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The Rushden Echo, 15th May, 1903, Transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night there were present Messrs. J. Claridge (chairman), J. S. Clipson, F. Knight, G. Denton, C. Bates, W. H. Wilkins, T. Swindall, W. Bazeley, F. Ballard and J. Hornsby, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason) and the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin).

Plans, &c. Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Water, Highways and Lighting Committee was held at the Vestry Hall, on Wednesday the 29th April, 1903, when there were present:- Messrs. John Claridge, J. S. Clipson, W. Bazeley, J. Spencer, F. Ballard, F. Knight, and W. H. Wilkins.


Upon the proposition of Mr. Wilkins, seconded by Mr. Knight, Mr. John Claridge was appointed chairman of this committee for the ensuing year.


It was resolved that the following sub-committees be appointed, viz.:-

Lighting Committee:- The Chairman, with Messrs. Knight, Wilkins, and Bazeley.

Water Committee:- The Chairman, with Messrs. Clipson, Ballard, and Spencer.

It was also resolved that each sub-committee meet once in six weeks previous to the meeting of the General Committee.


were presented by:-

Mr. J. Northern (amended plan) for addition to his factory in John-street and passed.

Mr. Stephen Sears for house in Upper Queen-street and passed.

Mr. Wm. Whitney for house on the Rushden Court Estate and passed.

Building Report

The surveyor reported that on inspection of the house recently erected by Mr. J. Sutton on the Rushden Court Estate he found that the plans passed by the Committee had not been adhered to with regard to the chimneys and the thickness of the walls of the out-buildings. It appeared from information received by the Surveyor that the amendments to the plans originally presented, which were made by Mr. Sutton’s architect, had not been communicated to the builder, hence the infringement. The surveyor was instructed to confer with Mr. Sutton with regard to the necessary alterations required for the chimneys and require him to make the walls of the out-buildings the proper thickness.

College Street

Correspondence between the Clerk and Messrs. Cave and the late Chairman and Messrs. Cave was read. Messrs. Cave expressed themselves satisfied with the street being made with asphalted paths provided their contribution did not exceed £150.

The Surveyor submitted a third estimate showing the apportionment of Messrs. Cave to be about the figure named. It was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to again communicate with the owners suggesting that the expense of making the street under the Private Street Works Act should be dispensed with and informing them that if they would agree to the payment of the following amounts the committee would recommend the Council to at once undertake the work:-




Messrs. Cave




Mrs. Higgins




Mrs. Bradfield




School Board




Siding Accommodation

A letter was received from the General Manager of the Midland Railway Company stating that his Directors would agree to provide the proposed siding in accordance with the plan already submitted and grant the use of it for a period not less than 20 years subject to a proviso that in the event of the Company requiring to disturb or alter the siding during that period in consequence of alterations to the railway, they should be entitled to do so on providing substituted siding accommodation for that interfered with. The General Manager further pointed out that the estimated cost of carrying out the work was £523 but the actual expenses incurred would be charged to this Council whether the amount comes to less or more than the figure mentioned. The committee considered the terms satisfactory and the Clerk was instructed to communicate with Mr. Wilmott with a view to ascertaining the exact price of the land proposed to be acquired from him to enable the Surveyor to prepare a full estimate of the total expenses of the siding when completed.

Public Lighting

It was resolved that the street lamps with the exception of those in High-street between Wyldes’ farm and the Hayway be taken down after May 14th, 1903. With regard to the lamps between Wyldes’ farm and the Hayway the committee recommend that they do not be taken down at present and that the Surveyor be authorised to continue to have lighted such as be might consider desirable.

Main Roads

The Clerk submitted a draft agreement which he had received from the County Council. The committee considered the agreement satisfactory except with regard to the provisions for payment on account; these provide for payment of 25 per cent. of the agreed sum in July, a further 25 per cent. in October and the balance as soon after the 31st March following as the County Council Surveyor should have certified the roads as satisfactory. It was pointed out that this might mean that the balance for the year ending 31st March amounting to 50 per cent. of the year’s expenditure might not be paid until the following October and the Clerk was instructed to ask that the agreement might be so altered that a further 25 per cen. at least might be paid in the month of April.

Higham Hill Sewer

The Surveyor reported that he had experienced considerable difficulty in making the connection with the Higham sewer and he found that in order to do so it would be necessary to take up and re-lay the storm water drain for some little distance. He had obtained the consent of the Higham authorities and now required the instructions of the Committee. The additional expense would be about £10. The Committee instructed the Surveyor to proceed with the work.

