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The Rushden Echo and Argus, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
14th October 1955

Sunday cinemas: Council asks Parliament ‘clear the way’

A resolution asking Parliament to clear the way for possible Sunday cinema shows in the town was adopted without discussion by Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday. November 10 was fixed as the date of a meeting at which local government electors can vote for or against.

Re-lighting of the A6 route through Rushden was agreed to and may cost the council £837 yearly, including loan charges on the original outlay.

Along High Street the lamps will hang from brackets attached to buildings. Fluorescent lamps will be used between Station Approach and Wymington Road and mercury vapour lamps elsewhere.

Although Rushden Council’s highways committee made the original suggestion, Higham Council is now one move ahead on the proposal that the road running westward from the junction of the two towns should become “Northampton Road.”

No Hastener

Mr. Frank Brown urged the adoption of a speeding-up resolution so that people on the route would know what address to print on their Christmas cards, but the council decided to let the machinery take its normal course.

“A little bit of telepathy has been at work hear.” said Mrs. Lean. “Even Mister Cobbler’ has been making remarks about it.”

The chairman Mrs. Alice Muxlow, announced that the council, with 17 ex-chairmen still alive, had won its claim to £5 offered by Col. Howard Burditt, of Desborough. The money, she said, was on the way and she proposed to give it to the Senior Citizens’ Association. “I think,” she observed, “we are to be congratulated on the longevity of our chairmen.”

Trained for C.D.

Rushden W.V.S. had two mentions. First, Mr. A. H. Bailey said it was amazing that the W.V.S. already had 16 members trained for civil defence. It was announced later that the unit had opened a clothing store at Rushden Hall.

Figures were given by Mr. J. E. Wills to support the housing committee’s view that out of town applicants for council houses need not be excluded. The committee also claimed that in spite of “temporary inconvenience” to some people the present system of not completing estate roads until building work was finished should continue.

A Few Flats

“Short Stocks,” “Mallery Close” and “Slaters Close” were chosen as names for new streets on the Hayden estate.

Mr. Wills said it was hoped to provide a few flats for single individuals – probably those who would be displaced by clearance proposals.

The total paid by the council in house improvement grants has now passed £4,500.

A warning was given that the council will not pay for work ordered by its tenants, who must report any repair question to the council’s officers.

30 Years To Pay

Commenting on the proposed sewering of Woodland Avenue, Mr. A. H. Bailey said the average cost for a 30-foot plot would be about £3 10s, and the council had offered the holders 30 years in which to pay.

It was announced that the demolitions in Rectory Road would now be carried out by a local firm, another contractor having withdrawn.

Proposals are to be made for renumbering the houses in Hall Avenue.


The Rushden Echo and Argus, 21st October 1955

Unmade roads complaint: It’s council policy

Rushden and District Trades Council who recently complained to Rushden Urban Council about the state of the roads on the Queen Street estate had their answer at their meeting on Wednesday night.

The urban council stated that it was their policy not to complete roads on estates until all building work was finished.

One member told the meeting that he understood that the work had been started.

In reply to the request for a bus shelter at Higham Ferrers the Higham Ferrers Borough Council wrote that the matter would be placed before the appropriate committee.

Mr. G. Owen was appointed auditor in conjunction with Mr. W. Hawes.

Plans are passed

Building plans brought before Rushden Urban Council at their meeting last week by the highways and planning committee were:

Site for houses, Higham Road (Miss C. Sanders); alterations to form hairdressing saloon, 156 Wellingborough Road (Mr. G. Majerski); extention and alterations to premises, Higham Road, (Rushden Co-operative Society); change of use, canteen and rest rooms, Brookfield, Wellingborough Road, (John White (Holdings), Ltd); garage, Trafford Road (adjoining 101 Newton Road) (Mr. D. Bugby); house and garage, 105 Hall Avenue (Mr. D. W. Leeding).

Caravan site, plot 20 Alexandra Estate, (Mr. H. Clark); house and garage, St. Mary’s Avenue (Mr. G. Woodhams); alterations and extensions to factory, Oakley Road (A. Allebone and Sons); alterations to shop, 13 High Street (Mr. A. E. Hill); outline application, site for houses, Newton Road (Mr. W. T. Smith); garage for lorries, Station Road (Mr. C. Freeman); outline application, office extension, 173 High Street, (R. Marriott, Ltd).

Site plan for educational purposes, Wymington Road, (Northamptonshire County Council); change of use for home for elderly people, The Shrubbery, Higham Road, (Northamptonshire County Council); garage, 20 Pemberton Street (Mr. S. H. Martin); extension to workshop, Wellingborough Road, (Nene Valley Coachworks Ltd); outline application, site for houses, Bedford Road (Mr. E. R. Flintham).

Bathroom, 130 Queen Street (Miss C. J. Creamer); alterations, 45 Crabb Street (Mr. H. A. Birch); garage, The Manse 5 Higham Road (Independent Wesleyan Church); bathroom, 15 Montague Street (Mr. G. R. Cave); outline application, development of land, Bedford Road and Manning Street (Lindim (Lincoln) Ltd).

