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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 5th & 26th October 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night there were present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, G. Miller, J. Spencer, W. Bazeley, W. H. Wilkins, G. H. Skinner, G. Fountain, and T. Swindall with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), and the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin).

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 19th September, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), W. H. Wilkins, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall and W. Bazeley.


Plans were presented by:-

The Wholesale Co-operative Society for Gas Plant Buildings and passed.

Mr. Tom Swindall for three cottages in Glassbrook-road and passed.

Mr. H. Knight for iron building to be used as a coal shed at rear of a house in Essex-road and passed subject to it being set back to a distance of 15 feet from the rear of the house, Mr. Knight to be informed that the building must only be used for the purpose stated.

Mr. J. T. Colson (butcher) for iron building to be used as a coal barn and passed.

Mr. Geo. Selwood for additions to his house in Harborough-road and passed.

Mr. J. Claridge for store and coal barn at rear of house occupied by W. Tilley in Wellingborough-road and passed.

Mr. W. Packwood for three houses in Pratt-road and passed.

Messrs. Shorley and Noble for stable and coach house in Moor-road and passed subject to base of manure pit being raised to the level of ground.

Messrs. Bellamy and Endesby for two houses in Portland-road and passed. The drainage along the passage to be to the satisfaction of the Surveyor.

Public Seats. – The Committee had before them further estimates for a circular seat with tree guard for the Green. The substitution of wood for iron was found to make no material reduction in price and the matter was adjourned for further consideration.

The Surveyor was instructed to obtain prices from Mr. Sargent and Mr. Nattrass for other seats in accordance with designs submitted to and approved by the Committee.

Vestry Hall Gate. – The Surveyor submitted a design for an iron gate and also price for same which he had obtained from Mr. Ginns, viz., £6. The design was approved and Mr. Ginns price accepted.

Robinson-road. – The Surveyor reported that on making out his estimate for this road he found that the work would be very expensive. He was instructed to proceed with the provisional apportionment.

Main-road improvements. – With regard to the proposed street improvements in the High-street, the Surveyor reported that as yet he had received no communication from the County Surveyor. As to the Higham-road improvement a letter was received from the Clerk to the County Council asking for full particulars and for the Surveyor to attend a meeting of the Roads Committee on Saturday, October 6th. The particulars had already been supplied and the Surveyor was instructed to attend the meeting as requested. The Surveyor was also instructed to endeavour to see the County Surveyor at once with regard to the High-street improvements.

Public Lighting. – It was resolved to place an additional lamp on the Wellingborough-road beyond Oakley-road.

Mrs. Lucy Brown. – A letter was received from Mrs. Lucy Brown asking for a written acknowledgement of her right to a strip of land 16½ inches in width, extending along the whole front of her shops in High-street, she having set back that distance when building the shops in question and having paved the same with blue bricks. The Clerk was instructed to acknowledge the receipt of the letter and inform Mrs. Brown that such an acknowledgement was not usual but her letter was sufficient to protect any rights she might have in the strip of land in question.

Robert-street. – The attention of the Committee was called to the continual blocking of the footpath near Messrs. Robinson Bros. factory by reason of boxes etc. being placed thereon. The Clerk was instructed to write to Messrs. Robinson on the subject.

The report was adopted.

Finance &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 26th September, 1900. Present:- Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Denton, J. Claridge, G. Miller, G. Fountain, G. H. Skinner, and J. Spencer.


A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.


Inspector’s Reports. – The Inspector reported that since the last meeting of the committee, a case of typhoid fever had been reported (Mrs. E. Young, of No. 9, East-grove). He had visited the house and found everything in good order and nothing to account for the outbreak. The Medical Officer had also visited the place and could find nothing to cause the disease. A case of scarlet fever at No. 114, Wellingborough-road, had also been reported. Disinfectants had been supplied in both cases and the usual precautions were being taken.

The Inspector further reported that the drainage of the houses in Fletcher-street had been attended to and was now apparently in good order.

Messrs. Groom’s Factory. – With regard to the sanitary conveniences for this factory, the Committee were informed that no steps had been taken to amend the present arrangements reported as unsatisfactory by the Factory inspector in June last, and the Clerk was instructed to again call Messrs. Groom’s attention to the Medical Officer’s recommendations thereon, and to request immediate attention, otherwise the Committee would recommend the Council to take formal proceedings.

Plague. – A circular letter from the Local Government Board was received with Copy Order made by that Board extending the Provisions of the Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1899, to cases of Plague. The order provided that every Medical Practitioner in the district should be informed thereof and that a copy should be furnished to the Medical Officer of Health. The Clerk reported that the requirements of the Order had been complied with.

Sewage Outfall Works. – The Surveyor reported the visit of the County Medical Officer of Health to the Outfall Works, who impressed upon him the necessity of proceeding to lay out the remaining land. The Committee agreed that the scheme as sanctioned by the Local Government Board should be completed, and instructed the Surveyor to carry out the work as soon as possible.

