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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th September 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

At a meeting of this Council on Wednesday night there were present:- Messrs. F. Knight (chairman), G. Denton (vice-chairman), G. Miller, J. Spencer, W. Bazeley, W. H. Wilkins, G. Fountain, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, with the Clerk (Mr. G. S. Mason) and the Surveyor (Mr. W. Madin).

The Late Mr. Herbert Sartoris

Before the ordinary business commenced, the Chairman said he felt it his duty to refer to the loss the town had sustained by the death of Mr. Sartoris, who for several years was a valued member of the Local Board. His advice and judgement were, by the Board, always appreciated and respected. They also remembered the keen interest taken by Mr. Sartoris in the welfare and development of Rushden, which was his native home. His liberality and willingness to assist its inhabitants were equally remembered. About ten years ago Mr. Sartoris placed in trust rent free for 20 years 6 acres of land for cricket and other sports, also a gift of about 2 acres of land for an infectious diseases hospital. The working classes, too, were not forgotten. Before the Allotment Act was passed, he placed 70 acres of land at their disposal at a reasonable rent. These were in three different parts, in close proximity to men’s homes. He (the Chairman) felt sure they would, on behalf of the town pass the following resolution:- “That the Council place on record its sense of the great loss sustained by the town in the death of Mr. Herbert Sartoris, for some years a member of this Authority and always a ready supporter of every movement having for its object the good government and prosperity of Rushden. That the Council express, on behalf of its members and the inhabitants of Rushden generally, deep sympathy with Mrs. Herbert Sartoris, her son and daughter, and also with Mrs. Sartoris, his mother, and other members of his family on their sad bereavement. That the Clerk be instructed to forward a copy of this resolution to Mrs. Herbert Sartoris and to Mrs. Sartoris, of Rushden Hall.”

Mr. Denton, in seconding the motion, said he entirely concurred in the remarks of the Chairman. Mr. Sartoris was always disposed to assist the town in every possible way and always prepared to assist them to get the work done as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately it was not always the case that a man who had the ability to assist had also the inclination but Mr. Sartoris had both. That was a feature they ought to recognize and the town ought to recognize, and he thought the Council were only doing what was right in placing on record their sense of the loss they had sustained through Mr. Sartoris’ death.

The motion was passed in silence, the Council rising.

Gas Undertaking

A meeting of the Committee appointed to further consider the matter of the purchase of the Gas Works was held in the Vestry Hall, on Wednesday, 22nd August, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (chairman), G. Denton, T. Swindall, and J. Spencer.

After careful consideration the Committee were satisfied that the undertaking could not be acquired on more favourable terms than those set out in the Report of the special Joint Committee of the Councils of Rushden and Higham Ferrers made in February last year and then submitted to the Town’s Meeting. The Committee also gathered from reports of recent arbitrations that the amounts awarded on compulsory purchases generally exceeded the figures named in the report of the Joint Committee. Under these circumstances and having in mind the manner in which the proposed purchase was received by the town on previous occasions, the Committee do not recommend the Council to take further steps in the matter.

The report was adopted, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Denton.

Plans, &c., Committee

A meeting of the Plans, Highways and Lighting Committee was held on Wednesday the 29th August, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (in the chair), W. H. Wilkins, J. Claridge, J. S. Clipson, T. Swindall, and W. Bazeley.


A plan was presented on behalf of the Trustees of the Independent Wesleyan Chapel for a School Chapel in Brookfield-road, and passed subject to the building line being set back in accordance with that of the houses near, and the system of drainage amended to the Surveyor’s satisfaction.

Street Lighting

The Chairman reported that after consulting the members of the committee he had instructed the Surveyor to have the street lamps fully lighted on Saturday last which was done. The Committee approved and confirmed.

It was resolved to have the lamp on the Wellingborough-road opposite Station-road set back in line with the new footpath as now set out.

It was also resolved to recommend the erection of an additional lamp in Co-operative-row opposite the footpath leading into Crabb-street.

Public Seats

The Surveyor was instructed to obtain a price from Mr. Ginns for an oak seat with iron tree guard for the centre of the Green and with regard to other seats to make enquiries at Wellingborough as to makers and prices.

Gate For The Vestry Hall

The Chairman and Surveyor were requested to select a design and obtain prices for a suitable iron gate for the lobby.

The Council adopted the report, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Clipson.

Finance &c., Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Cemetery, and Sanitary Committee was held on Wednesday the 5th September, 1900. Present:- Messrs. Fred Knight (in the chair), G. Denton, J. Claridge, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner, and J. Spencer.


A number of accounts were examined and passed for payment.

Sanitary Reports

Medical Officer’s.—The following report was received from the Medical Officer of Health:- There has been only one case of infectious disease reported since the last meeting, viz., scarlatina.

Sanitary Inspector’s. – The Inspector reported that since the Medical Officer made his report another case of scarlatina had occurred in Harborough-road. He had visited the place and found the drains in good order; disinfectants had been supplied and the usual precautions taken. The Inspector further reported a nuisance injurious to health in a passage at the end of a row of houses in Fletcher-street, the property of Mr. J. W. Wilson, of Kettering, arising he believed from a defective drain and damaged mica flap. The Inspector was instructed to serve Mr. Wilson with a formal notice requiring him to abate the nuisance within seven days.

Higham Ferrers

The Clerk stated that he had been requested by the Mayor of Higham Ferrers to ask this Council if they would permit Mr. Martin to undertake the Borough Inspector’s duties during his temporary absence through illness. The committee authorised the Clerk to reply that no objection would be raised to such an arrangement provided it did not exceed a period of one month.


The surveyor was instructed to have the gates at the Newton-road entrance painted and varnished.

The report was adopted, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Clipson.

Water Supply

A meeting of the Water Committee was held on Tuesday, September 12, when there were present:- Messrs. F. Knight, John Claridge, G. Miller, G. Fountain, and J. S. Clipson.

Bedford-Road Well

Tenders were received for the supply of an oil engine and pump for the Bedford-road well, and the committee recommended the Council to accept the tender of Messrs. Mather and Son, at £172 15s, with £16 extra for gun metal barrels to the pump. The Surveyor’s estimate was £200.

Sharnbrook Trial Operations

The Chairman reported that the Clerk had received a letter from Mr. Hipwell in which he asked that the agreement made last year might be adapted to the present suggestion of sinking a trial well in his meadow. This would mean a certain amount of further legal expenses and the committing of the Council to several provisions in case of purchase, which he and the Clerk did not think advisable for the Council again to commit themselves to. He (the Chairman) had since endeavoured to see Mr. Gibbard, also a riverside owner, but had been unable to do so. He had, however, seen Mr. Whitworth, who had suitable land, and he had signified his willingness to allow the Council to make the trial operations required on the same terms as Mr. Hipwell, but without any further provisions in case of purchase. The Clerk had drawn up a short agreement to this effect, which had been submitted to Mr. Whitworth that evening and approved by him.

The committee considered the arrangement a very satisfactory one, especially as the site selected is above Sharnbrook, which Mr. Middleton preferred, and recommended the Council to approve and confirm the same.

Mr. Clipson said the new site was far preferable to the other one and the access to it from Rushden was easier.

On the motion of the Chairman the report was adopted, the seal of the Council was affixed to the agreement and a cheque for £15 was signed as compensation for Mr. Whitworth.

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