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The Wellingborough News, 9th May 1902, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The monthly meeting of the Rushden Urban Council was held in the Vestry Hall on Wednesday evening. Mr. George Denton, C.C., occupied the chair, and there were also present: Messrs. J. S. Clipson, W. H. Wilkins, F. Knight, J. Claridge, C.C., F. Ballard, T. Swindall, W. Bazeley, J. Spencer, C. Bates, J. Hornsby, Jack Green, and G. S. Mason (clerk).

Proposed Memorial

An application was received from a committee formed for the purpose of erecting a memorial to the memory of Charles R. Bettles and A. Ellis, who died when on active service as hospital orderlies in South Africa, asking the consent of the Council to the erection of such a memorial on a suitable site in the cemetery. The Cemetery Committee recommended the Council to accede to the application, and the Chairman, with Mr. Claridge, were appointed to meet the committee for the purpose of selecting the site. – Approved.

Education Bill

A copy of this Bill having been received from the secretaries to the Urban District Councils’ Association, with a request that they might be favoured with any remarks this Council might have to make thereon, and the same having been referred to the committee of the whole Council, it was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. Spencer, that the following resolution be recommended to the Council for adoption, viz.: “That this Council do protest against the Education Bill now before Parliament, believing that School Boards as at present constituted the best education authority. – The Chairman proposed that the resolution be adopted. – This was seconded by Mr. J. Spencer, and carried unanimously. – A circular letter from the Levanshulme Urban District Council relating to the Bill was received, asking the Council to join with them in endeavouring to obtain the amendment of Section 1 of the Bill by providing that Councils of urban districts with a population of over 10,000 should be the local education authority under the Act. The committee having passed the foregoing resolution, felt indisposed to adopt any resolution having for its object the amendment of a Bill to which they were so entirely opposed, and therefore made no recommendation to the Council to take any steps for the purpose indicated in the circular, and the clerk was instructed to reply to the Levanshulme Urban District Council accordingly.

Proposed Isolation Hospital

Mr. J. S. Clipson reported that the delegates of the Council attended the meeting at Higham Ferrers convened for the purpose of considering the question of a joint Isolation Hospital for Higham, Rushden, Irthlingborough, Finedon, and Raunds. Mr. Parker presided, and the county medical officer (Dr. Paget) explained the proposal, showing to the satisfaction of those present that a joint hospital would be preferable to each authority acting separately. A rate of 3½d. in the £ would probably suffice if the authorities united, whilst 6d. in the £ would be required if acting separately. A hospital for thirty beds would cost about £12,000, and the cost of maintenance would be from £600 to £700 per annum, half of which would be paid by the County Council. Mr. Claridge proposed a resolution to the effect that the places represented formed a suitable area for the erection of a joint Isolation Hospital, and that those present pledged themselves to bring the matter before their respective Councils, and report to a future conference. – Mr. J. Claridge supplemented Mr. Clipson’s report, and hoped that the Council would give instructions to their delegates in view of the next meeting. – Mr. Wilkins asked if the cost of maintenance referred to was during the time of an epidemic, and the Clerk replied that the Kettering Hospital was practically full, and the cost was about £600. Mr. Clipson adding that the cost worked out at about £10 every thousand of the population. – In Response to a further question by Mr. Wilkins as to whether any particular form of disease was mentioned, Mr. Claridge said that typhoid was more particularly in view, though other diseases might be admitted. It would rest with the medical officer. Smallpox was not included. – Mr. Bazeley thought £12,000 seemed a tremendous outlay in providing thirty beds, and Mr. Claridge replied that Dr. Paget gave the figures of the Local Government Board. – Mr. Spencer thought that if a serious epidemic broke out the accommodation would not be sufficient to cope with it, though it might perhaps check its spread. – Mr. Hornsby asked if the district would have to bear the whole cost of the erection, and was answered in the affirmative. – Mr. Spencer proposed that the matter be referred to the Sanitary Committee, together with the medical officer, but, on the suggestion of the Chairman, proposed the committee of the whole Council. – This was seconded by Mr. Clipson, and carried.

The New Water Bill

The Clerk reported that the Water Bill promoted by a joint board of the Rushden and Higham Councils had passed through the House of Lords practically without alteration, and would probably be law before Whitsuntide. – The Council then went into committee on the Water Bill.

09 May 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Urban Council Meeting (extracts)

The application of the labourers employed by the hour for an increase in the rate of pay from 4½d. to 5d. was agreed to.

The Surveyor was requested to prepare a report for the next meeting as to the construction of public lavatories at a site on the Green, and at the same time to submit an approximate cost.

At a joint meeting to consider the proposal of establishing a joint isolation hospital for Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Raunds, and Finedon, it was stated that it would be advantageous for them to work jointly, as it would only cost them a 3d. or 3½d. rate, whereas working separately it would entail a 6d. rate. Roughly speaking the hospital would cost £12,000, and there would be provision for 30 beds. – to meet again in a month.

Application for the purpose of erecting a memorial to the memory of the late Charles R Bettles and A. Ellis, who died on active service as hospital orderlies in South Africa. Agreed.

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