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Rushden Echo, 12th May, 1933, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Tribute to Local Ratepayers

  At the monthly meeting of the Rushden Urban District Council, on Wednesday, a petition was received from 59 tradesmen in the town, protesting against the recent ruling of the Council in respect of hanging shop blinds, and the matter was referred to the Highways Committee.

  Mr. L. Perkins paid a tribute to local ratepayers when it was revealed that the town had again incurred no bad debts, all the irrecoverable amounts, totalling £198, being accounted for.

  Several plans for new houses and factory alterations and additions were approved.

  Discussion took place with regard to the danger caused to traffic by the Washbrook-road triangle, following a letter from a local garage company.


Members Present

  The members present were Messrs. J. Spencer, J.P. (in the chair), C. W. Horrell, C.A., (vice-chairman), T. F. B. Newberry, J. Roe, A. Allebone, C.C., F. Green, J. Allen, W. E. Capon, L. Tysoe, L. Perkins, M.B.E., B.Sc., T. Swindall, A. Wilmott, G. W. Coles, J.P., J. Hornsby, J. T. Richardson, and W. C. Tarry, with the Clerk, Mr. G. S. Mason, the Assistant Clerk, Mr. W. L. Beetenson, the Surveyor, Mr. J. W. Lloyd, and the Sanitary Inspector, Mr. F. S. F. Piper.

  An apology for absence was received from Dr. D. G. Greenfield.


  On the recommendation of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee, plans were approved as follows:-

  Two houses in Griffith-street for Mr. W. J. Bunning; house in Prospect-avenue for Mrs. J. Ingram; house in Higham-road for Mr. A. R. Woolley; two houses in Fern-road for Mrs. M. M. Drabble; alteration and additions to 59, Roberts-street for Mr. E. Robinson; additions to factory in Fitzwilliam-street for Messrs. C. W. Horrell, Ltd.; additions to workshop at rear of 59, Newton-road for Messrs. Wadsworth Bros.; two houses in Newton-road for Messrs. T. Swindall and Sons.

Washbrook Road Triangle

  A letter was received from the Spencer Park Garage Co. calling attention to the difficulty that drivers of cars and other vehicles have in negotiating this very dangerous junction owing to the height of the privet hedges and various bushes in the triangle.

  The Surveyor was instructed to thin out the hedges and bushes.

  Mr. Perkins said he would like the Highways Committee to consider making a pathway through the triangle.  It was a very dangerous place indeed and they would be having an accident there some time.  There was a gate at one end and a further one at the other end was all that was needed.  He would ask the Highways Committee to consider the question at their next meeting.

  Mr. Allebone said that in view of a letter received by the surveyor from the County surveyor, he would suggest that the chairman, the chairman of the Highways Committee (Mr. Wilmott), Mr. Horrell and himself should view this spot and see what could be done.

  This was agreed.

Gravel Complaint

  Mr. Richardson said he had received complaints about the gravel on the footpaths following the County Council’s repairs on the Higham-road.

  Mr. Wilmott said he had heard complaints, but it appeared that there was only a little gravel wanted sweeping off.  He would suggest the owners swept it off if it was objectionable.

  Mr. Tysoe said the paths were six-feet wide and the odd bits had been filled up with gravel.

  Mr. Perkins: It might be beneficial to the shoe trade! (Laughter.)

Washbrook Road Allotments

  A letter was received from the secretary of the Allotment Society stating that at a recent meeting it was decided by a large majority not to proceed with the sewering of these allotments.

Electricity Orders

  A notice was received from the Rushden and District Electric Supply Co., Ltd., of their intention to lay a high tension cable in part of Church-street.

Factory and Workshop Acts

  The Clerk submitted a letter from Messrs. Robinson Bros. requesting the Council to inspect their factory with a view to giving a certificate that it was provided with sufficient and proper means of escape in case of fire.

  The Surveyor and Mr. Swindall were requested to inspect the factory and report to the next meeting of the Plans Committee.

St. Crispen Estate

  The Surveyor was instructed to prepare a plan and estimate for sewering this estate and submit to a future meeting of the Highways Committee.

Health Reports

  The report of the Health and Sanitary Committee stated that the report of the Medical Officer for the month of April was received, and that the Sanitary Inspector submitted his monthly report of the work of the sanitary department for the past month.

Milk and Dairies Orders

  An application was received from Mr. J. H. Cook to be registered as a cowkeeper and dairymen, and retail purveyor of milk in respect of his premises known as Eastfields Farm, Newton-road, and it was resolved that his name be placed on the registers.

Petroleum Acts

  An application was received from Mr. C. H. Scroxton, of 8, Portland-road, for a licence to store 500 gallons of petrol in an underground tank, with pump attached, at that address.  The tank had been tested to a pressure of 10 lbs. for four hours, and approved.

  The Council acceded to the application.

Dangerous Footpath

  The Inspector reported that he had inspected the footpath leading from Park-road to High-street South, and found the paving in a very defective and dangerous condition.

  Mr. Tysoe and the Inspector were appointed to visit the path and report to the next meeting of the Health and Sanitary Committee.

  Mr. Tysoe said he had visited the path and it was worn out and dangerous.

Rats and Mice Destruction Act

  A letter was received signed by five residents in Shirley-road appealing to the Council to take active steps to prevent a nuisance caused by rats, and stating that such rats were not definitely harboured on their premises.

  The Inspector was instructed to visit and inspect the premises concerned, with a view to the extermination of the pests, and for this latter purpose to employ the services of the Council’s usual rat-catchers.

