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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 11th July 1952, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Court Will Hear Objections
‘Excessive expense’ – roads complaint

Eleven householders have objected to the notices served by the Urban Council in connection with the scheme for the making up of Upper Queen Street and Lawton Road under the Private Street Works Act on the grounds that the proposals are unreasonable and that the estimated expenses are excessive or apportioned incorrectly.

Eight of the objections were received in respect of Upper Queen Street and three in respect of Lawton Road it was revealed at Wednesday’s Council meeting.

The Clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) was authorised to apply to the Petty Sessional Court for a time to determine all outstanding objections and to appear on behalf of the Council meeting at Rushden.

It was also agreed that to avoid delay when the objections have been determined the Highways Committee be authorised to accept the most favourable tender and that an application be made to the Minister of Housing and Local Government for the raising of a loan of £10,940 for the work.

Pigeon Lofts

An application was received from the tenant of 42, The Hedges, asking for permission to construct a pigeon loft in his garden. A letter of support from Rushden Homing Society gave an assurance that pigeons bred and used for racing did not cause any annoyance to tenants of adjoining houses.

The Housing Committee decided to grant permission for a period of 12 months in the first instance on condition that racing pigeons only shall be kept at the premises and that the loft is designed and erected to the approval of the Surveyor.

After further consideration of the plan for improvements at the junction of Church Street and Wellingborough Road, the County Council are to be requested to carry out the scheme.

It was also agreed that the County Council should be asked to move the pedestrian crossing near the junction of College Street a further 25 yards south.

The new road connecting Harborough Road and Pightles Terrace is to be named “Harborough Way.”

One Way?

The Highways Committee reported that after reviewing car parking arrangements it was of the opinion that the congestion in Rectory Road could be reduced by the introduction of a one-way traffic system. The Surveyor was requested to report further and to submit proposals for the provision of parking facilities in John Street.

The Public Health inspector reported that extensions had been carried out to the dairy at 42, Griffith Street, without prior approval of the proposals, and that the new part of the dairy did not fully comply with the requirements of the Milk and Dairy Regulations, 1949.

In addition to being registered with the Council as a dairy the premises are also subject to a licence issued by the County Council in respect of milk treated at the premises.

A letter was received from the owner stating that an inspection had been made by the officers of the County Council who had specified the requirements to bring the premises to a satisfactory condition.

In these circumstances the Clerk was instructed to write to the County Medical Officer of Health suggesting that co-operation between two authorities was desirable in such a case and asking for particulars of the work specified.

Food Facts

The Inspector also reported that 26, Church Street was being used as a restaurant kitchen and café in circumstances which did not comply with the Food and Drugs Act and that the occupier had been informed of the requirements if the use of the premises was to be continued.

He also stated that several applications had been received for permission to use the shop at 11, Church Street for the sale of foodstuffs and that it was not suitable for such a purpose. The Clerk was asked to remind the owner of his assurance given at the time when permission was granted for the front room of the premises to be used for business purposes, that the remainder of the house would be used for residential purposes only.

The Medical Officer and the Sanitary Inspector were asked to report on the condition of properties at 102 and 104 High Street South and “The Lodge,” Newton Road, that consideration might be given to the desirability of demolition.

Following complaints as to a nuisance from fumes and effluvia from factory premises in Robert Street arrangements have been made for remedial works to be carried out.

A letter was received from the Divisional Road Engineer, Ministry of Transport, stating that owing to restrictions of capital expenditure it did not appear likely that approval could be given for the lighting of the whole of Wellingborough Road in one operation, and suggested that the scheme could be divided into three sections.

The Council was requested to determine the separate cost of each of the three sections so that a decision could be given on the amount to be allowed for 1953.

The committee authorised submission of the estimates, but directed that the Ministry should be urged to approve completion of the conversion from gas lighting before the expiry, next year, of the agreement with the East Midlands Gas Board.

The Lighting sub-committee reported that they had reviewed the arrangements for street lighting and that it would cost approximately £550 per annum if the street lighting was extended to cover the summer months.

It was agreed that the lighting season extend from the 17th August, 1952, to the 17th May, 1953, and that the lights be extinguished at 11.30 p.m. with the exception of those previously selected for all-night lighting.

It was reported by the Highways Committee that £500 was available in the estimates for this financial year for street lamps and the Surveyor was authorised with a scheme for the completion of the re-lighting of Newton Road at an estimated cost of £280.

The Lighting sub-committee also reported upon a scheme for the re-lighting of Rectory Road at an estimated cost of £180, but the committee were of the opinion that improvements to the lighting of other streets should also be considered and the Surveyor instructed to report further.

A Parks sub-committee reported that they had met representatives of the local bands and as a result it had been agreed to arrange, as an experiment, for existing seats to form an enclosure at the front of the bandstand. The hedge around the bandstand is to be removed and replaced by flower beds.

No Cycling

Subject to the arrangements not involving the riding of cycles in the park, the Parks Committee approved the use of Spencer Park in connection with a Road Safety cycle competition.

A report from the architects revealed that the contract for the works at Rushden Hall had been completed and that the only extra cost to the original contract was £150 for additional work to the roof.

The installation of an internal telephone system at the Council Buildings at a cost not exceeding £300 was approved.

Building plans were approved as follows: Bungalow, Woodland Road, Mr. D. Dickens; 12 lock-up garages, High Street South, Townsends Garages Ltd.; additions to bungalow, “Fox Culvert,” Bedford Road, Mr. R. Pye; alterations to offices, Station Approach, Ellis and Everard; garage, Bedford Road, Mr. R. Baxter; garage, Wilson Road, Mr. T. W. Swannell; site plan, kennels, Hayden Road, Mr. R. Dodd; land for housing, Allen Road and Blinco Road, Rushden U.D.C.; bathroom and coal barn, 16, Robinson Road, Mr. F. W. Barfoot.

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