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The Wellingborough News, 11th October 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

11th October 1895

Rushden and its Finances
The Rushden Urban Council has just issued a statement of the town’s financial position for the year ending March 25th 1895. In it the various items of income and expenditure are set forth in detail, as well as the amounts borrowed for different purposes during the last few years. We take from the statement the following figures:-

Receipts:- General district rates, £2,758 14s 11d; from the County Council, £1,201 16s 6d: main road improvements (for work done for frontages), £7 17s 0d; private improvement works, £2,717 1s 0d; water works account, £462 18s 0d; cemetery, £118 10s 9d; other rents and receipts, £16 10s 6d; loan account, £1,100; cash balances at commencement of year, £3,012 14s 4d; total, £11,396 3s.

Expenditure:- Main roads, £950 8s 8d; main road improvements, £192 11s 2d; district roads, £1,082 2s 8d; other payments for roads, £87 3s 3d; private improvement works, £1,012 1s 4d; water works account, £579 16s 3d; cemetery account, £53 11s 6d; scavenging, £501 0s 9d; sewerage account, £35 5s 7d; public lighting, £190 1s 6d; fire brigade, £28 0s 7d; public clocks, £10 7s 6d; hospital account, £18 0s 10d; additions to clerk’s land, £115 17s 6d; election expenses, £32 5s 2d; salaries, £302 6s; establishment charges, £90 1s 9d; expenditure in respect of loans, £1,877 12s 6d; expenditure in respect of loans, £2,854 17s 10d; balances at end of year, £1,382 10s 8d; total, £11,396 3s.

The Urban Council Loan Account shows that since 1881 £29,050 have been borrowed, of which sum £27,463 11s 1d; is still owing; while the School Board Loan Account shows that since 1879 sums amounting to £13,801 have been borrowed, of which £12,616 14s 1d. was owing on the 29th of September, 1894. So that adding the two unpaid balances together, we have a total indebtedness on loans of £40,080 5s 2d.

The rateable value of the town is shown to be – poor rate, £20,523 10s 6d; district rate, £15,603 15s 9d. The number of inhabited houses is 1785; estimated population, 8,970; parliamentary electors, 1,511; parochial electors, 1624; and county electors, 1,547.

18th October 1895

Rushden Urban Council

Thursday, Oct,17th – Present:- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), G. H. Skinner, P. Cave, G. Denton, F. Knight, J. S. Clipson, J. Spencer, H. Brawne, A. Cave, G. S. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

Building Plans – The committee reported that plans had been submitted by Mr. J. Strachan, for two houses in Pemberton-road, and passed; by Mr. Scroxton for shop and dwelling-house, on Rushden-hill, and passed, subject to the cellar walls being 14 inches in thickness; by Mr. James Jaques for five houses in Oswald-street, and passed; and by Mr. T. Wright, of Northampton, for twenty houses in Sartoris-road, and passed, subject to all the 6 inch sewer being in Stanford joints and to evidence of the wall so marked being a party wall. The report of the committee was confirmed.

Spencer Park Estate – A letter was read from Messrs. Burnham, Son, and Lewin, pointing out that it would be almost impossible to drain the Spencer Park Estate by means of the existing arrangements, and suggesting a secondary sewer for that purpose; and the letter also asked that an appointment might be made for the final consideration of the question. – The Chairman did not favour the re-opening of the matter, while Mr. Cave contended that the fall to the new works was sufficient. – The Council did not think the question need be re-opened.

Stone Throwing – Three lads were brought before the Council for having thrown stones at trees; and the chairman, putting on his most magisterial air, warned them that if the offence were repeated, they would be taken to Wellingborough.

1st November 1895

Rushden Urban Council

Thursday, Oct 31st – Present: Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), John Claridge (vice-chairman), F. Knight, G. Denton, H. Brawn, A. Cave, J. Spencer, G. H. Skinner, G. S. Mason (clerk), Wm. Pare (surveyor), and J. B. Martin (inspector).

Plans – The committee reported that plans had been submitted by Mr. Hart, of Northampton, for two houses in Glassbrook-road, and passed; and by Mr. J. Betts, for a stable and cart-shed in Rectory-road, but which was rejected for insufficiency of air-space. The report of the committee was adopted.