Queen’s Terrace.—The Inspector reported that the whole of the drainage of these ten houses was in a most unsatisfactory condition. A letter from the owners’ solicitors directed to Mr. C. Wright (the agent) was received promising that the matter should be attended to. The Clerk was instructed to inform Mr. Wright that the work must be proceeded with at once and completed within one month and also requested that a plan of the amended drainage might be submitted for the Surveyor’s approval.


Damage to trees. – A letter was received from Miss Edith Linnett who had been summoned in error in respect of the recent case of damage to a tree in the Cemetery field, asking to be paid the expenses of herself and brother amounting to 11s. It was resolved to recommend the payment to her of that amount, and the Committee expressed regret that the mistake should have been made.

The Surveyor was instructed to renew a number of trees and shrubs.

Caretaker’s House. – The Surveyor was instructed to prepare specifications for inside and outside painting and colouring, and for papering where considered necessary, and obtain prices.

Chapel. – The Surveyor was also instructed to obtain prices for the outside painting of the Chapel.

The report was adopted.

Sewage Farm Committee

A meeting of this committee was held on Sept. 18th, Messrs. Skinner and Bazeley being present, and the Surveyor was instructed to get in prices for the cauliflowers on the farm and to sell the remaining portion of the crop by auction.

At another meeting of the committee on Sept. 21, tenders for the cauliflowers were opened and a tender at 1s 9½d per score was accepted. The other crops were sold by auction and satisfactory prices were realised.

The report was adopted.

The Late Mr. Herbert Sartoris

In reply to the vote of sympathy passed by the Council with the relatives of the late Mr. Herbert Sartoris, letters were received from Mrs. Sartoris, of Weekley, the widow, and Mrs. Sartoris, of Rushden Hall, the mother of the deceased gentleman.

Mrs. Sartoris, of Weekley, wrote “Dear Sir, Please accept and convey to the members of the Urban District Council of Rushden and inhabitants of Rushden the very sincere thanks of my son and daughter and myself for the resolution passed at your meeting on the 12th inst, in which you offer us your expressions of deep sympathy in our sad bereavement and also bear testimony to your appreciation of the services rendered by my late husband as a member of that authority in trying to promote the prosperity of Rushden. I remain, dear Sir, yours faithfully, Caroline A. Sartoris.”

Mrs. Sartoris, of Rushden Hall, wrote as follows:- “Dear Sir, Will you kindly convey to the members of the Urban Council my deep sense of gratitude for the sympathy expressed by them for us in our great bereavement. We are indeed much touched by the feeling shown to us in our sorrow. Thanking you once again, believe me, Yours truly, Mary Sartoris,”

The Council directed that the letters should be entered on the minute-book.

Postal Facilities

The Postmaster at Wellingborough wrote asking for permission to place a pillar letter-box near the kerb of the footpath in Denmark-road, at the corner of Mr. Wrighton’s house.

Mr. Spencer said a box was also needed in Wellingborough-road for, since the wall-box at Mr. Reid’s had been done away with, there was no place to post letters between the general office and the box at the Oakley Inn.


The Rushden Echo and Argus, 26th October 1900

The Outbreak of Typhoid

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night, there were present Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), J. Claridge, W. H. Wilkins, J. S. Clipson, J. Spencer, W. Bazeley, G. H. Skinner, G. Miller, and T. Swindall, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), the Medical Officer (Dr. Morris), the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin), and Sanitary Inspector (Mr. J. B. Martin).

Waterworks Committee

A meeting of the Waterworks Committee was held at the Vestry Hall on Wednesday, 3rd October, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman),Geo. Denton, W. Bazeley, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, G. Fountain, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner, J. Spencer, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins.

Sharnbrook Trial Operations

The Chairman reported that he, with the Surveyor and Clerk, met Mr. Middleton at Sharnbrook yesterday (Tuesday) and inspected the trial wells. At No.1 well near the river, gravel was struck at 9 feet 3 inches and the Oxford Clay at 11 feet 6inches, the water level being at 4 feet 6 inches. At No.2 well, further from the river, gravel was found at 5 feet and sinking had progressed to 9 feet 3 inches, still in gravel, the water level being at 4 feet 8 inches. With manual power it was not possible to get lower owing to the quantity of water. Mr. Middleton advised that the depth of gravel here should be ascertained by boring and that a third well should be sunk about 200 yards further from the river in the adjoining field of Mr. Whitworth, and if a still thicker bed of gravel be found there then proceed to test the quantity of water with steam power, using a 6in. centrifugal pump and portable engine. He also advised that the water be at once analysed. Mr. Whitworth had agreed to allow the third well to be sunk for £5. The Committee agreed to Mr. Whitworth’s terms and resolved to follow Mr. Middleton’s advice.

The Water Sub-Committee were authorized to provide the necessary pump and engine.

The report was adopted.

Wymington Supply

Midland Railway Land. – A letter was received from Mr. McCullum, the estate agent to the Midland Railway Company, declining to grant permission for trial wells to be sunk in the Company’s land at Wymington.

Mr. Goosey. – The Clerk was instructed to inform Mr. Goosey’s solicitors that the Council had no present intention of negotiating for a permanent arrangement with regard to his land but would like to extend the present arrangement for two years.

