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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 13th May 1955, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Council says farewell to four past chairmen

Farewells to four past chairmen occupied much of the time at Wednesday’s meeting of Rushden Urban Council – the last meeting before the election.

The members who are not seeking re-election are Mr. Joseph Allen, “father” of the council with nearly thirty years service, including three as chairman; Mr. W. E. Capon (24 years, twice chairman); Mr. Horace Waring (19 years, once chairman); and Mr. Gus Allebone (nine years, once chairrman), who now lives at Stanwick.

The chairman, Mr. E. A. Sugars, said the townspeople appreciated the service given by all four. During his own time on the council no one but Mr. Allen had held the chairmanship three times.

Mr. Frank Brown said the four members had worked for many organisations other than the council and the town owed them a great debt of gratitude.

Ald. C. G. Faulkner and Mr. William Brown added tributes, and it was decided to record an appreciation of the service given by the four members.

Great Pleasure

Mr. Allen said that if he had been able to be of service to the town he was deeply grateful. It had been a great pleasure to serve the town in which he had lived close on fifty years, and he would particularly remember the generosity of the people and their voluntary service during the war.

Of the election, Mr. Allen said: “I take it that whoever is chairman next year will be able to welcome at least four new members. What other casualties there will be I dare not forecast.”

He added: “There is only one gentleman in this room who was here when I came. He should be an expert on council matters because he has been reporting them over thirty years.

Always Learning

Mr. Capon said he had enjoyed the work and his best thanks had been regular support from the electorate.

“My service has been most interesting,” said Mr. Waring, “and we are always learning, we have to learn the limitation of our authority and how to stand up to higher authorities.”

Mr. Allebone confessed: “I felt a bit sick when I came out tonight.”

A vote of thanks to Mr. Sugars was proposed by Mr. Capon and seconded by Mr. E. E. Newell.

Footpath repair delay ‘scandalous’

“Scandalous” delays between footpath repair operations in Rectory Road were denounced at Rushden Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Mr. A. H. Bailey said the paths had been left in a scandalous condition after the uprooting of the kerbs.

Mr. R. H. S. Greenwood, chairman of the Highways Committee put the blame on the contractors, whose original plans, he said, had not been fulfilled.

Mr. Frank Brown said that six council houses had been completed during the month, making 368 occupied on the Upper Queen Street estate, and 662 in all completed since the war, with 38 now under construction.

It was agreed to allocate 25 per cent of next years new houses for re-housing tenants from clearance areas.

Rents Going Up

In view of improvements now being carried out, the net rents of 30 houses in Oval Road and Trafford Road are to be increased from 11s to 13s 6d.

It is estimated that 50 per cent of Rushden’s temporary houses may be removed between 1960-65 and the rest between 1965-70.

The surveyor estimates that it would cost £4,500 to construct a sewer from land near Sanders’ Lodge. This will be discussed with the owners. Mrs. G. Marriott suggested that a water supply should also be considered as some cottages are drawing from wells which have been condemned.

The lamp standard in Bedford Road near the Compasses has been damaged again, and Mr. Greenwood said the Highways Committee is rather concerned by the dangerous bend in the road, and had asked the County Council if anything could be done about it.

‘Wicked To Wait’

In a letter, the county surveyor said he did not think the Ministry of Transport would approve the erection of advance warning signs south of the traffic lights, though he would be prepared to take the matter up if there was evidence that drivers tended to overrun the lights.

Mr. Waring: “It is wicked and ridiculous to wait for a fatality.”

Final approval of the Rectory Road widening was announced.

Following an offer by Rushden Temperance Society to bear the cost, it was agreed to install a modern drinking fountain in place of the old tap and basin near the War Memorial.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 20th May 1955

Seven new faces on Rushden Council - Tories Oust Socialists to Take Control

Mr B Gramshaw Mr A Allebone Mrs A Perkins Mr D Dickens Mrs D Shrive Mr E Pidd Mr C Norris
Mr B Gramshaw
Mr A Allebone
Mrs A Perkins
Mr D Dickens
Mrs D Shrive
Mr E Pidd
Mr C Norris

  With seven new members in its ranks, Rushden Urban Council will hold its annual meeting next Monday evening. The agenda includes the election of a chairman and a vice-chairman, and it is assumed that Mrs. A. Muxlow the outgoing vice-chairman will succeed to the chair.

  Conservatives control the council as the result of last Saturday’s election. They hold 11 seats, Labour 7, and Independent 2, against the previous balance of 10 Labour, 7 Conservatives, and 3 Liberals.

  Saturday’s results in brief (five elected in each ward) are given below:-

  North: Mrs. Marriott (Cons) 1025. Allebone (Cons) 1012. Norris (Cons) 979. Wills (Lab) 854. Griffith (Lab) 790. Green (Lab) 688. W. Brown (Lab) 653.

  South: Bailey (Cons) 988. Newell (Cons) 946. Freeman (Cons) 928. Dickens (Cons) 838. Mrs. Perkins (Cons) 765. Sykes (Lab) 649. Mrs. Dicks (Lab) 454.

  East: Mrs. Muxlow (Ind.) 1,209. Faulkner (Lab) 854. Sugars (Lab) 829. Gramshaw (Ind.) 710. Ginns (Lab) 691. Palmer (Ind.) 620. Mawson (Lab) 568.  

  West: F. Brown (Con) 974. Mrs. Lean (Con) 971. Greenwood (Lab) 736. Pidd (Con) 705. Mrs. Shrive (Lab 662. Marriott (Lab) 651. Mrs. Bazeley (Lab) 633.

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