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The Rushden Echo, 18th May 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night there was present Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, J. Spencer, J. S. Clipson, W. Bazeley, G. Fountain, W. H. Wilkins, Paul Cave, G. Miller, T. Swindall, and G. H. Skinner, with Mr. G. S. Mason (clerk), and Mr. W. B. Madin (surveyor).

Sewage Farm Committee

The Sewage Farm Committee met at the Farm on May 1st. Present: Mr. G. H. Skinner, Mr. Swindall and Mr. Bazeley.

Mr. Skinner was elected Chairman.

The Committee with the Surveyor inspected the new Filtration Beds which have just been completed and expressed themselves satisfied with the way the works had been carried out.

It was decided to let the land not yet under sewage treatment by tender in 2 lots viz.

Lot 1 – The large field for grazing until Christmas next.

Lot 2 – The land adjoining the tanks for mowing and grazing till Christmas next.

And also to sell the Lucerne by tender.

The Surveyor was instructed to advertise for tenders.

This Committee again met on May 10th Present: Mr. Skinner, Mr. Swindall, and Mr. Bazeley. Tenders were received. Lot 1 was let to Mr. Mortimer for £12 and the Lucerne sold to him for the season at 1/- per pole. The letting of Lot 2 was held over for further consideration.

The letting and sale were made on the condition prepared by the Surveyor.

Plans, Etc., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highway, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 2nd May, 1900: Present, Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), P. Cave, W. H. Wilkins, J. Claridge, W. Bazeley, J. S. Clipson, and Tom Swindall.


were presented by:-

Mr. G. O. Moon for two cottages in Queen-street and passed subject to proper ventilation to the w.c. being provided.

Messrs. Rice and Rootham for two house in Portland-road and passed subject to plan showing section of wall over passage being provided to the satisfaction of the Surveyor.

Mr. Frank Denton for house in Queen-street and passed.

Mr. Wm. Green for two closets in Green’s Yard and passed.

Messrs. Cunnington Bros., for additions to factory in Crabb-street and Park-road and passed subject to the following modifications: The walls between the columns to be 18 inches thick and other walls on ground floor including walls of conveniences, to be 14 inches thick: the manure pit to be provided with a cover and to have no connection with sewer: a manhole to be provided where siphon shown on plan and a vent shaft to be provided at upper end of drain: the hood over door in Crabb-street not to project more than 6ins. in any portion and the brackets not more than 1½ inches: an additional stair case to be provided in an approved situation.

Iron Buildings

The Surveyor reported that he had received two letters from purchasers on the Rushden Court Estate, asking under what conditions they would be allowed to erect residences in the nature of bungalows in iron. The Surveyor was instructed to call the writers’ attention to the bye laws, and state that plans submitted in compliance therewith would be considered.

Street Lighting

It was resolved that the street lamps be taken down on Saturday next, with the exception of those in the High-street between Wymington-road and the Station which are to remain until June 1st.

Water Cart

The following tenders were received:

200 gallons 250 gallons







Geo. Rowe and Sons with pump and hose.    







W. Smith & Sons pump £2 extra and best 2 ins. section
hose with union and strainer 2/3 per foot.  







W. Glover & Sons pump 16ft 2in suction hose with screw
union and galv. Strainer £4 10s extra.







T. Baker and Sons 







The Bristol Waggon and Carriage Co. Ltd.   







E. H. Bagley and Co. Ltd. 







The committee, after inspection of the illustrations accompanying the tenders, were of opinion that Messrs. Glover’s cart was the most suitable one, and recommend the Council to accept that firm’s tender for a 250 gallon cart at the price of £30 10s.

Road Materials

The Surveyor was instructed to advertise in the “Contract Journal” for tenders for granite and slag for the current year. The tenders to be in for the next meeting of this committee

Steam Roller

The draft agreement with Messrs. Aveling and Porter, Ltd., for the purchase of the steam roller was read and approved.

Wooden Buildings

It was resolved to recommend the Council to require Mr. Abel Brown to show cause why a wooden building used as a stable situate immediately at the rear of and adjoining his dwelling-place in Pytchley-road should not be removed.

The Chairman said the recommendation with regard to street lighting was made in consequence of the growth of the town, and it was thought advisable not to have the High-street in darkness.

The Surveyor stated that the steam roller was working satisfactorily.

The report was adopted.

Wooden and Iron Buildings

A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held at the Vestry Hall on Friday, 7th May, 1900: Present, Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (in the chair), J. Claridge, W. Bazeley, P. Cave, and J. S. Clipson.

The question of the erection of wooden and iron buildings engaged the attention of the Committee for a considerable time.

