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The Rushden Echo, 15th September 1899 , transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The members present at a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night were Messrs. F Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), T. Swindall, P. Cave, W. H. Wilkins, G. H. Skinner, G. Fountain, G. Miller, and J. S. Clipson, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. J. B. Martin).

Plans Committee

A meeting of the Plans Committee was held at the Vestry Hall on Wednesday, 23rd August. Present:- Mr. Fred Knight (chairman), Messrs. J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins.


Messrs. John Cave & Sons, Ltd., presented an amended plan for an engine house in Alfred-street. Mr. Paul Cave explained to the Committee the necessity of bringing out the building beyond the front main wall of their adjoining factory, stating that if this were not done it would be impossible to work their machinery to advantage. The Committee agree to recommend the Council to allow the new building to be brought forward as shown on the plan, conditional on Messrs. Cave agreeing to observe a building line for the adjoining land belonging to them on the south as marked by the Surveyor on the plan. Subject to this arrangement being confirmed the plan was approved.

The report was adopted on the motion of the Chairman.

Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways, and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday, 30th August. Present:- Mr. Fred Knight (chairman), Messrs. P. Cave, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, and W. H. Wilkins.


were presented by

Mr. W. Hewitt, for store house in Glassbrook-road and passed.

Mr. Geo. Denton for corrugated iron shed at rear of High-street and passed.

Messrs. John Cave and Sons, Ltd. for an open shed consisting of four cast-iron columns with corrugated roof, all sides open, and passed as such.

The Trustees of the Congregational Chapel for W.C. and Lavatory accommodation and passed subject to drainage and ventilation being provided to the satisfaction of the Surveyor.

The Clerk reported with regard to the plan for Messrs Caves’ new engine house before the Committee on Wednesday last that upon consideration he thought the condition requiring Messrs. Cave to observe a building line for the adjoining land on the South undesirable, the statutory power giving the Council discretion as to allowing any building to be brought in front of Mr. Knight’s house which defined the present building line being sufficient.

The Committee agreed to modify their previous recommendation by omitting the condition referred to and recommend the Council to allow the building to be brought forward as shown and to pass the plan.

Footpath Near The Oakley

A letter was received from Mr. Lovell with reference to the state of this footpath. The Committee decided to visit the site.

Public Lighting

The Surveyor reported that owing to the inconvenient position of the lamp in Manning’s-lane at the top of Little-street he had applied to Mrs. Henry for permission to place it over the wall inside a garden belonging to her and that she had given her consent thereto subject to an undertaking being given by the Council that it should be removed when required. This had been given. The Surveyor’s action was approved and the undertaking given by him confirmed.


A letter having been received from the Surveyor to the County Council, asking the Urban Council to put in order the milestones in their district, the Committee instructed the Surveyor to look into the matter and see where the milestones were required.

The report was adopted.

Finance, Cemetery and Sanitary Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday, 6th September. Present: Mr. Geo. Denton (vice-chairman), Messrs. J. Claridge, J. Spencer, G. Fountain, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner.


Accounts. – A number of accounts were examined by the committee and passed for payment.

Waterworks. – A letter was received from the Co-operative Society making a claim of £10 for damage done to a field at Wymington in their occupation by the Council’s operations there. The Clerk was instructed to point out to the Society that the Council settled with them last year in respect of all claims up to 29th September, 1898, for £10 10s, the amount then asked for, and this covered a period of about 3 years when the damage occasioned must have been much heavier. The Committee considered a sum of £2 10s as being a proper amount to cover the present claim.

Medical Officer. – Dr. Owen attended the meeting with reference to his appointment as Medical Officer and conferred with the Committee on the question of salary in case the Committee decided it should be an inclusive one covering all fees under the Infectious Diseases Notification Act. Dr. Owen suggested that in such case £50 would be a reasonable sum.

The Committee decided to recommend the Council to continue the appointment of Dr. Owen on the same terms as heretofore up to 31st December and adjourned for future consideration the terms of a subsequent appointment.

Public Clocks. – An application was received from Mr. C. M. Fisher for an increase of salary for winding the public clocks. It was resolved to consider the application at the next meeting and that Mr. Fisher be requested to attend.


Mr. John Jaques. – Mr. John Jaques attended the meeting and complained of damage done to his property in Duck-street by flooding on the occasion of the severe storm some three weeks since. The Committee expressed regret at the occurrence but explained to Mr. Jaques that the storm was an extraordinary one and no liability could be admitted. The Surveyor however would be instructed to take every available precaution to prevent the mischief. The surveyor was instructed to report thereon to the next meeting.

