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Rushden Echo, 14th November, 1919, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

A Large Number Of Plans Passed
The War Memorial Schemes
Sanitary Inspector’s Report
Two Nominations For The School Managers
Changes In The Fire Brigade
Resignation Of Mr. Fred Knight

  Wednesday, present Councillors F. Knight, J.P. (chairman), J. Claridge, J.P., C.C. (vice-chairman), W. Bazeley, J.P., J. Spencer, J.P., J. Hornsby, T. Swindall, C. W. Horrell, L. Perkins, B.Sc., C. E. Bayes, T. Wilmott, J. Tomlin, and C. Bates, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin), and the Acting Sanitary Inspector (Mr. A. E. Lloyd).

Plans, Etc., Committee

  A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, October 29th, 1919, when there were present: Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), W. Bazeley, L. Perkins, J. Spencer, T. Swindall, and T. Wilmott.


were presented by:-

  Mr. W. T. Hobbs, for a billiard room to his house on the Kimbolton-road, and passed.

  Mr. J. Wallis, for a steel-framed workshop on the Bedford-road, and passed.

  Church Army Social Centre (wooden building) near the Four Roads, and passed.

  Messrs. Lawrence and Richardson, for a motor garage off the Washbrook-road, and passed.

  Mr. A. T. Nichols, for a store room at the rear of No. 4, Alfred-street, and passed subject to the end wall being built in cement.

  Shed for Messrs. Knight and Lawrence, Ltd., adjoining their factory in Manton-road, and no exception taken.

  Mr. C. Espin, for a shed in Robinson-road, and no exception taken.

  Mr. W. C. Tarry, for a coach-house in Pyghtles-terrace, and passed.

  Messrs. Smith Brothers, for a workshop in Graveley-street, and passed subject to compliance with Bye-Law 21 and a water supply provided for W.C.

  The West End Club for club buildings on land at the rear of High-street, and rejected for revision as to drainage arrangements and exits.

  The Rushden and District Electric Supply Co. Ltd., for additions to the engine room at their works off the Shirley-road, and no exception taken.

  The Rushden Chrome Tanning Co., Ltd., for additions to their works off the Kimbolton-road, and passed.


  The Surveyor reported that a lamp column in Wellingborough-road had been badly damaged by a car, the property of Mr. Larkinson coming in contact therewith.

  He was instructed to have the lamp repaired and to ask Mr. Larkinson to contribute the sum of £5 towards the cost.


  Mr. Wilmott reported that he, with Mr. Hornsby and Mr. Bainbridge, attended a sale at Luton on Monday, October 13th, and purchased a horse for £89  6s.  6d.

  Temporary arrangements had been made for stabling the horse at the Depot, Newton-road.

Public Lighting

  The Lighting Sub-Committee were requested to visit certain places in the town and report to the next meeting.

  The report was adopted.

Finance And Estates Committee

  A meeting of the Finance and Estates Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, November 5th, 1919, at 10 a.m., when there were present: Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), J. Claridge, C. W. Horrell, J. Spencer, and T. Wilmott.

Tradesmen’s And Other Accounts

  A number of accounts amounting to £1814  1s.  5d. were examined and passed for payment.

Memorandum Of General District Rate

  The Rates Clerk submitted the following Memorandum of General District Rate made on April 9th, 1919:-








Amount of Rate







Recoverable arrears of former rate







Supplemental list














Amount collected







Recoverable arrears














Irrecoverable arrears







  A list of the irrecoverable amounts was also submitted by the Rates Clerk, and it was resolved to recommend the Council that they be written off as such.

  The report was adopted.

  The Chairman said the arears were the lowest they had ever had.

Council In Committee

  A meeting of the whole Council in Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, November 5th, 1919, when there were present: Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), J. Claridge, C. E. Bayes, C. Bates, W. Bazeley, J. Hornsby, C. W. Horrell, L. Perkins, J. Spencer, T. Swindall, and John Tomlin.  Messrs. G. W. Coles, Jos. Knight, W. B. Sanders, and Mrs. Webster also attended.

War Memorial

  The Chairman reported that the town’s meeting to consider the schemes for a War Memorial was duly held on October 24th at the Co-operative Hall, when it was decided that a vote of the town be taken, the arrangements for which be made by this Committee.

