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Rushden Echo, 11th October, 1907, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The Small Holdings Act
A Warning To Builders

  At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night, there were present: Messrs. F. Ballard (chairman), W. Bazeley (vice-chairman), F. Knight, J. Claridge, G. H. Skinner, G. Miller, C. E. Bayes, T. Swindall, J. S. Clipson, J. Paragreen, C. Bates and A. J. Dobbs, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), the Surveyor (Mr. W. B. Madin), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. H. Hunter).

Dairies, &c., Sub-Committee

  A meeting of the Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops Sub-Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, the 11th September, 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. W. Bazeley (chairman), J. Claridge, and Tom Swindall.

Dairy Cattle

  The quarterly report of the Veterinary Inspector was received, from which it appeared that on August 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st he made his inspection of the milk cows.  He had visited 28 premises belonging to 26 cowkeepers and inspected 258 milk cows and heifers and made special examination of their udders and throats.  He found three cows with tumours on their throats and two cows in poor condition.

  The Sanitary Inspector was instructed to see the owners of the cows referred to with a view to their being carefully watched.

Council In Committee

  A meeting of the whole Council in Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, the 11th Sept., 1907, when there were present:-  Messrs. F. Ballard, (chairman), W. Bazeley, C. Bates, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, A. J. Dobbs, F. Knight, Geo. Miller, J. Paragreen, G. H. Skinner, C. E. Bayes, and T. Swindall.

Collector’s Department

  The Committee considered at length the question referred to them by the Council at their meeting on the 14th August as to the Collector’s department and whether some re-arrangement was not desirable.

  The Committee were unanimously of opinion that the collection of the rates must be more promptly made, and the Chairman and Vice-chairman with the Clerk were requested to see the Collector and impress this upon him and at the same time to inform him that next year the General District Rate must be collected in the first quarters, instead of the second quarters as at present.

  The question as to whether a system should not be adopted whereby the rates are prepared by an official other than the actual Collector was referred to a special Committee consisting of the Chairman and Vice-chairman with Messrs. Claridge, Knight, and Swindall to consider and report.

Plans For New Buildings

  A plan was presented by Mr. Henry Sparrow for additions to Messrs. Sanders’ premises in Duck-street and passed.

The report was adopted.

Plans, &c., Committee

  A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday the 25th Sept., 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. W. Bazeley (in the chair), J. S. Clipson, C. E. Bayes, A. J. Dobbs, F. Knight and G. Miller.

Infringement Of Bye-Laws

  The Surveyor reported an infringement of the Bye-laws by Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin in the erection of a wooden shed in Upper Queen-street for Mr. Jack Green.

  The Committee expressed a strong opinion that some serious steps must be taken to prevent buildings being erected without plans having been submitted, and resolved to recommend the Council to instruct the Clerk to write to Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin and inform them that if a repetition of the offence occurred they would have no alternative but to order a prosecution.

  It was also resolved to recommend the Council to insert an advertisement in the local papers giving public notice that in all cases where buildings, that are not totally exempt from Bye-laws, are erected without plans being first submitted, proceedings will be taken against the builders.

“Unicorn” Inn

  An application was received from Messrs. C. Praed and Co. for permission to erect a lamp on the curb of the pavement in front of this inn.

  The Committee agreed to recommend the Council to accede to the request on the understanding that the entire cost of the column and lamp be borne by Messrs. Praed, who, it was understood, would also pay for the gas and the lighting.  No facilities for fastening horses to the lamp column to be allowed.

  An application was also made for the construction of a crossing from the roadway into the yard.

  This the Committee also agreed to, subject to the expenses being borne by the owners.

  With regard to the repair of the footpath pavement rendered necessary by the building, the Committee agreed to leave this in the hands of the Surveyor for him to arrange with the builders, provided no expense, in consequence of a different material being used, fell upon the Council.

Rotary Brush

  The Surveyor was authorised to have this brush re-fitted.

Field Footpaths

  The Surveyor was instructed to have the hedge trimmed overhanging the footpath passing the Oakpits.

  The report was adopted.

Finance Committee

  A meeting of the Finance Committee was held at the Council Buildings, on Wednesday, the 2nd October, 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. F. Ballard (chairman), W. Bazeley, J. Claridge, and Geo. Miller.

Surveyor’s Cash Account

  The Committee examined the Surveyor’s cash account with the wages books, the expenditure shown therein being as follows:-




Week ending 5th Sept., 1907




Week ending 12th Sept., 1907




Week ending 19th Sept., 1907




Week ending 26th Sept., 1907




Collector’s Accounts

  By the Collector’s accounts produced it appeared that since the last meeting he had collected the following sum:-




General district rate




Treasurer’s Accounts

  The Committee also examined the Treasurer’s accounts, from which it appeared that he had received the following sums since the last meeting:-




Collector and Clerk



Free Library, Fees, Fines, etc.




Collector, District rate








And that the balances on the under-mentioned accounts were as follows:-




General Account - Credit




Loan Account No. 16…Credit




Loan Account No. 18…Credit




Loan Account No. 19…Credit




Loan Account No. 20…Debit




Tradesmen’s And Other Accounts

  A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

General District Rate

  The Chairman reported that he, with the Vice-chairman and Clerk, had seen the Collector as instructed by the Council at their last meeting in committee, and impressed upon him the necessity of the rate being got in by the end of the month.  The Collector promised to do what he could and asked for authority to insert notices in the local papers to the effect that all persons in arrears on the 28th September would be proceeded against.  They had authorised Mr. Sargent to insert such an advertisement, which had been done.

