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Rushden Echo, 15th November, 1918, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Workmen’s Bonus Increased
“Guns Week” For The Sale Of War Bonds
List Of Soldiers And Sailors To Be Prepared

  Wednesday, present Councillors T. Wilmott, J.P. (in the chair), F. Knight, J.P. (vice-chairman), J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, J. Claridge, J.P., C.C., C. Bates, J. Spencer, J.P., J. Hornsby, J. Tomlin, and F. Green, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), and the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin).


  The Chairman, at the outset of the meeting, said: Since we last met, events have moved very rapidly.  I am pleased to say that once more we have peace with us.  (Hear, hear.)  I do not think the present time is one for much speech-making.  I rather think that in a quiet way we shall all be thankful that the greatest and most cruel war the world has ever known has, after over four years of bitter fighting, been brought to a successful conclusion by our glorious Navy and our brave Army and those of our Allies.

Plans, Etc., Committee

  A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, October 30th, 1918, when there were present:- Messrs. T. Wilmott (chairman), F. Knight, J. S. Clipson, J. Hornsby, J. Spencer, T. Swindall, and John Tomlin.


were presented for:-

  An engine house at the rear of No. 30, Church-street, for Mr. F. J. Cooper, and passed.

  A new shed at the rear of their factory, for Messrs. Jaques and Son, Ltd., Station-road, and passed.

  A leather store at the side of No. 107, Higham-road, for the Highfield Leather Co., and passed.

  Additions to factory in Griffith-street for the Rushden heel Co., Ltd., and passed.


  The Surveyor was instructed to prepare and submit to the next meeting of the Committee an estimate of the cost of fencing and planting with shrubs the open space at the junction of Washbrook-road with Higham-road.

Workmen’s Wages

  A letter was received from the Municipal Employees’ Association on behalf of the Council employees, requesting the Council to increase the war bonus granted on August 28th last from 3s. to 5s. per week.

  It was resolved, subject to the approval of the Finance Committee, to accede to the request, the increase to date from September 6th last.

  The report was adopted.

Finance And Estates Committee

  A meeting of the Finance and Estates Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Tuesday, November 5th, 1918, at 10 a.m., when there were present: Messrs. T. Wilmott (chairman), F. Knight, W. Bazeley, J. Claridge, and Fred Green.

Workmen’s Wages

  The Chairman reported that the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee had, at their last meeting under consideration a further application from the Municipal Employees’ Association for the bonus granted on August 28th last to be increased from 3s. to 5s. per week, and that the Committee had unanimously resolved, subject to the approval of the Finance Committee, to agree thereto, the increase to date from September 6th last.

  The Committee approved, and resolved to recommend the Council accordingly.

Surveyor’s Staff

  An application was received from Miss M. Madin for an increase of salary, and it was resolved to recommend the Council that her salary be increased by 5s. per week, dating from the 1st instant.

  The report was adopted.

Health And Sanitary Committee

  A meeting of the Health and Sanitary Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, November 6th, 1918, when there were present: Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), T. Wilmott, W. Bazeley, J. Claridge, and Fred Green.

Health And Sanitary Reports

  The report of the Medical Officer of health for the month of October was received.

  The Sanitary Inspector reported that 19 preliminary notices had been issued during the past month calling attention to nuisances, etc., all of which were receiving attention.

  Four lots of infected bedding had been destroyed on the advice of the medical practitioners in attendance, since the last meeting and the rooms cleansed.  It was resolved to recommend the Council to replace part of the bedding destroyed at a cost not exceeding £1  7s.  6d. in each case.

  A consignment of apples weighing 616 lbs., that had been voluntarily surrendered, had been destroyed owing to their unsound condition.

  The Inspector gave a detailed statement of his work since the last meeting.

Housing, Town Planning, Etc., Acts.

  The Inspector also reported that he had visited and inspected the house and shop No. 13, High-street, which he found in a state so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation.

  It was resolved to recommend the Council to make a Closing Order prohibiting the use of the said house and shop for human habitation until in the opinion of the Council they are rendered fit for that purpose.

Sewage Farm

  The Surveyor reported that the sale of the crops at the Sewage Farm was held by public auction on October 7th last, and realised £368  17s.  6d., a record.

Public Elementary Schools

  The Sanitary Inspector reported that, on the recommendation of the Medical Officer of Health, the elementary schools of the town had been closed until the 18th instant, owing to an outbreak of measles and influenza.  The infant departments had all been sprayed, also on the recommendation of the Medical Officer.

  The report was adopted.

Free Library

  A meeting of the Free Library Committee was held at the Library on Wednesday, October 23rd, 1918, when there were present: Messrs. J. Claridge (chairman), J. Spencer, T. Swindall, S. Saddler, J. T. Colson, W. W. Rial, J. S. Clipson, and the Rev. C. J. Keeler.


  The minutes of the previous meeting of the Committee held on October 26th, 1917, and of the special meeting held on January 8th, 1918, were read and confirmed.

