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Transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

19th June 1964

Catching up on council house improvements

Commenting on the council house improvement programme at Wednesday’s meeting of Rushden Urban Council, Mr. J. E. Wills, chairman of the Housing Committee, said it was hoped to have all houses improved by 1965.

The surveyor, Mr. W. J. Anker, is investigating the various alternatives to the present refuse disposal arrangements, and he hopes to submit a comprehensive report to the next meeting of the public health committee.

The committee reported that the county planning officer had made a suggestion for an alternative tipping site which might be available.

Rushden and Higham Rugby Club asked the committee to receive a deputation to discuss the possibility of having rugby pitches on the Bedford Road tipping site.

The committee will see the deputation at the next meeting, after inspecting the site.

An application to shoot vermin on the pit was turned down.


A resident in Morris Avenue, Rushden, complained to the housing committee about the condition of a pond on the Spinney Field site.

It was reported that an accumulation of scrap iron and rubbish had been removed from the pond, and it was intended to drain and level it when the site was developed.

It was felt that no further action could be taken at the moment; although an eye will be kept on the pond to make sure it does not become a nuisance.

The council is to investigate the standards of Rushden library service, to see how it compares with the standards recommended by the Working Party which reported to the Ministry of Education.

The junior library is now open 15 minutes earlier during weekdays – 3.45 pm – for children who leave school at 3.30.


A scheme to redevelop a site between Newton Road and Dell Place was approved in principle by the housing committee.

The scheme is for 16 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units in two storey blocks, with six garages and a parking area.

Further details and an estimate of the cost will be submitted as soon as possible.

The following roads are to be reconstructed and resurfaced: Victoria Road (£3,358), Crabb Street (£2,724), and Manton Road (£1,112).

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