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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 15th June, 1951, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
15th June, 1951

‘A Cinder Track’ for Path

Rushden councillor’s Queen Street observation

A considerable length of footpath in Queen Street compares only with a cinder track, declared Councillor A. H. Dickens at Rushden Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Adding that it was almost impossible to walk on one pavement, Mr. Dickens was told that the Highways Committee will consider his complaint.

The Library Committee acknowledged gifts of books from Miss Groome, Mr. A. W. Head, Mr. Loakes and Mrs. Muxlow.

The committee accepted the free supply of six periodicals, and agreed to accept any offers for the rack in the newspaper room.

Invited by the “Rushden Campaign Committee” to install the “Daily Worker” in the room, the committee decided not to purchase “a publication for which there appears to be no real demand,” but to accept free copies for the rack should these be offered.

In a strong protest against the concession, Coun. J. Allen suggested that 69 petitioners had been hoaxed into believing they were doing something for the freedom of the Press, whereas the Communists aimed in the long run to do away with the freedom of the Press and of the individual.

After a keen debate, four members voted against the Library Committee’s report, which was adopted.

Caravan critic

Mr. A. E. Folkes was granted a licence to use land in Bedford Road as a site for not more that 40 caravans. The Council imposed conditions which, in regard to sanitation, did not satisfy Coun. A. A. Allebone, who described as “ridiculous” the fact that the standards were based on the Factory Acts.

Referring to “adverse comment” in the town, the chairman (Mr. C. G. Faulkner) said the Council took “a poor view” of the fact that no local band took part in last Saturday’s Festival parade. All were invited, he said.

Coffee Tavern Lane, it was announced, had been scheduled as a no waiting area between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, and as a one-way street for traffic (west to east).

A letter from the Waverley Temperance Hotel, Ltd., suggested that the lane has a name unworthy of the town and should be called “Waverley Street,” but the Highways Committee took no action.

From May 20th, 1952, it was reported, the town will have four wards and appoint 20 councillors.

The plan to substitute covered bus barriers for the open ones in High Street, High Street South and Wellingborough Road is now to be enforced.

Six flats, costing £7,700, will be erected in Upper Queen Street. Net rents of 12 maisonettes were fixed at 12s.

It is hoped to widen one of the corners at the junction of Station Road and Moor Road, and to make a road, costing £1,400, between Pightles Terrace and Harborough Road.

“There is further delay in the restoration of Rushden Hall because the Ministry of Education will not make a grant unless the house becomes a bona fide community centre. The Parks Committee will make a further approach to the Ministry.

The Medical Officer (Dr. P. X. Bermingham) reported nine births and 12 deaths. There were 41 cases of measles last month.

As a new line in rodent control, the Sanitary Inspector was authorised to accept orders for regular inspections and treatments of business premises.

Small houses

The Housing Committee has decided that in future schemes the proportion of two-bedroom type houses, with one living room and a large kitchen, shall be increased. It is hoped that when more houses of this type are available they can be occupied by older people now in larger houses.

Footpaths are to be constructed on the Upper Queen Street site at an estimated cost of £4,620.

Private building licences for houses were granted to Mr. G. E. V. Fleeman (Wymington Road site), Mr. D. A. Panter (Hall Avenue), and Mr. R. Pearson (Avenue Road).

Building plans included: Lavatories, Washbrook Road depot, British Road Services; pair of semi-detached houses, Hall Avenue, Mr. H. Taylor and Mrs. E. M. Starmer; additions to 137, St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. S. A. Parnell; extensions to bungalow, 58 St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. H. Ingram; house, Avenue Road, Mr. R. Pearson; Nissen hut, Shirley Road, East Midlands Gas Board; covered way, Wellingborough Road, F. Caswell, Ltd.; extensions at “Bredon,” Wellingborough Road, Mr. W. A. Tassell; conservatory, 34, Bedford Road, Mr. W. S. Bayes; bathroom, 40, Sartoris Road, Mr. C. Westley; tool-shed, 37, Birchall Road, Mr. C. G. Daniels; garage, 128, Hall Avenue, Mr. Long; workshop, 41, Purvis Road, Mr. F. Tyman.

