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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 11th June, 1954, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Five-year plan for ‘slums’

A “slum” clearance plan involving 23 properties in five areas was mentioned at Rushden Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday. Mr. J. Allen described it as the first instalment of a scheme which would probably go on for five years.

The first list of properties has not yet been presented.

After long negotiation Hall Avenue is to be made up under the Private Street Works Act at a cost of £5,350, towards which the estate developer has promised £3,230.

Frontage owners will also contribute, and the council agreed to pay £750 in respect of the Hall grounds frontages.

It was agreed to make temporary repairs at the swimming bath, where some of the cubicles have been placed “out of bounds.” Permanent repairs are under discussion.

Meat decontrol

After the decontrol of meat the Bedford Road abattoir, used since the war as a central slaughterhouse for the district, is to be administered by the C.W.S. There had been no response to an offer to slaughter animals for private traders.

Electrical installations in the council’s temporary bungalows are to be inspected every 14 months in future because they have been the cause of fires. The cost will be about ten shillings per house.

The surveyor, Mr. A. Millar, was instructed to proceed with demolishing the garage building adjoining 93 Portland Road, in compliance with an order made by Wellingborough Magistrates on February 5.

‘No parking’ here

Council house tenants are to be told that vehicles must not be parked on the grass verges of the estates.

One room in each of the 621 council houses on the Higham Road and Irchester Road estates is to be decorated this year. Tenants will be given the opportunity to decide which room they want having done.

Mrs. G. E. Bazeley, newly-appointed chairman of the Parks Committee, amused the council when, in a discussion on concrete cricket pitches, she declared, “I am no cricketer myself.”


Busy time for the builders

Much building activity is planned at Rushden, and the following projects were listed at the urban council meeting on Wednesday:-

Housing site on land between Blinco Road and Oval Road, including Grafton Road, Rushden U.D.C.; showroom and flat, High Street South, Mr. F. Felce; amended plan for bungalow, Grafton Road, Mr. E. W. Hartwell; light industrial building, Little Street, Mrs. L. O. Felgate; site plan for shop and living accommodation, High Street, E. Warren Ltd.

Garage, 48 Bedford Road, Mr. L. J. Wilce; 10 lock-up garages, rear 89 Higham Road, Mr. C. A. Walker; site plan for shops, 84-86 High Street, Covell Properties Ltd; workshop, garage, meter and storehouse, Kimbolton Road, Ferrersand Aggregates Ltd.

Extension to garage, 163 Wellingborough Road, Mr. F. A. Thornton; concrete garage, plot 54 Alpine Road, Mr. F. Lack; bungalow, Hall Avenue, Mr. R. Willmott; amended plan of house, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. G. S. Betts; bungalow, Wymington Road, Mr. F. C. Barton; garden shed, 73 Balmoral Avenue, Mr. T. J. King.

Going up……

Asbestos garage, Wilson Road, Mr. R. F. Clark; bungalow, Wellingborough Road, Mr. E. E. Pidd; garage, 88 St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. F. Burton; extension to kitchen, Westward Hotel, North Street, Mr. P. S. Neville.

Batley garage, 11a Wymington Road, Mr. H. V. More; garden shed, 1 Spinney Road, Mrs. B. Bailey; garage, Beech Road, Mr. W. Loasby; brick garage, 2 Talbot Road, Mr. R. Neville; aviary, 65 Upper Queen Street, Mr. D. K. Pattison; site plan for dentists’ surgeries, lock up shop, etc., St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. E. Straubs; garage, 16 Palm Road, Mr. E. C. Skerritt;

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Hayway, Rev. E. O’Gorman; porch to back door, 31 Upper Queen Street, Mr. W. G. King; conversion of bedroom into bathroom, 20 Albion Place, Mr. H. Helsdown; store, Irchester Road, Strong and Fisher, Ltd.

………..going up

Asbestos garage, Adnitt Road, Mr. R. G. Desborough; cesspit and drainage, 131 Bedford Road, Mr. J. E. S. Mannell; formation of bathroom, 21 North Street, Mr. R. Brightwell; greenhouse, 1 Lancaster Way, Mr. E. R. King; alterations and extension to factory, Queen Street, William Green and Son (Grenson) Ltd.; lavatories at Hazelwood store, Lime Street, John White Footwear, Ltd.

Bay window, 5 Queens Terrace, Mr. S. R. Stocks; asbestos garage, 73 Newton Road, Mr. E. B. Penness; garage off Pemberton Street, Miss H. N. Waller; conservatory, 98 Hall Avenue, Mr. H. Barton.

Asbestos garage, 20 Fern Road, Mr. A. R. Warner; bungalow, Church Hall Road, Mr. R. A. Groom; garden shed, 6 Hove Road, Mr. R. J. Hollis; billiards room, “The Pines,” Bedford Road, Mr. E. W. Peck; vestry, Full Gospel Church, Wellingborough Road, the Trustees, Full Gospel Church; extensions to offices, Irchester Road, Strong and Fisher Ltd.; formation of bathroom, 51 Midland Road, Mr. S. Bailey.

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