complaint had been received and would be brought before the committee.

No Response

As there had been no response to advertisements and notices, the War Emergency Committee felt that they could take no further action towards the establishment of a Land Club.

In response to a letter from several Wymington-road residents it was agreed to clean out a roadside ditch in front of their houses, but the Council did not admit any responsibility for the ditch.

It was agreed to resume restricted street lighting on August 15th.

Building plans covered the erection of a wooden garage at 102, Higham-road (for Mr. E. G. Leeding) and a wooden garage, store and office for the Nene Valley Sand and Gravel Co.

Dr. D. A. McCracken reported the following cases of disease: Tuberculosis 1, measles 117, whooping cough 6, scarlet fever 1, pneumonia 3, erysipelas 1, cerobro-spinal meningitis 1. During June 15 females and 7 males were born; 8 females and 2 males died, nine of those on the list of deaths being aged 65 years or over.

A report on the Swimming Bath water showed that it was very satisfactory and the chlorination effective.

A committee minute mentioned steps taken to secure the clearance of a rubbish dump in Wellingborough-road.

The Health Committee is considering a suggested propaganda campaign in connection with venereal disease.

Free From Rats

In connection with a Ministry of Food request for a report on major infestations of rats, the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. F. S. F. Piper) informed the Health Committee that he had not found any major infestations, and that the Council’s refuse dump, in particular, appeared to be almost entirely free of rats.

Rushden S.C. was granted free use of the Swimming Bath for its Holiday Fete gala and permission to use the bath for another gala, on the usual terms, on August 19th.

Messrs. C. Thurston and Sons, Norwich, successfully applied for permission to hold a Feast Week fair in Spencer Park. Messrs. T. Thurston and Sons, Northampton, wanted a pitch from July 18th – 24th, but in view of the Holiday Fete this application was refused.

Use of the Hall Grounds for the Holliday Fete in August Week was granted to the Fete Committee, with authority to make admission charges on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The Parks Committee reported that their attention had been drawn to the existence of unauthorised entrances and exits at the westerly end of the Hall Grounds. They are considering this.

Bandstand Damage

At the request of Coun. Waring a Parks Committee minute on damage to the Hall bandstand was withdrawn for further consideration.

No new towels are to be provided for patrons of the Swimming Bath, according to a Board of Trade circular received by the Council.

It was reported that young children, unaccompanied by older persons, have been using the bath, causing anxiety to the superintendent. The committee has decided to bar children under five unless accompanied by an adult or other responsible person.

Asked to receive a deputation from the National Union of Municipal and General Workers in support of an application for the upgrading of the district, the Finance Committee decided, and the Council concurred, that there was no justification for an alteration and no useful purpose would be served by meeting a deputation.

It was agreed not to fill the vacancy caused by the call-up of the Surveyor’s Assistant (Mr. Adams), but the Surveyor was authorised to engage assistance for special duties as and when required.

Coun. Cox was mentioned as the new chairman of the Rating and Valuation Committee.

The Housing Committee, hearing that a local contractor was in a position to carry out decorations at 41 houses in King’s-road, decided to take no action for the time being.

Trophy for Town

A trophy to mark the success of the Wings for Victory Week is to be presented to the town, and certificates will be received by local savings groups which exceeded their target. It was decided that the presentations should be made in the Council Chamber on September 7th.

Coun. Capon said he was assured that an R.A.F. officer of distinction would make the presentations. Members of the Savings Committee and others interested in the movement would be invited to attend.

The Council accepted an invitation to take part in the Holiday Fete parade, and the Chairman expressed the hope that all members would do their best towards making the fete a thorough success.

Members in attendance were Couns. A. F. Weale, J.P. (Chairman), Dr. R. W. Davies (Vice-Chairman), A. H. Bailey, J. Roe, T. W. Cox, F. Green, J.P., Mrs. O. A. H. Muxlow, A. Allebone, J.P., C.C., W. E. Capon, J. George, T. J. Swindall, J. E. Dilks, J. H. H. Paragreen, W. J. Sawford, E. A. Sugars, H. Waring and J. T. Richardson, J.P., An apology for absence was received from Coun. J. Allen.

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