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The Rushden Echo, 12th June, 1903, transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday there were present Messrs. John Claridge (chairman), J. S. Clipson (vice-chairman), F. Knight, G. Denton, W. Bazeley, A. Mantle, W. H. Wilkins, C. Bates, J. Hornsby, F. Ballard, and T. Swindall, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason) and the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin).

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Water, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held at the Vestry Hall, on Wednesday, the 20th May, 1903, when there were present:- Messrs. John Claridge (chairman), J. S. Clipson, F. Ballard, W. Bazeley, F. Knight, and W. H. Wilkins.

Water Sub-Committee

Street Watering:- The Water Sub-committee reported that they had had under their consideration the question of providing an independent supply of water for this purpose and recommended that the Surveyor be instructed to construct a tank under or near the pavement on the north side of Midland-road of about 1,000 gallons capacity intercepting the flow of water coming from the Midland Railway Company’s property and passing that spot on its way into the brook.

The Committee resolved to recommend the Council to adopt this recommendation.

Illegally using water:- The Sub-committee further reported that the plumber in the course of his inspections had found water being used in an illegal manner and that they had instructed the Clerk to write to the parties concerned warning them of the consequences if their action be repeated.

The water in the service reservoir at Wymington was reported to stand at 7 feet 8 inches.

Sunday Supply

The Surveyor was requested to arrange as far as possible for the water to be turned on, on Sunday mornings, at the same time as on week-day mornings.


were presented by:-

The Rushden and Higham Ferrers District Gas Co. for additions to their works in North-street, and passed.

Messrs. Cave for shed at the rear of No. 55, High-street, and passed.

Mr. T. Swindall for two houses in Station-road and passed subject to position of ventilating shaft to drain being amended to the surveyor’s satisfaction.

Siding Accommodation

The Surveyor produced his estimate of the cost of providing this accommodation on the Midland-road site, amounting altogether to £1,615 4s. 9d. exclusive of the cost of the land already purchased. The matter was very fully considered by the Committee and ultimately it was resolved that the Council be recommended not to proceed further with the scheme.


It was resolved that the Finance Committee be requested to include the following items in the annual estimates:-

Metalling Midland-road Depot


Road footpath improvements


Additional channelling


Team Labour

The Surveyor was instructed to advertise for tenders for carting road materials.


The Surveyor was instructed to repair this road from Portland-road to Queen-street with gravel asphalt.

Mr. Swindall asked what was the illegal use of water complained of. A lot of water was used for watering gardens, which was illegal, and, if it was that which was complained of, it should be so stated.

The Clerk said the complaint was in respect of taking drinking water by the workpeople of a factory from other property.

Mr. Bazeley understood that the practice had been going on for some time. At the factory referred to, the town water was not laid on, and it was not the only factory in the town where the workpeople suffered inconvenience through not being able to get drinking water. It did not speak well for temperance advocates if they did not supply plenty of “Adam’s ale” for their workpeople.

Mr. Hornsby: Or a barrel of beer.

Mr. Clipson said he had been informed that the cause for taking the water was the fact that a pump, from which the water was generally obtained, was broken.

Mr. Hornsby said the turning on of the water on Sunday mornings was proving a great convenience to the public.

The Chairman: But it makes a great difference to the supply.

The Surveyor: Yes, the water in the reservoir is 4 feet lower than it was in the middle of May.

It was reported that tenders had been received for carting road materials, and the Committee recommended that the work be divided between Messrs. Sharpe and Packwood.

Referring to the question of siding accommodation, the Chairman said the estimate was much in excess of the figures before the Committee when they considered the matter previously, and the Committee did not feel justified in going on with the proposal.

The report was adopted.

Finance, etc., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Estates, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, the 27th May, 1903, at the Vestry Hall, when there were present:- Messrs. J. S. Clipson (chairman), J. Claridge, C. Bates, Geo. Denton, A. Mantle, J. Hornsby, and Tom Swindall.

Farm and Estates Sub-Committee

This Sub-committee reported that on their visit to the sewage out-fall works their attention had been called to the inconvenience arising by the quantity of grit which was carried into the Ives tank. They recommended that the Surveyor be instructed to prepare an estimate of the cost of constructing two silt chambers for the purposes of intercepting the grit.

The Committee agreed to this.

The Sub-committee also reported that they had sold certain produce of the farm for 35s.

Cemetery Sub-Committee

This Sub-committee reported that they had obtained prices for the new notice boards which the Council had resolved to have erected in the cemetery from Mr. A. T. Nichols and Mr. H. Knight amounting to £10 and recommended the Committee to give instructions for the work to be carried out at the sum named.

It was resolved that the Surveyor be authorised to put the work in hand forthwith.

