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The Rushden Echo, 23rd May1965, transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Council wants to remain independent

Library Committee of Rushden Urban Council recommended on Wednesday that the council should inform the Secretary of State that it wishes to retain its power as an independent library authority.

The committee had noted that existing borough and urban library authorities are required to notify the Secretary of State if they wish to continue as library authorities.

The Secretary of State had expressed the hope that library authorities would allow persons outside the statutory categories to borrow from their libraries, and the committee concluded that it would present some administrative difficulties to differentiate between borrowers who live, work or study in the district and those who do not.


The committee felt that present charges could well be abolished, allowing free use of the library to all persons who want to make use of the service.

The committee also reviewed the age limit of 21 years below which a suitable guarantor must be obtained before the issue of borrowers’ tickets, and it was decided that this age limit should be reduced to 18 years.

The possibility of making arrangements for interchanges of books with other libraries was also considered.

It was decided that this should be kept under review in the light of further guidance which it was expected might be received from the Small Public Libraries Group.

Car park regulations

Rushden Urban Council members were told on Wednesday that the necessary public notices have been given of the council’s proposals for amending car park regulations and that no objection has been received.

At the meeting of the Highways and Planning Committee a report on current difficulties in obtaining delivery of standard road traffic signs was given.

The committee authorised arrangements to be made for temporary signs to be painted with particular reference to the proposed restrictions of the waiting time on the car parks in Rectory Road.

Rushden Council in Brief

With the agreement of the Ministry of Housing, the County Planning Officer has recommended that approval should be given of an application for roads and sewers for an industrial estate at Wellingborough-Northampton Roads, Rushden. This was reported at Wednesday’s meeting of the Urban Council.

The application has been made by Robert Marriott Ltd, Rushden, but it is pointed out that permission relates only to the layout for internal roads and sewers. Any proposed individual industrial buildings will have to be submitted as a separate application.

MP’s Letter

A letter from Mr. Harry Howarth, MP for the Wellingborough Division, dealt with a question he raised in the House of Commons on the proposed Rushden By-pass.

The Minister replied to Mr. Howarth on the lines that he was waiting for the results of an analysis of traffic before reaching a decision.


The County Education Committee’s decision not to have a school crossing patrol at the corner of Duck Street and College Street was based on the information that about forty motor vehicles and 15 cycles used College Street and Duck Street each hour at times when children were on their way to and from school.

The council asked for the statistics when the Education Committee turned down its request for a patrol at last month’s meeting.

The Highways and Planning Committee reports that it will pass the Education Committee’s decision, and the information on which it was based, to the parents of pupils at Alfred Street School, who originally petitioned for a crossing patrol.

Rushden Co-operative Society Ltd has offered to provide a television set for the common room at Kilburn House, the Council was told.


The housing committee had received a report from the contractors about the operation of the electrical heating at Kilburn Place, the old people’s accommodation site, and advising that the matter should be reviewed, if necessary, when particulars of the average consumption over a full heating season are available.

It was reported that costs incurred to date appeared to be reasonably in line with those which were estimated.

It was also reported that arrangements had been made for the thermostat controls in flats to be sealed so that they could not be altered by the tenants.


The treasurer, Mr. W. D. White, submitted a schedule giving particulars of the electricity charges incurred up to date, compared with the estimates provided when the scheme was adopted, and stated that the matter had been discussed with a representative of the Electricity Board.

The representative said that the arrangements could be made for tenants to pay accounts monthly, instead of quarterly, and also that the Electricity Board had directed attention to the fact that the heating was designed to provide for background heating at sixty degrees F.

It appears that some of the tenants have altered the thermostats to increase the temperature, instead of using radiant heaters to supplement the heating as required.


The committee decided that estimates should be obtained of the additional cost likely to be incurred if the thermostats were set to provide for background heating of 65 degrees F.

It was also decided that the views of tenants in the bungalows on the site should be obtained about the desirability of including a charge for the background heating as part of the weekly rent, as in the case of the flats with the intention that any such alterations might operate from September this year.


The Housing Committee told the council that a complaint had been received about the hedge at the rear of 81 Trafford Road.

The complaint had been investigated and the hedge had been layered.

Inquiries had been made into complaints concerning a dressmaking business alleged to be carried on at a flat in Gloucester Crescent and the committee was satisfied that no action was required.

The Public Health Committee reported on a meeting between the chairman of the committee, Mr. C. Freeman, and the police to deal with complaints about disturbances caused by customers visiting a snack bar and fish and chip shop in High Street South.

The police were fully informed about the complaints and were taking all action reasonably possible to deal with the matter.

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