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The Wellingborough News, 31st May, 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Thursday, May 30. – Present : Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), J. Claridge (vice-chairman), J. Spencer, G. H. Skinner, T. Bromage, J. S. Clipson, G. Denton, F. Knight, P. Cave, Thos. Wilmott, H. Brawn, A. Cave, G. S. Mason (clerk), W. Pare (surveyor), and J. Martin (inspector).

COMMITTEES – The Clerk reported that at a meeting of the Plans and Water Committee plans were presented for two houses for Mr. G. Berry, on the Hayway; two houses for Mrs. Baines on the same road; two for Mr. F. Miller, in Station-road; one for Mr. F. Barlow in Essex-street; six for Mr. G. Evans in Griffith-street; new shop for Mr. A. Ashby in High-street; and a villa residence for Mr. G. H. Groome, in a field adjoining the Hayway, which were passed, the latter subject to certain alterations. – At a meeting of the Highway Committee, Messrs. Cave and Sons applied for the posts in Higgins-lane to be removed, which was granted.

THE CASES OF OVERCROWDING – The Inspector informed the Board that the cases of overcrowding reported at the last meeting had been remedied; and while the Board were discussing the subject Mr. Claridge mentioned another case in Washbrook-road, where he said 14 people were residing in one house – 8 persons being lodgers. This also was referred to the Inspector.

DEFECTIVE CLOSET PAILS – The Inspector enquired as to the course he should take in reference to defective closet pails, and he was informed that in such cases he should bring some notice on the owners of the property affected.

SEWAGE WORKS – A letter was read from the Local Government Board giving consent to the borrowing of £2,500 for the purchase of land for sewage works, and £10,000 for sewage works proper, the sanction of the Board being given on condition that if one tank was found insufficient, a second one should be added. – The Chairman said it was now a question as to whether they should undertake the responsibility of this work, or whether they should only do part of it. Personally he favoured the idea that the Council should ask Mr. E. Sharman to visit them, and give them the benefit of his advice. – Mr. Cave favoured this view, and Mr. Claridge also advocated the same course, and moreover, that it should be let out by contract. – Mr. Spencer suggested that the matter should be adjourned, and that if possible the work should be done by the town. – Ultimately the matter was deferred, it being understood that Mr. Sharman be communicated with as soon as possible.

PICHTLES AND CEMETERY FENCES – The Cemetery and Highways Committee reported that they had made an arrangement with Messrs. Knight and Bradfield, as owners of the Pightles Estate, by which in consideration of the Council giving up to them, for road purposes, a strip of ground towards the south of Pightles Terrace, varying in width from 4ft. to 8ft. 6in., and undertaking not to require them to construct any footpath on the south side of the roadway fronting Pightles Terrace, Messrs. Knight and Bradfield agree to give up to the council a strip 4ft. in width on the cemetery side of the hedge between the said Pightles Terrace and Newton-road, and further agree to give a building-line four feet from the said hedge, the Council undertaking to maintain the hedge or fence throughout the entire length of the cemetery property from Park-road to Newton-road. – The report of the Committee was adopted.

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