  The total amount now collected amounted to £3103/2/4, leaving £862/2/2 still outstanding.

  The Committee approved the course adopted with regard to the advertisement, and instructed the Clerk to request Mr. Sargent to submit a detailed list of the persons still in arrears to a special meeting to be held at 6.45 p.m. on Wednesday next.

  The meeting arranged for was held prior to the Council meeting, the members present being the Chairman, Vice-chairman, Messrs. Claridge and Miller.

  The Collector submitted a list of defaulters, the total amount in default being £247/10/5.

  The Committee decided that the Collector should take proceedings against each of the defaulters.

  The report was adopted.

Estates, Cemetery And Sanitary Committee

  A meeting of the Estates, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held at the Council Buildings on Wednesday, the 2nd October, 1907, when there were present:- Messrs. W. Bazeley (chairman), F. Ballard, C. Bates, J. Claridge, J. Paragreen, and T. Swindall.

Health And Sanitary Reports

  The Medical Officer reported that on the 18th ultimo he received information from the Medical Officer of Bedford that a child residing at No. 1, Harborough-road, who was on a visit to that town, had fallen with scarlet fever.  He at once telegraphed to the Bedford Officer requesting him to have the child removed to the Isolation Hospital at Bedford, which had been done.

  No case of infectious disease had been notified in the district during the month, and the sanitary state of the town was in a most satisfactory condition.

  The Inspector informed the Committee that of the five notices to abate nuisances issued by the Council at their last meeting, three had been complied with and instructions given for the necessary work to be carried out in the other two cases.

  Nuisances arising from defective drainage existed at Nos. 60, 62, and 33, Harborough-road, and the officer asked for orders to abate the same.

  It was resolved to recommend the Council to instruct the Inspector to serve the necessary formal notices.

  The Inspector stated that complaints had been received from residents in the Wellingborough-road of the nuisance caused by the deposit of sludge from the sewage farm on land in the occupation of Mr. J. Clark at the rear of the Oakley estate.  The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Clark informing him of the complaints and requesting him not to cart any of the sludge on to the land in question unless it was intended to plough it in immediately.

  The Inspector also reported a nuisance in Sandpit-lane caused by the tipping of refuse on land there by Mr. Nichols, contractor, Higham Ferrers.  The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Nicholls informing him that he must cease to deposit refuse on this land.

  A letter was received from the solicitors to the mortgagees of the Robert-street property, asking that the matter of carrying out the drainage might be deferred for the present as they contemplated an immediate sale of the property.

  The Committee agreed to this, it being understood that the houses were regularly scavenged.

  The sewer at the rear of Higham-road off the Sandpit-lane had been examined and found to be in a bad state and required relaying.

  The Committee gave instructions for the necessary work to be carried out.

  One application had been received for registration as a purveyor of milk.

  Circular letters from the Local Government Board with reference to diseased cattle and regulations as to cholera and plague were read.

  Lists of out-workers had been received during the month notifying 63 out-workers.

  The Inspector submitted a detailed statement of work done, complaints investigated, and notices served during the month.

Sanitary Inspectors’ Association

  The Inspector read his report of the Conference held at Llandudno last month, which he attended by direction of the Council.    On the motion of the Chairman, Mr. Hunter was thanked for his report, which was ordered to be printed and circulated amongst the members.

Small Holdings Act

  The Memorial referred by the Council to this Committee with respect to the provision of further allotments and Small Holdings was considered.

  It was resolved to recommend the Council to authorise an advertisement to be inserted in the local papers, for the purposes of information only, requesting persons desirous of acquiring Small Holdings between 5 and 50 acres or allotments between one and five acres to send in their names to the Clerk with particulars of their requirements so that the Committee might further consider the matter when they had more definite information before them.

Bye-Laws For The Prevention Of Nuisances

  The Special Sub-Committee appointed to consider these Bye-laws recommended the adoption of the model Bye-laws of the Local Government Board en bloc, and it was resolved to recommend the Council to take the necessary steps for adopting the same.

Inspector of Nuisances

  An application was received from Mr. Hunter for an increase of salary.  The Committee considered this had better be discussed by the whole Council in Committee and it was resolved to adjourn the matter for this purpose until next Wednesday evening.

  It was unanimously resolved to recommend the Council to re-appoint Mr. Hunter as Inspector of Nuisances at a salary to be fixed by the Committee.

  Mr. Dobbs, referring to the committee’s recommendation with regard to the provision of small holdings, said he hardly thought it would meet the case.  He knew of cases where less than an acre was required.  Some men only wanted 10 poles.

  The Chairman said the Small Holdings Act would not apply to such a case.  Most of the applicants wanted more than an acre, and in the cases he understood that the Allotments Association could meet the demand.

  Mr. Dobbs said that before the memorial was sent in one man told him he could do with either 10 poles or 20 poles.

  The Chairman said if applications were received for the smaller amounts they could be considered.

  The report was adopted, and on the recommendations of the whole Council in committee Mr. Hunter was re-appointed Sanitary Inspector for the ensuing year and his salary increased by £10 per annum.

Game Licence Granted

  Mr. James Bugby applied for a game licence, and the application was acceded to.

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