  Mr. Tysoe said the Inspector had been and proved there were no rats where people said they were but he was doing all he possibly could to get to the bottom of the case.  A gentleman had called upon him and complained about the nuisance.


  The Cemetery sub-Committee were requested to take into consideration the question of the laying out of further land for burial purposes and report to the next meeting of the Health and Sanitary Committee.

  Mr. Tysoe said he would like to give an assurance to allotment holders next to the cemetery that ample notice would be given in the event of further land being required for the cemetery.

Memorandum of General Rate

  The Rates Clerk submitted the following memorandum of General Rate made the 12th day of October, 1932.




Amount of rate




Recoverable arrears of former rate




Supplemental list











Collected and banked




Collected in hand




Recoverable arrears








Allowances to owners




Irrecoverable arrears







  The Rates Clerk also submitted the following summary of the irrecoverable amounts:-




Unoccupied property




Property pulled down




Assessments reduced




Exempt, in service of Crown




New Properties, unfinished







  The Council agreed that these amounts be written off as irrecoverable.

  Mr. Perkins said he thought it was a remarkable thing that in a town like Rushden they got no bad debts, and did not lose anything in rates.  All the irrecoverable amounts were accounted for, and it was a matter of congratulation to the collectors and the ratepayers themselves.  In other towns people were often before the courts for non-payment of rates.

Loan Balances

  The Clerk submitted a letter from the Ministry of Health intimating that the Minister was unable to sanction the transference of Housing Loan balances to the General Account.

  The Finance Committee accordingly recommended to the Council that the Clerk be instructed to communicate with the mortgagees in connection with these and other loan balances, with a view to their accepting them in part payment of principal, and in the event of the non-acceptance by the mortgagees, that the Clerk be further instructed to invest such balances in Government stock. – This was agreed.

Council Loans

  The Finance Committee again had under consideration the question of interest at present paid on the various Council loans and adjourned the matter until the next meeting, when they hoped to be able to make a recommendation.

Rating Committee

  The Rating Committee’s report was adopted.

Assessment Committee

  On the proposition of Mr. Horrell, Messrs. Allebone and Green were re-appointed to represent the Council on the Wellingborough Area Assessment Committee.

Shopkeepers’ Petition

  The following memorial was received, signed by 59 shopkeepers of the town:

  “We, the undersigned tradesmen of Rushden, wish strongly to protest against the recent ruling made in respect to shop window flaps and sun blinds.

  “We should like to point out that this is the only way of protecting our goods, other than the lowering of the inside blinds, which would render our windows displays useless to us.

  “We contribute largely towards the rates of the town, and feel that we should be allowed to have full advantage of our windows.”

  The chairman suggested the matter be referred to the Highways Committee, and this was agreed.

  Mr. Coles said they should go into the matter thoroughly.  These persons were ratepayers and must be considered properly.

  Seconding the reference back, Mr. Roe said it would mean a month’s delay.  The memorial had been signed by a large number of people, and, though they had not asked him to sign, he had a certain amount of sympathy with them.  It was a difficult problem to prevent goods form being damaged by the sun, but it was not for the Council to tell the shopkeepers how to protect them, while it was their duty to see that no obstruction was placed on the pavement.  Some tradesmen had taken advantage of the leniency of the Council, though not a single member of the Council would desire to place any obstruction in the way of a tradesman displaying his goods.  He would, however, be obliged to support the recommendation of the Council.

Committee Chairmen

  The Committee’s minutes showed that the following chairmen had been elected:  Plans, Highways, and Lighting, Mr. A. Wilmott; Health and Sanitary, Mr. Tysoe; Finance and Estates, Mr. Allebone.


  The minutes of the annual meeting of the Council showed that the following committees had been appointed:

  Finance and Estates: Messrs. J. Spencer, A. Allebone, W. E. Capon, C. Claridge, F. Green, G. W. Coles, C. W. Horrell, J. Roe and T. Swindall.

  Health and Sanitary: Messrs. J. Spencer, J. Allen, D. G. Greenfield, J. Hornsby, T. F. B. Newberry, J. T. Richardson, T. Swindall, W. C. Tarry, and L. Tysoe.

  Plans, Highways and Lighting: Messrs. J. Spencer, A. Allebone, G. W. Coles, F. Green, J. Hornsby, C. W. Horrell, J. Roe, T. Swindall, and A. Wilmott.

  Housing: Messrs. J. Spencer, J. Allen, W. E. Capon, C. Claridge, D. G. Greenfield, T. F. B. Newberry, L. Perkins, J. T. Richardson, W. C. Tarry, and A. Wilmott.

  Baths, Parks, and Hall: Messrs. J. Spencer, A. Allebone, G. W. Coles, F. Green, D. G. Greenfield, C. W. Horrell, L. Perkins, J. Roe, L. Tysoe, and A. Wilmott.

  Rating and Valuation: Messrs. J. Spencer, W. E. Capon, C. Claridge, J. Hornsby, J. T. Richardson, J. Roe, T. Swindall, W. C. Tarry, and L. Tysoe.


  The Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee reported that they had appointed the following sub-Committees:

  Lighting and Fire Brigade: Messrs. A. Wilmott, J. Hornsby, and A. Allebone.

  Depot: Mr. G. W. Coles, with Mr. Swindall, representing the Health and Sanitary Committee.

  Sub-Committees appointed by the Health and Sanitary Committee were:

  Cemetery: Messrs. Tysoe, Allen, Hornsby, and Tarry.

  Farm: Messrs. Hornsby, Newberry, Richardson, and Swindall.

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