Water Cart

The sub-committee reported that they had considered the estimates received from the various firms and recommended the purchase of a cart of 350 gallons capacity from Messrs. Smith and Son, of Barnard Castle, at the price of £42.

It was resolved to recommend the Council to accept this recommendation.

Mr. Swindall said he did not see what advantage they would derive from the proposed siding.

Mr. Denton thought it would be apparent that the Council would effect a great saving. At present they had to hire a yard for storage and then cart the stone again from it. If they had a siding, they could load the carts direct from the trucks.

Mr. Swindall said he had looked into the matter and had come to the conclusion that they would save £35 and spend £70.

Mr. Wilkins thought the proper time to raise the question was when the committee’s report was complete.

Mr. Denton thought it was unfortunate to raise the question just then. The Council were practically committed to the proposal, having purchased land near the railway.

Mr. Swindall did not see that the Council were committed to the siding by the purchase of the land, for it was well worth their while to buy the land, whether they had a siding or not.

The report was adopted.

Finance, Etc., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Estates, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, the 6th May, 1903, when there were present:- Messrs. John Claridge, J. S. Clipson, C. Bates, Geo. Denton, and T. Swindall.


Upon the proposition of Mr. Bates, seconded by Mr. Swindall, Mr. J. S. Clipson was appointed chairman of this committee for the ensuing year.


It was resolved that the following sub-committees be formed, viz.:-

Estate and Farm Committee:- The Chairman of this Committee, with Messrs. J. Claridge, T. Swindall, J. Hornsby, and A. Mantle.

Cemetery Committee:- The Chairman of this Committee, with Messrs. John Claridge, C. Bates, and Geo. Denton.

Surveyor’s Cash Account

The Committee examined the Surveyor’s cash account with the wages books, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-




Week ending 10th April




Week ending 17th April




Week ending 24th April




Week ending 1st May




Treasurer’s Receipts

The Treasurer’s Account was examined from which it appeared that the following sums had during the past four weeks been paid to him by the under-mentioned persons on the following account:-




April 25th, Newberry – Rent of Oak pits




Treasurer’s Balances

The Committee examined the Treasurer’s books and found that the following balances were in his hands on the under-mentioned accounts:-




General Account




Loan Account No. 16








Tradesmen’s and Other Accounts

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Health and Sanitary Reports

The Medical Officer called attention to a house in Perkins’-yard in a filthy state and at present unfit for habitation.

The Officer also reported that three cases of infectious disease had been notified since the last meeting, two of erysipelas and one of scarlet fever, all doing well.

He had also examined a sample of water sent to him by the Inspector and found it good, but recommended the well being cemented inside to prevent any future contamination.

The Sanitary Inspector reported that the cases of infectious disease notified were in Co-operative Row (scarlet fever), Rectory-road and Crabb-street (erysipelas).

With regard to the sample of water referred to by the Medical Officer, he had informed the owner of the result of the examination and advised him of the recommendation as to the well being cemented.

The Inspector further informed the Committee that he had made several visits to the factory of Mr. M. V. Burrows in Manton-road and had requested him to provide additional sanitary conveniences. He understood the work was now under consideration and that a builder had been called in.

The Inspector also called attention to a nuisance on Mr. Chas. Hewitt’s property arising from a privy midden which the Medical Officer had examined with him and expressed a strong opinion that it should be abolished.

With reference to the house in Perkins’-yard, the Clerk was instructed to at once give notice to the owner of the Medical Officer’s Report, and to require him to forthwith cleanse and purify the same.

The Committee instructed the Inspector to continue his attention to Mr. Burrows’ factory and report progress to the next meeting.

In the case of Mr. Chas. Hewitt the Inspector was instructed to serve him with notice requiring him to cleanse and fill in the midden and provide in place thereof either a suitable closet pail or properly constructed water closet.

Referring to the house in Perkins’-yard, the Chairman said the difficulty had been to get the people out of the house, but that difficulty had now been got over, because the tenants were in jail.

The report was adopted.

Watering the Streets

Mr. Bazeley expressed a hope that the town water would not be used for watering the roads this summer. It was very undesirable to draw upon the domestic supply.

Mr. Claridge said fortunately they were in a better position with regard to the supply than they had been for some time, but every care would be taken, no doubt, that there was no waste.

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