  It was resolved that a card vote be taken on the two schemes, viz., a Cottage Hospital and a Memorial Hall and Institute, and for this purpose the town be split up into 21 districts.

  It was understood that voluntary help would be forthcoming to conduct the vote.

  The Clerk was requested to make the necessary arrangements.

  The report was adopted.

Health And Sanitary Committee

  A meeting of the Health and Sanitary Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, November 5th, 1919, when there were present: Messrs. J. Claridge (chairman), F. Knight, C. E. Bayes, C. Bates, C. W. Horrell, J. Hornsby, and J. Tomlin.

Health And Sanitary Reports

  The report of the Medical Officer of Health for the month of October was received.

  The Sanitary Inspector reported that during the past month he had served 23 preliminary notices calling attention to nuisances and other matters, all of which were receiving attention.

  One lot of infected bedding had been destroyed on the advice of the medical practitioner in attendance, and the room sprayed.

  During the month the following food, which had been voluntarily surrendered, had been destroyed as being unfit for human consumption:-

32-lbs. tripe
24-lbs. pork sausages

36¼-lb. pork pies
24½-lb. veal and ham pies
30-lbs. ham

  The majority of the cowsheds in the district had been inspected since the last meeting and where found necessary notices served for the periodical limewashing, and also for the removal of accumulations of manure.

  Defective yard paving in various parts of the town had been repaired or renewed during the month.

  The Inspector gave a detailed statement of his work since the last meeting.

Factory Acts

  The Sanitary Inspector also reported that during the month of October eleven additional lists had been received relating to 23 out-workers receiving work inside the district and nine outworkers receiving work outside the district.

Knacker’s Yard

  An application was received from Messrs. G. Chettle and Sons for permission to erect a knacker’s yard and slaughter-house on land recently purchased by them on the Shirley Park Estate.  It was decided to request the whole Council in Committee to meet prior to the next Sanitary meeting to consider the matter.


  The Surveyor reported that the sale of the crops at the Sewage Farm took place on Oct. 20th, and realised £173  7s.  6d.

Inspector Of Nuisances

  A letter was received from the Ministry of Health stating that the arrangements for the performance of the duties of Inspector of Nuisances in this district should remain as at present until the date of the termination of the War had been fixed, which would be done by order in Council in due course.

  The report was adopted.

Other Business


  On the motion of Mr. Swindall, seconded by Mr. Claridge, Mr. B. Ladds was elected overseer in the place of the late Mr. T. W. C. Linnitt.


  A letter was received from the Board of Trade stating that a proposal had been made that a committee should be appointed under the Profiteering Act for the urban districts of Higham Ferrers, Rushden, Raunds, and Irthlingborough, and for the Wellingborough rural district.

  Mr. Spencer moved that the letter be allowed to lie on the table.  After the experience of the Joint Area Food Control Committee he should oppose joining the other districts.  If they were to have a committee it should be for Rushden alone.

  Mr. Bazeley said the Labour members had been taken to task for not appointing a Profiteering Committee.  If the Council thought it right to appoint a committee he should not oppose it, but personally he should not serve on such a committee because he did not think it would do any good and would not justify its existence.  He was against profiteering as much as anybody, but did not think the Tribunal would do any good.

  The Chairman agreed that the work of the Joint District Food Control Committee had not been very satisfactory, and he did not think it would be more satisfactory to join the other authorities for anti-profiteering.

  Mr. Spencer’s proposition was not seconded.  Thus no action was taken, which is tantamount to placing the letter on the table.

School Managers

  Mr. Spencer moved that the Council recommend to the County Authority that Mrs. W. W. Rial be appointed one of the School Managers in place of the late Mr. W. M. Hensman.  He said that at present Labour was not sufficiently represented, and he thought that a lady member would be very useful.

  Mr. Bates seconded.

  Mr. Wilmott said that out of no disrespect to Mrs. Rial, he wished to nominate the Rev. P. E. Robson (Rector of Rushden) as the School Manager in place of Mr. Hensman.  Mr. Robson’s qualifications were undoubted, and he met the children of all classes every day of his life.  Without any question of party whatever, he would ask the Council to accept the name of Mr. Robson, who was so fully qualified for the position.

