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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 12th November & 10th December 1954, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Rectory Road may lose bottleneck

Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday turned down by nine votes to seven a Highway Committee proposal to call a conference to discuss a one-way traffic plan in view of the fact that Rectory Road – envisaged as a route for one of the traffic streams – may soon be cleared of its bottleneck.

One argument against the proposition was that the town, having agitated successfully for traffic lights, had not yet tried them out. On the other side, it was stated that High Street shopkeepers were losing trade because of the no-waiting regulations.

Following complaints by residents it was agreed to remove all the trees in Purvis Road, although some members pleaded for less drastic action.

Seven garages for letting are to be built by the council in Blinco Road.

A £2,000 plan for a car park on land already acquired in Duck Street was rejected.

Mrs. A. Muxlow thought that three council house tenants who, because their rooms were in good order, had reported that redecoration was not required, should be “credited” so that the work could be carried out as it became necessary.

The council gave its support to a petition from 35 residents asking for a footpath in Newton Road, at least from Avenue Road to Manor Farm. It is to be passed to the county surveyor.

The Highways Committee is calling the attention of the police to traffic dangers arising from car parking in Higham Road.

A new road leading from Hall Avenue will be called Manor Road.


The Rushden Echo and Argus, 10th December 1954

Council to ask for 120 houses in 1955

Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday accepted suggestions made by the rector of St. Mary’s Church (the Rev. I. E. Douglas-Jones), on behalf of the clergy and ministers of Rushden, for improvements to the furnishing of the cemetery chapel.

The suggestions were approved in principle and an estimate of the cost is to be prepared.

The council was told that the housing committee had decided to apply for a housing allocation of £120 for 1955, after consideration of a Ministry letter hinting that claims should be kept down.

The council learned that the traffic lights for the church crossroads had arrived. After they have operated for six months the highways committee will review the question of High Street traffic arrangements.

Calling for a conference of local councils on what he called the inadequate and unreliable services from the United Counties Omnibus Company, Mr. A. Green promised to submit evidence in support of any organised complaint. His question was referred to the committee.


The scheme for garages at Fosse Green was deferred, but other group-garage schemes already planned are going forward.

Despite a new petition from Purvis Road residents, many of whom now wish the trees to be retained, the council will carry out its recent decision to remove all the trees in the road.

A £30,000 scheme to enlarge and improve the sewage disposal works was adopted for submission to the Ministry. It may be carried out in instalments.

The Rectory Road improvement scheme, to cost £2,200, reached the application-for-loan stage. It includes demolition of cottages between Portland Road and the Rectory, widening of the road, new footpaths, a small car park and improvements near Beaconsfield Place.

Removal of the “petty restrictions” on the use of water was urged by Mr. R. R. Griffiths, who was told that the Water Board will review the position next Monday.

The surveyor (Mr. A. Millar) was authorised to proceed with the re-lighting of Kimbolton Road and Portland Road, provided that the cost was within the estimates made for lighting improvements.

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