Management Committee

  The following were re-appointed members of the Management Committee for the ensuing year: Messrs. W. Clarke, S. Saddler, W. W. Rial and Revs. P. Robson and C. J. Keeler.

New Books

  It was resolved to request the Council to authorise the Committee to expend a sum of £25 in the purchase of new books.

Replacement Of Books Destroyed

  The Librarian submitted a list of 124 books which had been destroyed by order of the Sanitary Authority.

  The Committee were of opinion that it would be impossible to replace many of the books at a reasonable cost, and resolved to ask the Council to pay a sum of £15 as compensation, leaving the Committee to replace the books in the best way possible.

Additions To Library

  The Secretary reported that 247 books had been added to the Library during the past twelve months as follows:







  Five of the non-fiction books were presentation copies, and the thanks of the Committee were accorded the donors.

Books Issued

  The Librarian reported that the number of books issued for the twelve months ended August 31st last was 35,307, made up as follows:







Papers And Periodicals

  The Committee went through the list of the papers and periodicals supplied to the Library during the past year, and after making slight modifications resolved that the present arrangements with Mr. Charles Robinson for the supply for the year ending 1919 be continued.

  It was resolved that the sale of papers, and periodicals take place as usual on December 28th next.

Lending Library

  It was resolved, on the application of the Librarian, to close the book lending department on Thursdays.

  The report was adopted.

  Mr. Claridge, introducing the report, said that the books issued were more numerous than ever before, but he was sorry that more scientific books and works of an educational character were not taken out.  He moved that the committee be empowered to spend £35 during the coming year.

  Mr. Spencer seconded and it was carried.

War Savings Committee

  A meeting of the War Savings Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, November 6th, 1918, when there were present: Messrs. J. Spencer (chairman), J. Claridge, G. W. Coles, F. L. Heygate, C. W. Horrell, J. T. Colson, and the Rev. P. Robson.


  The Treasurer reported that the audit of the accounts of the several Associations for the period to September 30th last had been completed.


  The total number of certificates sold through the Associations up to September 30th was 32,727, representing subscriptions of £27,962  12s,  11d.  It was estimated that the sales of certificates of higher denominations in the town would exceed this sum.

Campaign For 1918-1919

  The Chancellor of the Exchequer having asked the National War Savings Association to sell two millions of War Savings Certificates during the year ended September 30th, 1919, of which number 91,000 Certificates had been allocated by the County War Savings Committee as the quota for Rushden, it was resolved that special efforts should be made to sell the number suggested.

  It was recognised that the various Associations in the town must make great efforts to increase the subscriptions of existing members and with this end in view it was decided to call a meeting of the secretaries of the various associations for Wednesday next.

  In addition to the sales through the associations it would also be necessary to institute a campaign amongst those able to purchase Certificates of higher denominations and the Treasurer and Secretary were requested to wait upon the Executive Committee of the local Boot and Shoe Manufacturers’ Association with a view to that association initiating steps in this direction.

  The Secretary informed the Committee that monthly returns of all sales through the Banks and Post Office would be obtained, and be was requested to arrange if possible for them to be exhibited on the screens at the two Picture Palaces.

“Guns” Campaign

  It was decided to hold a “Guns” week for the sale of National War Bonds and War Savings Certificates during the month of March next, when it was understood a gun would be available for Rushden, and for this purpose it was resolved to form a large representative Committee early in the New Year.

  The report was adopted.

  Mr. Spencer said that now the war had stopped some people might think there was no further need for purchasing War Savings Certificates, but really they might rightly be called Reconstruction Certificates.


  Mr. Spencer moved that the full number of street lamps allowable be lighted in the main and semi-main thoroughfares.

  Mr. Bates seconded, and it was carried.

List Of Soldiers

  Mr. Knight thought that this was an opportune time for preparing a list of the Rushden men who had served in the Forces.  He moved that such a list be taken in hand.

  Mr. Spencer seconded, and it was carried, the Clerk stating that there were 1,700 names on the absent voters’ list.


  Mr. Swindall asked the assistance of the Council in a potato exhibition to be given in the Athletic Club on November 26th and 27th by Mr. Lawrence, under the auspices of the County Council.  Though the war was over, the food problem would be a very acute one for a number of years.  Mr. Lawrence would exhibit various specimens of potatoes which were immune from disease.


  The Chairman alluded to Mr. Madin’s 21 years’ services as Surveyor, and, on behalf of the Council, asked his acceptance of a gold pen and pencil case, with the best wishes of the members.

  Mr. Madin, who was quite taken by surprise, said he had been very happy indeed in serving under the Council.


  Mr. Knight complained of the exit at the M.R. station, and moved that the Clerk write to the stationmaster, asking him to see that an improvement be effected.  He had never seen a station where the exit was so inconvenient.  It might be remedied by throwing open the gates at the top of the steps and having a ticket collector at each end, or, if the staff was at present too small, they might use the gate which opened on level ground.

  Mr. Bates seconded, Mr. Clipson supported, and it was carried.

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