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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 12th June, 1953, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Brick Shortage May Cause Delay
Threat to Rushden housing progress

Housing progress at Rushden is in danger of a check, according to Mr. Charles Ginns, who told the Urban Council on Wednesday that bricks were in such short supply that one contractor received none at all on his site last week.

Although discussion revealed that the shortage was not peculiar to Rushden, it was decided to inform the Ministry of the position.

The council’s big footpaths reconstruction scheme, which still awaits Government sanction to a loan of £10,000, went forward a stage when Queen Street, Rectory Road, Dayton Street, Pemberton Street and Sartoris Road were listed for first attention. Victoria Road was removed from the original list because it was thought that another street, more in need of repair, should take its place. This has yet to be chosen.

A suggestion that wooden outbuildings in Trafford Road should be reconstructed with concrete blocks or bricks – at a cost of £560 for 20 houses – was made by the surveyor (Mr. A. Millar), and the treasurer (Mr. W. D. White) is to report on a means of financing the scheme. Mr. A. Green suggested that “heat and gas” should then be allowed in the huts, and the chairman (Mr. A. A. Allebone) said he was sure the committee would bear this in mind.

Footpath progress

A letter from the county surveyor stated that the section of Newton Road between High Street and Rectory Road would be reconstructed and work on footpaths would shortly be resumed in High Street. Newton Road as a whole, however, could only be dealt with by a complete reconstruction scheme for which no provision was available in the current year’s estimates.

The Housing Committee noted that the 500th house, under their post-war programme would shortly be erected and instructed the clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) to arrange a ceremony for handing over the keys.

A tenant at the Southfields estate who had assumed that the approval of his plan under the building by-laws meant that the council had authorised the erection, proceeded to build an aviary and then learned he had no authority to do so. He applied for reconsideration of the housing committee’s ban, and on the motion of Mr. R. R. Griffiths, who said the man had acted in all innocence, the case was put back for general inquiries to be made.

Mr. Green said he hoped there would be co-ordination between the planning and housing committees in future, and it was decided to send out covering notes of warning when building plans are approved but may still depend on housing committee policy.

The housing committee promised to give consideration to a proposal from Rushden Town C.C. that they should have the right of way from Blinco Road to the cricket ground.

No tenders were received in response to a second advertisement regarding the erection of ten garages on the Upper Queen Street estate, and the surveyor was asked to report on the possibility of the work being undertaken by direct labour.

Licences approved

Five applications to erect houses of not more than 1,000 square feet were approved.

Subject to Government approval a £2,488 contract for construction of a relief sewer in Washbrook Road will be placed with Messrs. Tandy and Richmond, of Pitsford.

Eighteen residents in Duck Street have raised objection to the council’s proposal to acquire land in Duck Street for a car park.

Arrangement for the use of land in Rectory Road as a car park have been discussed with the officers of Rushden Co-operative Society.

The surveyor drew attention to the considerable recurring expenditure in connection with the repair of fencing on the Irchester Road estate, and it was decided to provide dwarf walls instead of fencing as occasion arises.

The library committee appointed Miss W. M. Clipson as a representative to serve on the East Midlands Regional Library System for the ensuing year.


Building plans were as follows: First floor alteration at bakery, Higham Road, Mr. B. Crane; site plan for bungalow, Grafton Road, Mr. E. Hartwell; extension to factory, Hove Road, Sound Engineering Co.; pair of semi-detached houses, Talbot Road, Messrs. R. Black and F. J. Tyman; house and garage, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. E. L. Stanton; tool and cycle shed, 29a Westfield Avenue, Mr. R. Britten; tool shed, 12 Sussex Place, Mr. L. M. Hodby; bungalow, 6 Hall Avenue, Mr. T. J. Robson; alterations at 82 High Street, Wm. Timpson, Ltd.; garage at rear of 228 Wellingborough Road, Mr. W. F. R. Austin; garage, Wilson Road, Mr. J. T. Lack; three pigsties, Rushden House Sanatorium, Kettering and District Hospital Management Committee; covered way, 152 Hall Avenue, Mr. L. G. Ward; garage, Maple Road, Mr. D. J. E. Knight; garage, 128 Newton Road, Mr. R. Hutchings; porch to back door, 16 Church Hall Road, Mr. H. W. Redhead; site for eight caravans and assembling, Newton Road, Mr. W. G. Mortimer; bungalow, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. E. J. Jones; garage, Station Road, Mr. C. Freeman; aviary, 13 Windsor Road, Mr. A. F. Short; garage, 20 Washbrook Road, Mr. W. H. Gibbons; back door porch and alterations to kitchen, 7 St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. E. Perkins; reconstruction of coach garage, Portland Road, Lord’s Garage; workshop and extension for motor cycle, 61 Upper Queen Street, Mr. D. J. Moore; garage, 10 Roberts Street, F. Hawkes (N.V. Engineers), Ltd.; amended plan of Secondary Modern School for Girls, Hayway, Northamptonshire County Council Education Committee; additions to garages, Midland Road, Express Dry Cleaning Service; house, Wellingborough Road, Mr. M. B. Cave; house, 18 Hall Avenue, Mr. J. T. Bird; garage, Bedford Road, Mr. D. Johnson.

The following have been appointed chairmen of committees for the ensuing year: Housing, Mr. C. Ginns; Parks, Mr. W. E. Capon; Highways and Planning, Mr. R. H. S. Greenwood; Library, Mrs. W. M. Lean; Public Health, Mr. W. Brown; Finance and General Purposes, Mr. C. G. Faulkner.

When the meeting opened Mr. Allebone thanked all in the town who had organised the Coronation celebrations. He also commended the appeal for the Westminster Abbey restoration fund.

The annual civic service will be held at St. Peter’s Church on July 12.

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