The Committee were unanimously of opinion that the Council must exercise more effective control over the erection of these buildings and that for this purpose the Council should in future insist that no buildings of such a nature be allowed unless plans for the erection be first submitted to the Council.

It was resolved to recommend the Council to order an advertisement to this effect to be inserted in the local papers.

The Chairman thought that the only way to deal with those very vexed questions was to have plans for all buildings of the sort submitted as was done in the case of houses. He believed that course was adopted at Kettering and it would no doubt relieve a lot of friction. He thought the committee’s recommendation a very wise one.

The report was unanimously adopted.

Finance, etc., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 9th May, 1900: Present, Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton, J. Spencer, G. Fountain, G. Miller G. H. Skinner, and John Claridge.

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Medical and Sanitary Officers’ Reports

The following report from the Medical Officer was received:-

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen.

There have been five cases of infectious diseases reported since my last report – three of scarlet fever, two of membranous croup, one of which (a child 3 years of age) died three days after. I visited the houses and could find nothing at all likely to cause the disease. I was informed the two families were friends and the children were together after one had been ill. The first case was reported on April 23rd. Upon calling at the house I found no one at home and was informed by the next door neighbour that the child had been ill for some time but was recovering and was out on April 23rd. (the day it was reported). Considering there is no essential difference between membranous croup and diphtheria the child ought not to have been allowed to mix with others for at least four weeks. The only wonder is that more cases have not occurred. Your Inspector informs me that both houses have been fumigated, and every precaution taken to prevent a further spread.

I beg to call your attention to a farmyard between Griffith Street and Co-operative Row where manure has been accumulating and on being removed causes an intolerable nuisance. The manure ought to be removed once a week.

I remain, Gentlemen,
Your obediently,
Fred H. Morris, M.D.

The Inspector was instructed to call Mr. Smith’s attention to the latter paragraph of the report and request that the nuisance be not repeated.

The Inspector informed the committee that all reported cases had been visited by him and precautions taken to prevent spread of the disease. He had also fumigated six houses.

The Inspector also reported that on visiting a wooden building erected in a garden belonging to the house occupied by Mr. Abel Brown in Oakley Road he found the same being used as a place for the habitual employment of a number of persons engaged in heel building. At the time of his visit 6 persons were so employed.

The Committee considered the case a serious one and required immediate attention. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Brown requiring him forthwith to cease using the building for the purpose of employment. In default of compliance with this request the committee recommended that he be called upon to show cause why the building should not be removed.

Dust Cart

Tenders were received for a covered dust cart but the team labour contracts for the year inclusive of carts having been already made the committee do not recommend the purchase of a cart this year.


The plan for the erection of the urinal was considered. It was decided to order same from Messrs. Macfarlane in accordance with their illustration and specification at a cost of £46. To be four stands and porcelain enamel fire clay backs. The total cost, including erection, the committee estimate at £60.


The committee agreed to meet at the cemetery at an early date as to setting out further ground for burial purposes.

Succoth Place

The Surveyor was instructed to extend the sewer up Succoth-place about 25 yards towards Rectory Road and fix a ventilator upon Mrs. Margetts’ cottage.

The Clerk said Mr. Brown had written apologising for unwittingly breaking the Council’s rules and saying he would submit a plan for a proper brick and slated building. Since then a plan had been submitted to the Surveyor.

The report was adopted.


The Clerk reported that the balance in hand on the General Account was £2854 6s 10d.

An application by Mr. Geo. Chettle for a renewal of his horse slaughtering licence was acceded to.

The secretary to the Fire Brigade (Mr. G. R. Turner) sent in a report with regard to the recent fire at Podington. The estimated damage to the tenant’s property was £180 and to the owner’s property £30. It was supposed that the stacks were set on fire by a boy.

A Memorial

was received from owners of land and residents in Alfred-street, laying before the Council a complaint with regard to the noise caused by a gas engine in the street and praying for an abatement of the nuisance.

The matter was referred to the Sanitary Committee.

The Proposed Bathing Place

The Chairman, in reply to a question by Mr. John Claridge, said the committee appointed by the Council to deal with this subject had attended with the Higham Ferrers Committee at the Wharf and had also visited the Locks. The authorities at Higham, however, moved slowly, they were informed, and though negotiations were in progress with Mr. Fitzwilliam regarding the site which was considered most suitable, no reply had yet been received from him.

The Waterworks

The Chairman reported that the work at the Bedford-road well had been stopped. The machinery had broken down through the breaking of a spur wheel and the work would be delayed nearly a week.

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