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The Rushden Echo, 6th & 20th May, 1898, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

A Few Cases of Scarlet Fever
The Smell from The Ventilating Shafts
The Year’s Finances

The Council met on Wednesday night in the Vestry-hall. There were present – Messrs. John Claridge (chairman), F. Knight (vice-chairman), G. Miller, T. Swindall, G. Fountain, B. Mortimer, J. Spencer, G. Denton, W. H. Brawn, W. H. Wilkins, and G. H. Skinner, with Mr. G. S. Mason (clerk), Dr. Owen (medical officer), Mr. J. B. Martin (inspector), and Mr. Madin (surveyor).


The following minutes of the committee meeting were passed:-

Plans. – The Plans Sub-committee reported that they had considered the amended plan for Messrs. John Cave and Sons, Limited, for six lock-up shops, offices, stores, &c., in High-street; passed, subject to a staircase being constructed from the second to the first floor. Mr. J. Northern presented plans for house, shop, lock-up shop, and offices in High-street; rejected through insufficient air space in the rear and encroaching on the footpath. An amended plan from Mr. Northern was subsequently passed. Mr. J. Crook’s plan for house on Oakley-road was passed.

Contravention of Bye-Laws. – The Surveyor reported that Mr. E. Wrighton and Mr. C. G. Ward had contravened the bye-laws by occupying premises without obtaining certificates of completion.

Infringement. – Mr. Harry Knight attended with reference to an infringement of the law by bringing out a portion of a building in Newton-road beyond the front main wall on the adjoining buildings. Mr. Knight promised to remove the projection.

Steam Pump and Boiler at the Waterworks. – The Chairman reported that Mr. Clipson’s price for a Tangye’s pump capable of lifting 7,000 gallons of water per hour was £30, and for a similar pump capable of lifting 5,000 gallons £25. It was resolved to purchase the one at £30. The meeting accepted Mr. Smith’s offer to let the Council his steam boiler on hire for £1 a week with the option of purchase within one month for £30, less amount of previous hire.

Pightles Estate. – The Surveyor was instructed to proceed as soon as possible with the work of completing the roads on the first portion of this estate.


It was decided to take proceedings against defaulters to the extent of £8 1s.

In answer to Mr. Spencer, Mr. Wilkins said the rates were regarded as irrecoverable if there was no beneficial occupation of building land.

Medical Officer’s Report

Dr. Owen reported – “There are three families where children have scarlet fever and several where there are cases of measles. All necessary precautions are being taken against its spread, and parents are cautioned against letting their children mix with others. Isolation has to be carried out as far as it is practicable.”

The Inspector said there was one case of scarlet fever in Alfred-street, one in North-street, and three cases in one house in Wellingborough-road, Washbrook-road and Station-road.

Dr. Owen : The general health of the town is satisfactory.

The Inspector said he had received complaints regarding the smell from the sewerage ventilation shafts in the streets. It would be a good thing if the Council could utilize some of the waste water from the brook. Thousands of gallons were running away waste every day, and this would be very serviceable for flushing the sewers.

The Chairman : That would raise another question.


Considerable time was spent over the year’s accounts. The Clerk stated that the expenses on the main roads for the previous year were £733 5s. 9d. This year they were about £300 more, viz., £1,079 7s. 7d. on the ordinary repairs. This had to be debited to the County Council accounts.

The waterworks accounts have been very satisfactory during the year, the receipts from all sources having been £2,319 18s. 5d.

Mr. Brawn : The revenue from the water is about £400 more than last year?

The Clerk : Yes.

Mr. Skinner asked if there was any chance of reducing the expenses on the scavenging carts this year.

The Chairman said they hoped to be able to do so.

The Clerk said the balance at the end of the year £2,006. Last year it was £2,067.

It was left with the Clerk to get the accounts printed as early as possible.

This Year’s Expenses

It was announced that the Council had just spent the 4s. rate during the year.

