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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th March 1952 , transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
M.P. May Intercede for Council
Timber refusal brings dilemma

A strange dilemma for Rushden Urban Council was disclosed at Wednesday’s meeting – with the enlargement of the Council Building already in progress, a timber licence has been refused by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

The clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) reported that when the scheme was approved it was assumed that the licence would be granted.

Councillor A. A. Allebone said he felt there had been a slip; the application for timber should have been made earlier.

It was agreed to ask Mr. G. S. Lindgren, M.P. to intercede at the Ministry.

A resolution from the Health Committee, regretting the County Council’s decision to close the Rushden day nursery and asking the Minister of Health to modify the County Council’s plan, was carried despite an explanation by Councillor Mrs. A. U. Muxlow, C.C.

Mrs. Muxlow said there were 120 children in the County Council’s three nurseries, but fewer than 20 necessitous cases had been found. In many cases both mother and father were working, and in some there was probably an income of £12 a week, but only 33 parents had replied to a letter asking for confidential information about their means. The cost per child was 35s a week and could not be subsidised where sufficient income existed. When the nursery was closed cases of special hardship would be watched and helped.

Bus Service

Asked for news of the proposed town bus service, Councillor E. J. Roe said the route had recently been discussed, but there was still no date fixed, the United Counties Omnibus Co. being short of drivers and conductors.

Councillor J. T. Richardson, questioned by Mr. Allebone said some of the garages built by the Council on the Irchester Road housing estate had not yet been rented out.

Wages of Council workmen were increased by 1½d an hour and will cost an additional £800 a year.

Hire of the Spencer Park cricket pitch is to cost 3s 6d for evening and 5s for Saturday games.

It was reported that the Ministry had approved the plans for the new types of three-bedroom houses in pairs, but that they did not regard as satisfactory the plans submitted for blocks of four houses.

The Clerk reported that five inquiries had been received as to any proposals of the Council for the sale of Council houses. The Housing Committee decided to defer consideration until it receives further information about the Government’s proposals.

Private Building

Licences for the erection of private houses were granted to Mr. R. E. Allen (Link Road site), Mrs. H. Groome (Link Road), Mr. A. C. Harris (Hall Avenue), Mr. W. H. Driver (Hall Avenue), Miss K. March (Park Avenue), and Mr. A. C. Astle (Harvey Road).

An application was received from the tenant of a prefabricated bungalow at South-fields, for permission to practise as a chiropodist/masseur, but the Housing Committee did not feel able to comply.

An improvement grant of £150 was made in respect of a bungalow in St. Margaret’s Avenue.

Licences for the temporary occupation of No. 96 High Street South, No. 8 Little Street and No 5 Rectory Road were renewed.

The Sanitary Inspector (Mr. H. Ellis) reported upon the condition of No. 5 Bedford Road, a sub-committee was appointed to inspect the premises.

No Claim

As there appeared to be no person claiming ownership of vacant land in Blinco Road, the Housing Committee were of the opinion that the site should be acquired by the Council for housing purposes. The clerk was asked to prepare a compulsory purchase order.

A letter from a resident in Purvis Road maintaining that the roots of a tree in the street were causing serious interference with the pavements, and requesting re-consideration of the Council’s previous decision, was received. The Highways Committee decided to take no action.

The Library Committee decided to add the St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s church magazines to the reading room stock.

Although conceding that County Court work from the Rushden area had increased since 1944, a letter from the Lord Chancellor’s Department stated that the work was still not of sufficient volume to justify the expense which would be incurred in re-opening the Rushden office. It was suggested that the distance and travelling facilities between Rushden and Wellingborough compared very favourably with the circumstances in comparable districts.


Building plans were as follows: Site plan for bungalow and garage, Wellingborough Road, Mrs. M. Shrive; alterations to No. 5 Bedford Road, Mr. W. J. Watkins; new shop fascia, 83 High Street, Wm. Timpson Ltd.; bathroom, 58 Newton Road, Mr. W. J. Perch; chimney flue, 105 St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. T. Turner; brick porches, 128 and 130 Hall Avenue, Messrs. F. Long and R. Miller; alterations to premises, Carnegie Street, Wilkins and Denton Ltd.; bathroom, 20 Cromwell Road, Mr. A. H. Reynolds; house and garage, Harvey Road, Mr. F. C. Astle; bungalow, Quorn Road, Mr. R. Burnett; bathroom, 4 York Road, Mr. C. W. Coles; bungalow, Hall Avenue, Mr. G. R. Corby.

Members present were Councillors C. G. Faulkner (chairman), J. Allen (Vice-chairman), Mrs. W. M. Lean, E. J. Roe, A. A. Allebone, E. E. Newell, A. H. Bailey, W. J. Keller, F. E. Brown, W. E. Capon, Mrs. A. U. Muxlow, J. H. J. Paragreen, H. Waring, E. A. Sugars, J. T. Richardson and W. J. Sawford. Apologies for absence were received from Councillors A. H. Dickens and Mrs. A. Rowthorn.

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