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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 15th October, 1948, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Rates May Rise on 700 Houses

Like other Councils in the district, Rushden is disturbed by the intention of the County Valuation Officer to propose the revision of the assessments of certain Council houses.

The Clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) said at Wednesday’s meeting that the proposals to be placed before the Assessment Committee would affect over 700 houses at Rushden and, if adopted would increase rateable values by from £1 to £5 and rents – on the basis of the present charges – by amounts varying from 5d. to 1s. 3d.

Coun. J. T. Richardson asked why copies of the notice had been sent to the tenants, who did not understand them or know what their rights were in the matter.

The Clerk said the Council was under an obligation to send copies of the notice to the occupiers concerned.

If the tenants wished, they had the right to give notice to the Assessment Committee and to be heard when the matter was considered.

Mr. Crowdy hinted, however, that the tenants might like to put their trust in the Valuation Committee of the Council, which would consider the question next Wednesday.

The committee, he said, would be very alarmed if the assessments were to be increased, but he could not anticipate the action they would take.

Building Plans

Building plans were as follows: Garage, 68, Talbot Road, Mr. J. V. Bailey; garage Moor Road, Mr. P. Stevens; house, Bedford Road, Mr. R. Baxter; garage, Wymington Road, Messrs. M. M. Drabble; shed at 124, Newton Road, Mr. F. Perkins; extension to breakfast room at 59, Prospect Ave., Miss D. E. Robinson; extension to bedroom at 35, Hall Avenue, Mr. C. W. Stevens.

Garage, 59, Park Avenue, Mr. C. D. Batson; garage, 120, Hall Avenue, Messrs. M. M. Drabble; garage, 2, Prospect Avenue, Mr. H. Denton; extension to shop, 87, High Street, Messrs. Currys, Ltd.; garage, 68, Wymington Road, Mr. W. Abington; addition of bedroom, 11, Fern Road, Mr. F. M. Rolfe; conservatory, 9, Fern Road, Mr. A. Willmott; garage, High Street, Rushden Co-operative Society; garage, 37, Hall Avenue, Mr. E. Edwards; house, Hall Avenue, Mr. C. W. Leeson; addition to 98 St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. W. G. Austin; warehouse, Carnegie Street, Messrs. Wilkins and Denton, Ltd.

There have been 32 applications for licences to build houses privately and six have been provisionally accepted.


Twenty-one tenants at The Hedges have asked for the removal of the boiler stoves from the living rooms and the substitution of open grates with back boilers. These applications have been refused.

The Clerk has been instructed to urge that an electricity service for Trafford Road and Oval Road should be provided as quickly as possible. Houses in this area have been wired for some considerable time.

Fifteen births and nine deaths were reported.

Two samples of water, taken from shallow wells at the Court Estate, have been tested and found unsatisfactory.

The Council decided to issue notices calling for defects to be remedied at 45, Moor Road and 6, Pemberton Street.

The Clerk reported that it had been impossible to trace the relatives of one of the child air raid victims buried at Rushden Cemetery. It was decided, however, to erect a memorial over the grave.

In view of considerable opposition on the part of property owners, it was decided to take no action at present in regard to making up Blinco Road under the Private Street Works Act.

It was reported that the Highways and Works Superintendent, Mr. T. E. Harrison, had tendered his resignation, having obtained an appointment with the Wellingborough Urban Council.

Notice was received from Mr. W. H. Dilley, of 60, Wymington Road, that he wished to secure the diversion and partial stopping up of a footpath leading from Wymington Road to the Parish of Wymington.

Members in attendance were Couns. J. H. J. Paragreen (chairman), W. E. Capon (vice-chairman), F. E. Brown, J. Roe, A. A. Allebone, A. H. Bailey, T. W. Cox, F. Green, R. E. B. Sargent, A.F.C., J. Allen, A. F. Weale, Mrs. O. A. H. Muxlow, G. Knight, H. Waring, E. A. Sugars, W. J. Sawford and J. T. Richardson.


15th October, 1948

Views Sought on Old Hall

Disappointed with the response to its request for views on the future of Rushden Hall, Rushden Council decided on Wednesday to call a public meeting and find out if the town is really prepared to run a community centre.

A report of proposals to use Rushden Hall as a community centre came from the Parks Committee. It stated that nearly 200 copies of the committee’s own proposals were circulated to local societies.

Several societies had expressed themselves as enthusiastically in support of the scheme, and in no case had there been direct opposition, but on the whole the committee was disappointed with the response received.

On the information before them they did not feel justified in recommending the Council to proceed at once with the complete restoration of the Hall and its adaptation as a community centre.

The committee wished to make clear that while the Council would be prepared to co-operate and assist, the initial responsibility and offer must come from those who would constitute the community association.

If an active association was formed it might be helpful if, in the early stages, the Council offered to bear the cost of retaining an architect to advise on the restoration of the premises.

Public Meeting

The Committee recommended that the Chairman of the Council should convene a public meeting to consider the establishment of a community association and that the Council should offer to consider favourably any application for the use of Rushden Hall by such an association, and for financial assistance with any agreed scheme for the adaptation of the premises.

The report was carried without comment.

Reinstatement of the Hall Grounds was the subject of a letter from the Ministry of Health, who are prepared to reimburse the reasonable and necessary cost of works within an estimate of £10,985, less a sum equivalent to the saving in maintenance costs during the period of requisitioning by the military authorities and the value of any residual materials.


29th October, 1948

Rating Threat is Withdrawn

No Increase On Council Houses

Proposals by the County Valuation Officer which would have meant increased rates for Council house tenants at Rushden and Higham Ferrers have now been withdrawn.

“Council house tenants need have no fear now of rates going up as a result of those proposals,” said Coun. Frank Brown, chairman of Rushden Council’s Finance Committee, to the “Echo and Argus” last night.

Explaining the position, Mr. Brown said: “We have received notification from the County Council that the proposals made by the County Valuation Officer have been withdrawn.”

“I must say,” he continued, “that we are very pleased. We felt that they were unjust and we were going to fight them as hard as we could. We felt that it was unfair as they were going to alter Council house property only.”

Similar notification has been received by Higham Ferrers Town Council.

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