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The Wellingborough News, 8th March, 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Present: - Mr. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), G Denton, H. Brawn, T. Bromage, F. Knight, G. H. Skinner, T. Wilmott, J. S. Clipson, J. Claridge, J. Spencer, J. Cave, G. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

TRADESMEN’S ASSOCIATION – The Chairman mentioned that a letter had been received from this Association asking the Council for another interview in reference to the question of a market for the town; but bearing in mind that this would be a rather important meeting, he had asked the Association to defer it.

A letter was read from Mr. Sartoris, enquiring if any proper deed of conveyance had been signed with reference to the land he had given the Council on the Bedford-road; and if not, would it not be better if it was done in proper form? – The Chairman said such a deed had not been signed, and the Clerk had suggested that it would be better if this were done at the time when the land for sewage disposal was decided.

COMMITTEES – The Clerk reported a meeting of the Finance Committee last week, at which various cheques were ordered to be paid; also a meeting of the Plans and Water Committee, at which a plan for a factory in Crabb-street was presented by Mr. W. Sargent, and approved, subject to a party wall being made the requisite thickness. It was also decided that a 3-inch water main be laid from Victoria-street to Queen-street. – At a meeting of the Highway Committee on the 27th ult., tenders were received from Mr. G. Miller and Mr. J. S. L. Nattrass for the supply of number plates for the houses, at 4s. 2d. and 4s. 3d. per doz. respectively. Mr. Miller’s tender was accepted, and the numbering will commence with the streets west of the brook, beginning at Mr. S. Knight’s, senr. At the same meeting it was also decided to instruct the surveyor to make tracks of slag across the Pightles Estate. The question of a foreman asphalter was also raised, and it was decided to ask Mr. W. Pleasance to meet the committee on the following Saturday. This he did and he was engaged by the Council at 27s. per week, his duties to commence on March 18th.

SEWAGE WORKS – It will be remembered that when the Council intimated its intention to the Local Government Board to construct works for sewage disposal, and mentioning the Moncrieff system as the one likely to be adopted, that the central authority suggested some better known system. As a result of this, Mr. Edward Sharman was communicated with, with a view to ascertain his opinion as to the best method. Mr. Sharman now attended, and produced plans showing the process advocated by the Universal Sewage and Water Purification Co. (Ive’s patent), whose system, he believed, would be the best for Rushden to adopt. Only one tank would be required; there was no machinery, and the total cost of construction, fencing, etc., would be only £620, as against £3,300 outlay on the Moncrieff system, whilst the annual expenditure need be but about £50. The scheme was in successful working at Tamworth, Leek, and other places, and Mr. Sharman recommended its adoption by the Rushden Council. – After the plans had been explained in detail by Mr. Sharman, and discussed at length, the Council resolved to send them, with estimates, to the Local Government Board for approval.

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