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The Rushden Echo, 9th June 1905, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Mr. Clipson presided on Wednesday and there were also present Messrs. Swindall (vice-president), F. Knight, Claridge, Hornsby, Bates, Wilkins, Ballard, Skinner, Bazeley, G. S. Mason (clerk), and Madin (surveyor).

Plans &c, Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Water, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held at the Vestry Hall on Wednesday, the 31st May, 1905, when there were present:- Messrs. J. S. Clipson (chairman), T. Swindall, F. Knight, W. H. Wilkins, A. Mantle, W. Bazeley, and G. Denton.


were presented by:-

Mr. Walter Robinson for house in Grove-Street (amended plan) and passed.

Mr. Tom Swindall for three houses in Glassbrook-road and passed.

The Northamptonshire Union Bank for w.c. and sanitary arrangements to factory at rear of Nos. 68 and 70, Newton-road, and passed.

Lower Portland-Road

It was unanimously resolved to recommend the council to proceed with the making of this street forthwith and that the Surveyor be instructed to employ direct labour.

Grove-Street Sewer

Upon the application of Mr. Walter Robinson it was unanimously resolved to extend this sewer as far as the manhole at the top of Essex-road. Mr. Robinson having agreed to pay £5 towards the cost of such extension.

Wellingborough-Road Sewer Extension

The Surveyor reported the completion of this extension at a cost of £81.

Road Materials (Team Labour)

Tenders for team labour were received from Messrs. Wm. Packwood, A. Sharp, and W. G. Willmott, and it was resolved to divide the work into sections and to accept each tender in respect of a distinct section at the respective rates per ton quoted.

Public Lighting

The Surveyor submitted a report on the cost of public lighting for the months of January, February, March, April, and May of this year as compared with the corresponding months last year. The report showed an average consumption of gas per lamp this year of 3113 cubic feet at a cost, including mantles, of 8/9. the average consumption last year was 3663 cubic feet at a cost of 9/1¾, thus showing a saving of 4¾, per lamp by the adoption of incandescent burners.

The Committee considered the report satisfactory.

With regard to the public lighting, the Chairman said the use of the incandescent mantles had been a great saving, and next year there would be a greater saving still as there would then be a full year’s lighting account.

Mr. Wilkins said there had also been an improved light.

The report was adopted.

Finance &c, Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Estates, Cemetery, and Sanitary committee was held at the Vestry Hall on Wednesday, the 31st May, 1905, when there were present: Messrs. T. Swindall (chairman), J. S. Clipson, F. Ballard, C. Bates, J. Hornsby, G. H. Skinner, and J. Claridge.

Surveyor’s Cash Account

The Committee examined the surveyor’s cash account with the wages books, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-

Week ending 11th May, 1905
Week ending 18th May, 1905
Week ending 25th May, 1905

Treasurer’s Accounts

The Committee examined the Treasurer’s accounts from which it appeared that the following sums had been paid to him by the under mentioned persons on the following accounts:-

May 16, County Council, Main roads
J. Knight, jun., Irchester road sewer

And that the following balances were in hand on the under mentioned accounts:-

General Account ….
Loan Account No. 16 ..

Tradesmen’s and Other Accounts

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Health and Sanitary Reports

The Medical Officer reported that three cases of infectious disease had been notified since the last meeting, all of scarlet fever.

The Officer also reported that he had been requested by the County Medical Officer of Health to call the Committee’s attention to Section E, Clause 5, of the rules of the Sanitary Midwives Board as to means for having clothing other than washable stoved and properly disinfected, and to suggest that a suitable apparatus be provided.

The Medical Officer personally attended the meeting and conferred with the Committee on the question raised by the County Medical Officer, and was requested to inform him that the Committee had the matter under consideration.

A letter dated 26th instant from the Local Government Board was received requesting the Council to instruct their Medical Officer to prepare a report upon the recent prevalence of scarlet fever in the district.

The Medical Officer promised to prepare the report required and submit to the Committee at their next meeting.

The Medical Officer stated that in his opinion the sanitary condition of the town was excellent.

The Sanitary Inspector submitted details with regard to the three cases of scarlet fever which had been notified since the last meeting and stated that he had visited all the premises and found them in order. Disinfectants had been supplied as usual, and the cases were doing well. Three houses had been fumigated since the last meeting.

Footpath Obstructions

The attention of the Committee was called to the manner in which the footpaths are obstructed by tradesmen setting out goods thereon, and the Clerk was instructed to communicate with the Superintendent of Police requesting him to take up the matter under the Highway Act.


It was resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to prepare a specification for the painting, etc., of the Hospital, inside and out, and obtain tenders for the works required.

Scavenging Carts

It was also resolved that the Surveyor obtain prices for covers for these carts and report to the next meeting.

Water Rate

The Collector submitted a water rate for the quarter ending 30th June next amounting to £512 2s. 9d.

It was resolved that the Council be recommended to seal the rate at their next meeting. With regard to footpath obstructions, Mr. Denton asked if the committee’s suggestion meant that police proceedings should be taken against all tradesmen who placed their goods outside the shop. If so, it was rather a big order.

The Clerk: It means rather taking action when there is a serious obstruction.

Mr. Bazeley: Some of the tradesmen have got ground belonging to their property, and I take it that they could place things there without any proceedings against them. It is in cases of obstruction where proceedings will be taken. The Sanitary Inspector has warned some of the offenders time after time that the Council would take action unless the obstructions were stopped, but they seem to take very little notice of the warnings, and it seems to me that a few of these cases will have to be taken before there is an improvement. I do not think there is any town where the Council would be treated as they have been by some of the tradesmen of Rushden after having been warned by the Sanitary Inspector.

Mr. Swindall: The Inspector told us that several of the tradesmen refused to take any notice of what he said.

Mr. Bates: Yes, they merely laugh at him.

Mr. Bazeley: It seems to me there is a competition between some of the tradesmen as to who can put the most goods outside their shops. I do not think there is anything gained by it. It is a temptation to the public having so much placed outside, and it is a danger, too, because we know that accidents have occurred through these obstructions on the pathway. People have fallen over them from time to time and have hurt themselves. The matter has been brought many times before the Council, but nothing seems to be done by the Council to abate the nuisance.

Mr. Ballard: I think the feeling in the committee was that the police should be communicated with, and that the Council should support the police in any action they take. If we allow one tradesman in the Town to put his goods outside, why not allow all? Some of the tradesmen have a bit of ground belonging to them, but they go beyond that. It is time something was done. I do not think such a thing would be allowed in any town but Rushden.

The Chairman: They take advantage if we are lenient with them.

The Council supported the action of the committee, and the rest of the report was also adopted.

Bad Language

Mr. Bates: Has the clerk received a letter regarding the use of bad language in the cemetery field during the last week or two.

The Clerk: Yes, and I propose to bring it before the Cemetery Committee at their next meeting.

To Be Remedied

Mr. Bazeley called attention to the state of the drain which runs down Higham-road and Washbrook. The pipe, he said, was more than half filled with silt, and heavy rains would cause a flood.

The Surveyor was asked to have the pipe cleaned out.

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