Alterations to shop, Wellingborough Road, (Rushden Co-operative Society Ltd); leather store, Portland Road. (A. Sargent and Sons, Ltd); building line for shops, High Street and Newton Road (Properties Agency (Kettering) Ltd); outline application, bungalow, Bedford Road (Mr. D. C. Swindall); covered way, “Shimnah,” Quorn Road (Mr. J. Cooper); garage, 20 Cromwell Road (Mr. H. Nickerson).

Bathroom, 5 Spencer Road (Mr. T. B. Clark); Nissen building, Kimbolton Road, (Mr. H. C. Laughton); alterations, 100 High Street South (Mr. J. L. Jacques); bathroom, 9 Carnegie Street (Mr. A. H. Allen); bathroom 209 Wellingborough Road (Mr. E. J. Godfrey); bathroom, 14 Higham Road, (Mr. R. Walden); bathroom, 4 Glassbrook Road (Mrs. G. Batchelor); addition to kitchen, 81 Moor Road, (Mr. H. J. Iliffe); garden shed, 21 Gloucester Crescent (Mrs. M. Drage); garage, Wilson Road, (Mr. G. C. Cox); bungalow, Hall Avenue (Mr. F. Perkins).

Amended layout plan, Haydon Road Estate (Rushden Urban Council); rear porch and store, Rowley Close, Wellingborough Road (Mrs. Eaton); garage and covered way, 17 Blinco Road (Mr. R. Rawlings); addition to Park Cottage, Park Road (Mr. R. Eaton); bungalow, Church Hall Road (Mr. B. Reynolds); extension to garage 309 Wellingborough Road, (Mr. E. E. Newell); inflammable goods store, Spencer Road (Sanders and Sanders).

Double garage, 40 Blinco Road (Mr. T. R. Helsdown); alterations, 433 Newton Road (Mr. C. A. Smith); garden shed, 67 Little Street (Mr. H. G. Glidle); garage, 28 Church Hall Road (Mr. D. H. Davis); pair houses, Hillary Road (A. Sanders, Ltd); alterations and extensions to premises, Harborough Road (W. W. Chamberlain and Sons Ltd); two garages, Maple Road (Mr. A. Mackness); glazed canopies, Rectory Road (C.W.S. Ltd); garage, 148 Washbrook Road (Mr. R. Bailey); bay window, “Gledholt,” Higham Road (Mr. F. Sargent).


16th December 1955

New Health Centre Site: No Promise

Rushden’s future health centre, catering for infant welfare, anti-natal work and school clinical service, was discussed on Wednesday, when the Urban Council declined to give a promise regarding the Rectory Field, where land is required as a site for the centre.

Land agents representing owners had suggested to the County Council that the land required might be sold on condition that no public body ever tried to acquire the remainder of the paddock.

“Some assurance which would prove acceptable was suggested by the County Council, but the Rushden councillors decided that they could not commit their successors. They also declined to discuss the question with the County Public Health Committee.

When the question of alterative sites was raised, Mrs. W. M. Lean suggested one in Duck Street as being “bang in the middle of the town.”

Local Money

Reversing a majority decision made a few years ago, the council decided to advertise its willingness to borrow money locally at five per cent on short-term arrangements.

Announcing that the new rating valuation list would be available for inspection early next week, Mr. F. E. Brown advised people not to worry until next year’s rate was known. He hinted that the amount required by the council would probably not rise.

In spite of opposition by Mr. B. Gramshaw, it was decided to continue pressing for a “No waiting” order covering a part of High Street South near the high pavement. At the moment the Ministry of Transport’s divisional road engineer is not satisfied that there is a need for restriction.

702 New Houses

Mr. J. E. Wills reported that the council has built 702 houses since the war – 408 of them on the Upper Queen Street site. There are 58 more under contract.

Speaking of housing improvement grants, he said the committee felt that the provision of internal lavatories was much to be desired.

Commenting on repairs to paths and yards in Spinney Close, Irchester Road and Westfield Avenue, Mrs. D. E. Shire mentioned the needs of Highfield Road. She was told that no money is available at the moment.

It was decided to include a small number of flats in future housing programmes.

The council’s plan to develop a clearance area between Little Street and Park Road is opposed by the Ministry of Housing on the ground that the space is not sufficient for the eleven bungalows proposed. The Ministry is being urged to reconsider its decision.

A contract was placed for converting an old part of the cemetery into a “Garden of Rest.” Another was for a sewer in Avenue Road, Court Estate. A third was for the re-lighting of the A6 road through the town.

It was agreed to pay £1,450 compensation for land to be acquired by the council at the junction of High Street and Duck Street.

Messrs. C. A. Bailey and Co.’s marine store premises in Washbrook Road, bordered on three sides by Spencer Park, are to be acquired by the council for £460.

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