A street numbering scheme has been prepared for Avenue Road, and another is in hand for Bedford Road.


13th July, 1951

Rushden decides to advertise

Rushden Urban Council, according to Councillor Eric Roe, chairman of the Highways and Lighting Committee, has decided to indulge in a little advertising on behalf of the town.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the Council Mr. Roe reported that town signs were to be erected at the five main entrances to the town – Tollbar, Bedford Road, Irchester Road, Sander’s Lodge and Newton Road.

Consideration of a recent traffic census at the junction of Newton Road and Church Street by the Ministry of Transport has resulted in the Ministry deciding that the conditions do not justify the erection of traffic lights.

Further representations are to be made to the County Council, with a request for the matter to be reconsidered.

Land problems

It was agreed that it would be desirable to apply for compulsory powers in respect of the whole of the lots in Lawton Road and Queen Street estates which cannot be acquired by negotiation, for housing purposes.

Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society have intimated that they would like to acquire three plots of land in the area for shops.

The Housing Committee considered that the erection of shops should be considered in connection with the proposals for the development of the land.

Details of a proposed new grouping of areas to be served by joint Food Control committees were contained in a letter from the Ministry of Food.

Rushden would be included in a group with Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Raunds, Wellingborough and Wellingborough Rural Area.

Coun. W. J. Sawford and the Clerk were appointed as representatives to attend any meeting convened to discuss the proposals.

Notices are to be served on occupiers of houses in Bedford Road requiring them to number the houses in accordance with the new scheme for numbering in that area.

New bathing costumes are to be provided at the swimming baths, and in view of the cost, hire charges are to be increased. Bathing costumes will go up from 3d. to 6d. and bathing caps from 1d. to 3d.

The Surveyor (Mr. A. Millar) has been subpoenaed to give evidence in connection with pending proceedings concerning the liability for road works in Hall Avenue.

The following building plans were approved: Visitors’ shelter, Rushden House Sanatorium; Nissen hut, Shirley Road, East Midlands Gas Board; dye-tank store, Kimbolton Road, Harris Bros. Ltd.; factory canteen, Kimbolton Road, Harris Bros., Ltd.; conservatory, 30, Purvis Road, Mr. A. Mantle; conservatory, 32, Purvis Road, Mr. R. S. Holyoak; tool shed, 19, St. Peter’s Avenue, Mr. A. G. Tapp; extensions to existing garage, 5, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. L. A. Miller; garage, 89, Park Avenue, Mr. D. W. Deighton; garage, 49, Purvis Road, Mr. J. O. Wildman; greenhouse, 69, Prospect Avenue, Mr. W. Samples.


27th July, 1951

Fight On for Traffic Lights

Rushden’s application for traffic lights at the Church cross-roads has not impressed the Ministry of Transport or the Northamptonshire County Council Roads and Bridges Committee, but Higham Ferrers and Rushden Road Safety Committee is seeking to renew pressure on the authorities.

At the committee’s meeting on Monday members expressed great dissatisfaction with the attitude of the authorities, especially at County Council level, and maintained that the taking of a traffic census as a means of judging the case could be most misleading.

A resolution was carried urging the County Road Safety Committee to use its full weight in the attempt to reopen the question.

Another resolution asked Rushden Council Highways Committee to press for a Halt sign at the junction of Portland Road and Rectory Road.

The chairman (Coun. J. T. Richardson) described as “alarming” a police report showing that 20 people were injured, ten seriously, in 22 accidents during the last four months. The majority of the accidents occurred when people were going to and from the factories, and in most cases the police held pedal cyclists to blame.

It was decided to hold a Road Courtesy Week from September 29th to October 6th, when acts of courtesy will be noted and acknowledge.

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