Bedford Road Well. – The Surveyor reported that the erection of an engine house at this well would be necessary and that it would be convenient if the building could be proceeded with at once for use by Messrs. Mather in carrying out their works. The Surveyor was instructed to obtain prices for the building required.

The report was adopted.

Plans &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 10th Oct.., 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (Chairman), W. H. Wilkins, Wm. Bazeley, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, and T. Swindall.


were presented by:-

Mr. Geo. Tailby for villa residence on the Higham-road and passed. To provide for the drainage of this house it will be necessary to extend the sewer about 40 yards in the direction of Higham Ferrers and it was resolved to recommend the Council to carry out this work.

Robinson-road. – The Surveyor submitted his estimate and provisional apportionment for the making of this road. On considering the latter the Committee arrived at the conclusion that it would be a more equitable arrangement all round if the whole street were treated as one and not divided into sections as previously decided upon by the Council. Subject to the Council agreeing to this and the provisional apportionment being amended accordingly, the Committee approved the estimates and apportionment and recommend the Council to pass the necessary resolutions confirming the same.

Public Seats. – Mr. A. T. Ginns’ tender of £8 10s for an iron seat and tree guard for the centre of the Green was accepted.

The report was adopted.

Waterworks Sub-Committee

A meeting of the Waterworks Sub-committee was held on Tuesday 16th October, 1900. Present:- Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Fountain, and J. S. Clipson.

Bedford-road Well. – The following tenders for the erection of a engine house at the Bedford-road well were opened:-

Mr. H. Sparrow
Mr. R. Marriott
Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin
Messrs. Walker and Everard

It was resolved that the tender of Messrs. Walker and Everard be accepted.

Sharnbrook Operations – Portable Engine. – The Surveyor reported that he had visited Messrs. Allchins Works at Northampton, and found they had a suitable engine for sale for £90.

It was resolved to purchase this engine at the price named and ask for delivery at the earliest possible moment.

Pumps. – Messrs. Gwynne and Co’s tender for a centrifugal pump with sliding suction and pipes was also accepted at £37 8s.

Finance &c. Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 17th October, 1990. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), Geo. Denton, J. Spencer, G. Miller, G. Fountain, G. H. Skinner, and J. Claridge.

A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Sanitary Reports

Medical Officer’s. – The following was received from the Medical Officer:-

There have been two cases of infectious diseases reported since the last meeting, viz., one of scarlet fever and one of erysipelas.

Inspector’s. – The Inspector reported that the two cases mentioned by the Medical Officer were progressing satisfactorily. He also mentioned that the alterations in Messrs. Groom’s factory were about to be commenced.

Plague. – Further memoranda from the Local Board were submitted.

The Typhoid Fever Cases

The Chairman said that since the last meeting of the Council two cases of typhoid fever had been notified – one in Harborough-road and one in Grove-street. He was sorry to say that the young man in Grove-street had died that morning. Dr. Morris had visited both houses and was present that night to report upon the cases.

Dr. Morris said he found nothing at the house in Harborough-road likely to cause typhoid fever. The drains were in good order and the house was very clean. The water was quite satisfactory in itself but was derived from an open well, which, during a storm, would receive surface water. He suggested that the mouth of the well should be raised and that it be covered in and a pump provided.

The Chairman: The water is fit for use?

Dr. Morris said it was perfectly good. A sample taken from the house in Grove-street, where the water was also derived from a pump, was good. In that case also, the drains were in good order.

The Chairman: Had these young people been away from the town?

Dr. Morris said the young man and the young woman, who were sweethearts, had been to Bedford and also to Earls Barton – London End, where there was often fever, -- but it seemed too long since they went to Barton for them to have contracted it there.

Mr. Wilkins: Couldn’t this young man take it from the case in Harborough-road?

Dr. Morris said that would not occur. The disease was not taken through the breath. Really, the young man’s case was a most extraordinary case of typhoid. He himself had never known a case of typhoid without certain prominent symptoms, but the symptoms in the case were quite the opposite in character. Of course he had not seen the case himself and had to rely on what he was told. He was quite sure that there was nothing in the town to account for the cases.

The Election of Councillors

Mr. Wilkins gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would move that the County Council be asked to direct that the members of the Rushden Council retire on the 15th of April next and every third year in place of one-third retiring every year. He added that there were one or two points which the Council should have in mind. The County Council had power to make such an order and if adopted the order could come into operation in 1901. The saving would be about £80 in three years, or £40 for each year in which there was no election. The saving would be increased with the growth of the town.

Railway Accommodation

The Chairman gave notice that he would move a resolution with regard to the insufficiency of the accommodation at the Midland Railway Station at Rushden. (Hear, hear.)

Sub Post Office

Mr. Spencer gave notice that he would move that an application be made for a sub-post-office in Wellingborough-road.

The Provision of a Fire-Escape

Mr. Bazeley asked if the Council intended to move in the matter of providing a fire escape and calls. They had included £60 in the estimates for this purpose.

The Chairman said they had been really waiting for a building, but the matter would be considered at the next meeting of the Lighting Committee. They were, however, worse off in Rushden with regard to water than the height of the buildings.

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