Crops at Sewage Farm. – Instructions were given to the Farm Committee as to the sale of crops.

Ventilating Shafts. – The following sub-committee were appointed to assist the Surveyor in selecting sites for the ventilating columns viz. The Chairman with Messrs. Claridge, Miller, and Fountain.

Wymington Sewerage Scheme. – The Committee attention was called to the proposed scheme for sewerage disposal at Wymington as to which an Inquiry was to be held by a Local Government Inspector, on Friday the 15th. The Committee considered the scheme if carried into effect as likely to damage the Council’s Water Supply derived from Wymington Parish and it was resolved to recommend the Council to be represented at the Inquiry and place before the Inspector the Council’s objections to the site for the outfall works.


The following children were reported for damaging May bushes in the Cemetery Field. Frank Wills (9) 39, Crabb-street, Arthur Letts (8) 33, Crabb-street, Harry Brown (8) 36, Crabb-street, Willie Levingston (8) 27, Crabb-street. The committee were given to understand that the children had been suitably punished by their parents and a prosecution was therefore not recommended.

The report was adopted on the motion of the Chairman, and a resolution was carried to appoint Dr. Owen for the six months ending Dec. 31.

With regard to the Wymington Sewerage Scheme, opinions were expressed by several members of the Council to the effect that the Rushden water supply would be prejudicially affected, and that it was necessary for the Council to be represented.

On the motion of Mr. Claridge, seconded by Mr. Cave, it was resolved that the Clerk should attend the inquiry.

Referring to the damage by boys at the Cemetery, Mr. Denton said the boys were very small and after having an assurance from the parents that the children had been corrected the Committee did not think it advisable to take proceedings.

The Chairman thought there was no doubt the children would not repeat the offence.

A Game Licence

was applied for by Mr. George Willmott, of High-street, and was granted on the motion of Mr. Cave.

Appointment of a Plumber

Mr. Denton reported that the two selected applicants for the vacant plumber-ship had been interviewed but the committee were not satisfied with them, and at a second meeting two other applicants were seen. Both proved suitable, but the committee thought that one of them was too good to stay long in Rushden. They therefore appointed the other man. Mr. Thos. Cartmail, of Bilston. He was a young man, had very good testimonials, and the committee were pleased with his bearing.

Scarlet Fever

The Sanitary Inspector reported two cases of scarlet fever – one in South-terrace and the other in Brookfield-road. Both patients were doing well. One of them, it was thought, had contracted the disease from a child from Kettering who was on a visit during Higham Ferrers feast week.

Mr. Denton thought that matter should be brought before the Kettering people.

The Sanitary Inspector was instructed to inquire as to the name of the child from Kettering.

Impure Water

The Sanitary Inspector reported that he had taken a sample of water from a pump at the back of some houses in Wellingborough-road belonging to Messrs. T. and W. Compton. The Medical Officer reported that the sample was not fit for drinking purposes, and he (the Inspector) had placed a label on the pump to that effect. The people, however, continued to drink the water. There was another pump at Cambridge Cottages, belonging to Mr. Groome, similarly labelled, which was also used by the tenants for drinking purposes.

The Council decided to call upon the owners in each case to lay on the town water.

The St. John Ambulance Brigade

A letter was received from the Rushden Corps of this Brigade stating that they intended to hold a church parade on Oct. 1st and inviting the Council to take part. The Corps were also inviting the Temperance Band, the Fire Brigade, the police, and the postmen.

In reply to a question, Mr. Swindall said the parade was being held on behalf of the funds of the Corps.

Mr. Clipson: And they want the Council as an attraction. (Laughter.)

Mr. Cave thought they should encourage the Corps and he proposed that the Council, or as many as wished, should attend.

Mr. Denton said they were all in sympathy with the movement, but he was sorry the Corps had asked them to take part. He thought that to make a show like that was degrading to the Corps and out of all reason. Personally he disapproved of the parade, and he had an engagement which he should not leave to attend an affair of that sort.

Mr. Swindall thought that was an insult to the Ambulance Corps; they had no wish to make a show of themselves.

Mr. Denton said that if the Council were to parade on behalf of every good institution they would be parading every Sunday. He did not approve of Sunday being used for the purpose.

The Chairman thought they could understand Mr. Denton’s position. The Ambulance Corps would not think any the worse of Mr. Denton because he disapproved of the parade.

Mr. Claridge thought himself there was perhaps rather too much of the military drill business, but he did not go quite so far as Mr. Denton.

Mr. Cave’s motion received the support of six members.

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