20th May 1898

Mr. John Claridge presided on Wednesday evening, when there were also present Messrs. F. Knight (vice-chairman), W. H. Brawn, T. Swindall, G. Miller, W. H. Wilkins, G. Fountain, J. Spencer, B. Mortimer, G. Denton, and G. H. Skinner, with Mr. G. S. Mason (clerk), Mr. W. B. Madin (surveyor), and Mr. J. B. Martin (inspector).


The Committee reported that plans were presented by Mr. J. Bailey, Little-street, for two houses in Washbrook-road and passed subject to alterations; the School Board, amended plan for infants’ school in Newton-road and passed; Mrs. M. Stapleton for three houses in Denmark-road and rejected for block plan to be submitted; Mr. B. Mortimer for two houses in Harborough-road and passed; Mr. C. G. Cunnington for additions to factory in Denton’s-lane and rejected for block plan to be produced; Mr. Fred Cave for Coach-house and stable in wood and iron respectively and rejected as not complying with the bye-laws.


The Sanitary Inspector reported the block of a drain on Rushden-hill belonging to Mr. Symonds. It was more than a fortnight since he wrote to the agent, who hade never answered his note. On Tuesday morning he (the inspector) wired to the agent, and that night he received a card stating that the agent thought Mr. Swindall had received an order to do the work. He (the inspector) found that Mr. Swindall had received no order. “Perhaps they are acting,” said the inspector, “on the Turkish principle – Don’t do to-day what you can put off until to-morrow.” (Laughter.)

The Council ordered that the nuisance be abated within seven days.

The Cost of The Election

The Chairman reported that the cost of the last election was £24 4s 1d, which was less than last year and £8 less than the first election.


were signed for various accounts, including one for £307, for Messrs. Timmins, the contractors for the boring at the trial well.

Water Rights

The Council approved of an agreement with Lady Wantage as to the water rights.


for pipes for the sewerage works were received and submitted to Messrs. Claridge, Swindall, Fountain, and Madin (surveyor) for acceptance.

For making a culvert (about 35 yards) from the railway bridge to the sewerage works, the following tenders were received:-

Labour only

Labour and mortar

Mr. Sparrow   

8s. 6d per yard

17s. 3d

Mr. C. E. Bayes 

4s.  per yard

7s. 6d

Mr. R. Marriott



Mr. T. Wilmott

4s. per yard

7s. 9d

Mr. Sparrow, it was thought, must have included materials in his tender.

On the motion of Mr. Knight, seconded by Mr. Brawn, Mr. Marriott’s tender was accepted.


The owners of property on the Wellingborough-road, beyond the Oakley, wrote asking that a path might be made in front of the houses now completed and that three gas lamps might be put down that road. The application was referred to the committee to consider.

Notifying Infectious Diseases

A letter was received from the Health Committee of the County Council calling attention to the fact that Rushden has not yet adopted the Notification of Infectious Diseases Act, 1889, and urging the desirability of doing so.

Messrs. Claridge, Denton, and Wilkins were requested to draw up a reply giving the reasons why, in the opinion of the Urban Council, it is not desirable to adopt the Act in this district.

Arches for The Show

A letter was received from Mr. Ashdowne, hon. secretary to the local committee of the county agricultural show, asking for permission to open up the roads for the erection of three arches between the station and Wymington-road on the occasion of the show.

Consent was given.

Contravention of The Bye-Laws

The Surveyor reported that Mr. E. Wrighton had apologised for occupying his house without obtaining a certificate of completion. Mr. Madin found the house quite satisfactory and had now granted the certificate.

It was decided to call the attention of Dr. Owen to the fact that he had contravened the bye-laws through one of his recently erected cottages being occupied without a certificate of completion.

With reference to an infringement by Mr. C. G. Ward, the Plan Sub-Committee recommended that, unless the required air space be supplied within seven days, proceedings be taken against Mr. Ward for erecting a building without providing air space as required by the bye-laws and as shown on the plans submitted to the Council and passed.

This was carried.

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