Sanitary Regulations – The Committee reported that their Surveyor having prepared some draft regulations for the proper construction of water-closets, it had been arranged that the chairman should go through them with the surveyor, and have them printed for the consideration of the Council. The report was adopted.

The Oakley Estate – The Highways Committee reported that plans for the roads and sewers on this estate had been submitted by Mr. G. F. Bearn, and passed subject to the roadway being twenty-four feet in width. In reply to an application on the subject the surveyor had been instructed to inform Mr. Bearn that, conditionally upon the roads being constructed up to a certain point to the satisfaction of the Council, they would be prepared to give an estimate for their completion with a view to their being taken over by the Council. The report was adopted.

Trees – An offer was made by Messrs. Knight and Bradfield to plant trees near the Cemetery, and, after some discussion, it was resolved, on the proposition of Mr. Denton, to accept the offer of the gentlemen named, subject to the trees being planted to the satisfaction of the Cemetery Committee.

Station-Road – In connection with the provisional apportionment of expenses regarding the improvement of this road, it was mentioned that the cost would be about 8s per foot run, and it was decided that the apportionment recommended by their Surveyor be adopted.

Very Satisfactory – Both Dr. Owen and Mr. Martin attended the Council, and on being called upon reported that they had nothing to complain of. – The Chairman thought that such a state of affairs was very satisfactory; while another member jocularly suggested that they should begin to cut down their expenses by dismissing the officers named, this suggestion being further supplemented by another to the effect that the officers should act upon the recommendations at once, without notice. (Laughter.)

License Transfer – Mr. Chettle applied for his slaughter-house license being transferred from Mill Field to Newton-road. – The application was readily granted, the general opinion being expressed that it was a good riddance from Mill Field. – The seal of the Council was affixed to the agreement with Messrs. Knight and Bradfield for the completion of the roads on the Pightles Estate.

29th November 1895

Rushden Urban Council

Present:- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), John Claridge (vice-chairman), F. Knight, G. Denton, G. H. Skinner, John Spencer, T. Bromage, P. Cave, H. Brawne, J. S. Clipson, G. S. Mason (clerk), Wm. Pare (surveyor), and J. B. Martin (inspector).

Plans – Plans were submitted to a recent meeting of the committee, for a stable at the back of Mr. F. Betts’ premises; for six houses in Oswald-road, for Mr. J. Jaques; and for four houses in Grove-street for Mr. S. Knight, jun. These plans were approved by the committee, subject to certain alterations, and the action of the committee was confirmed by the Council, after a somewhat lengthy consideration regarding the building line in the latter case.

Letting Of The Field At The Sewage Outfall Works – Tenders were received for the use of the large field at the Sewage Outfall Works, and the highest tender, that of Mr. Geo. Wilmott, who offered £35 was accepted.

Application – Mr. G. Wilmott applied for a slaughter-house licence on property in his occupation on the Wellingborough-road. The licence was granted subject to the building being altered to meet the requirements of the case.

Public Urinals – Mr. Spencer proposed that public urinals be erected in the town, which, he remarked, were greatly needed in the town. The Chairman noted that probably there would be very little difference of opinion on the matter, but the difficulty would be found in giving effect to that opinion. – Mr. Spencer was willing that the matter be referred to the Sanitary Committee, who would consider the question fully. – The subject then dropped.

Miscellaneous – The Medical Officer reported a case of scarlet fever in Green’s Yard, but the case was now progressing favourably, and the usual precautions had been taken to prevent the spread of the disease. – A letter was received from Mr. Gutteridge (secretary of the Allotment Association) asking that the Council would repair a style on their land. – The Chairman and Clerk stated that the Council had no responsibility in the matter, and it was decided that this view be communicated to the Association. – A Petition was read from the owners of property in Station-road, complaining of what they considered the excessive estimate for the reconstruction of that road. Mr. Bromage asked how it compared with those for other roads. It was mentioned that the estimate was slightly below that given for the Rock-roads. It was decided, in acknowledging the letter, to point out this fact.

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