The Sub-committee further reported that they had authorised the employment of additional help in the cemetery for a few weeks and had instructed the Surveyor to purchase some shoring planks for the use of the caretaker.

The action of the Sub-committee was approved.

Surveyor’s Cash Account

The Committee examined the Surveyor’s cash account with the wages books, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-




Week ending 8th May




Week ending 15th May




Week ending 22nd May




Treasurer’s Receipts

The Committee examined the Treasurer’s book from which it appeared that the following sum had been paid to him during the past three weeks by the under-mentioned person on the following account:-

May 12th, Bedfordshire Rural District Council for Wymington Water Supply

Treasurer’s Balances

The Committee examined the treasurer’s books and found that the following balances were in his hands on the under-mentioned accounts:-




General Account




Loan Account No. 16







Tradesmen’s and Other Accounts

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Health and Sanitary Reports

The Medical Officer reported that on a recent visit to Rushden he had inspected Sussex Place and found No. 3 much over-crowded and the house itself out of repair. The Medical Officer further reported that one case only of infectious disease had been notified, viz.:- Typhoid fever, no doubt contracted from another case which the patient had nursed.

The Sanitary Inspector reported that the case of typhoid fever referred to was that of Mrs. Garley in Robert-street. He had visited the premises and inspected the drains, &c., which he found in good order; he had disinfected them, and also supplied disinfectants for further use. He could only account for the case in the same way as the Medical Officer had done.

Referring to the Medical Officer’s report on Sussex Place the Sanitary Inspector had seen the occupier of the house and also the landlord’s agent. The former promised to get rid of the lodger at once and the latter that the necessary repairs should be carried out forthwith.

The Inspector further reported with regard to Mr. M. V. Burrow’s factory in Manton-road, that the drains had now been connected with the sewer and the water carriage system adopted for the sanitary conveniences.

With regard to Mr. Chas. Hewitt’s property, the midden complained of at the last meeting had been partly filled in but no satisfactory arrangement for the closet had yet been made.

The Inspector was instructed to press Mr. Hewitt to complete this arrangement at once and failing his doing so it was resolved that the Council be recommended at their next meeting to institute proceedings.

The Sanitary Inspector also called attention to a nuisance on the Wymington-road arising from the drainage of a small pond which had been allowed to get into a filthy condition. He was instructed to serve the occupier, Mr. Chapman, with a notice to abate the nuisance within 7 days.


The estimates for the current year were considered and agreed to. A printed copy was ordered to be supplied to each member of the Council.

The Committee recommended that a general district rate of 4/0 in the £ be raised during the year and that the Council instruct the collector to prepare a rate of 2/0 in the £ on account thereof for sealing on July 1st.

Mr. Clipson, in moving the adoption of the report, said that unfortunately the case of typhoid mentioned by the Medical Officer proved fatal. The rate recommended by the Committee to meet the estimated expenditure was 4d. in the £ more than last year, but it was necessary to go back to a 4s. rate on account of the expenses in connection with the water supply.

The Chairman said it would be unsound policy to fix the rate at too low a figure at the present time and then have to raise it. It might be a disappointment to some to see that no provision had been made for an additional public convenience, but the only suitable place was somewhere near the Green, where it would be necessary to construct it underground. This would entail a heavy expense, and the Committee did not feel justified in estimating for it at the present time.

Several questions having been asked with regard to the figures in the estimates, Mr. Wilkins said the fact that it was necessary to ask bore out his contention that in considering the estimates the whole Council should be present. On the face of it, the estimates did not appear satisfactory, because, after omitting figures which did not properly come within their current expenditure they found that their estimated expenditure amounted to £760 more than their estimated receipts. Though they might be able to meet the deficiency out of their balance, he thought it was very desirable that the Council should pay their way every year. He did not suggest that the report should be referred back or that a higher rate should be made but he did think they should take care to cut their coat according to their cloth.

The Chairman said he thought they would all agree with Mr. Wilkins, but the Committee had made liberal allowances for improvements, repairs, etc., and he questioned whether they would spend all the money. He believed they would come out better at the end of the year than now appeared likely. Members of the Council, however, ought to bear in mind that they must not go in for expenditure which had not been estimated for.

The report was then adopted.

The Main Roads

The seal of the Council was affixed to the agreement with the County Council to repair the main roads in the Rushden Urban District for the sum of £1,008 15s. 6d. for twelve months.

Public Conveniences

Mr. Bazeley gave notice that he would move at the next meeting of the Council a resolution on the subject of the provision of additional public conveniences.

The Free Library

The Chairman called attention to a circular which had been issued by the Free Library Committee for subscriptions towards the cost of the site for the proposed free library, and he commended its consideration to any who wished to subscribe.

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