  Mr. Tomlin seconded, and said that Mr. Robson was quite as able to represent the working classes as Mrs. Rial, though he had nothing to say against that lady because he did not know her.

  The Chairman said the two names would be put to the meeting and voted upon, and both names sent up to the County Authority, with the result of the voting.

  The voting was as follows:-

  For Mrs. Rial – Messrs. Bazeley, Bates, Spencer, and Hornsby.

  For the Rev. P. E. Robson – Messrs. Knight, Claridge, Tomlin, Wilmott, Bayes, Swindall and Horrell.

  Mr. Perkins did not vote.

  Mr. Spencer: The Coalition can sweep the board at any time!

Industrial Council

  Mr. Bazeley and Mr. Swindall, delegates to the conference at Nottingham on the proposed Joint Industrial Council for Local Authorities, Non-Trading Services (Manual Workers), gave interesting reports of the proceedings, and stated that it was unanimously decided that the council should be formed.

  Mr. Swindall said it was a joint council of representatives of local authorities and of their employees on the lines of the Whitley Report.

  The Chairman moved that hearty thanks be given to Mr. Bazeley and Mr. Swindall for their report, and that the Rushden Urban Council fall in line with the formation of the industrial council when the proper time comes.

  Mr. Claridge seconded, and it was carried.

Housing Scheme

  The seal of the Council was affixed to a mortgage to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for £14,500 at 5½ per cent, repayable in 60 annual payments of £830  19s.  1d., the principal and interest combined.  The money is for the housing scheme.

Fire Brigade Changes

  A letter was received from Mr. Fred Knight resigning his position as captain of the Rushden Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Mr. Knight has been connected with the Fire Brigade for the long period of 42 years, and for the last 35 years he has been the captain.  A letter was received from the fire Brigade asking the Council to appoint Mr. Robert F. Knight as captain of the Brigade, and Mr. W. Packwood, junr., as second-officer, treasurer, and secretary.  The Brigade also asked, in view of Mr. Fred Knight’s long and valued services to the Brigade that he should be made honorary captain for life.

  Mr. Claridge moved that Mr. Fred Knight’s resignation be accepted with deep regret, and that the recommendations of the Brigade be adopted.  They were all sorry, he said, that Mr. Knight considered it necessary to resign.  Mr. Knight had rendered most efficient services to the town and district and to the Brigade, and he thought they should place on record the Council’s appreciation of Mr. Knight’s excellent work for so many years.  He did not think a better choice could be made than in appointing Mr. R. F. Knight as captain in succession to his father.  Mr. R. F. Knight, they all knew, was very much interested in the work of the Brigade.

  Mr. Horrell seconded, and said the town was very much indebted to Mr. Fred Knight for his great work as captain of the Brigade.

  Mr. Swindall endorsed the remarks of Mr. Claridge and Mr. Horrell, and said that if there was a long service medal for fire brigade work the Council ought to apply for it for Mr. Fred Knight.

  Mr. Wilmott and Mr. Spencer added their testimony, the latter stating that a record should be placed on the Council’s minutes of Mr. Knight’s services, and remarking that the suggestion that Mr. Knight should be made hon. captain for life was a very good one.

  The proposition was carried in its entirety.

  Mr. Knight, in acknowledging the remarks, spoke of the progress of the Brigade, and of the ready way in which the Council had found the necessary equipment.  He very much appreciated the Council’s adoption of the suggestion of the Brigade that he should be a hon. life captain.


  The Rushden Allotments Association wrote, asking the Council to put into force compulsory powers for acquiring further land for allotments in the western part of the town, and suggested that a field belonging to Mr. John Clark (adjoining some of the society’s allotments) would be very suitable for the purpose.

  The Chairman said the letter had not yet been considered by the Council, and he thought it might be referred to the Allotments Committee of the Council.

  Mr. Spencer moved that this course be taken, and it was carried.

Ambulance Motor

  The Motor Ambulance Committee wrote accepting the offer of the Council of a site on the Council land in Newton-road as a garage.


  Mr. Swindall asked if anything further had been heard regarding the Tank which was promised to the town.

  The Clerk said he thought they would be hearing shortly.

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