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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 10th September, 1948, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
£1,700 Repair Limit Now £161

No longer responsible for licensing building repairs other than on houses, Rushden Council has had its licensing quota reduced by the Ministry of Works from £1,700 to £161 10s. per month.

This news was greeted with laughter at Wednesday’s meeting, and Coun. A. A. Allebone claimed that the Council would need the wisdom of Solomon.

“I only hope,” he said, “that the long-suffering public of Rushden will bear with us and not slate us too much in this difficult task.”

When Coun. J. T. Richardson said he supposed that Rushden was being treated the same as other authorities, Mr. Allebone replied: “It may be that we are particularly unfortunate, in which case we might make representations to the Ministry.”

The Chairman (Coun. J. H. J. Paragreen) said he felt sure the Housing Committee would bear this in mind.


The appointment of a sub-committee to consider providing assistance for the Housing Manager led Coun. Allebone to suggest that an increase of staff might be avoided.

Mrs. Muxlow said she objected to the committee being prompted before it had dealt with the matter.

Mr. Allebone: I only asked for it to be borne in mind.

Mrs. Muxlow: Wishful thinking!

Having already planned a children’s playing field on the Rushden part of the estate, the Housing Committee reported against a joint scheme which has been proposed by Higham Ferrers Town Council for a playing field adjoining The Hedges, on the Higham portion.

Private Houses

Six houses can be built by private enterprise at Rushden as the allocation for the second half of the year. When the Housing Committee met last there had already been fourteen applications, but in order to ensure fairness it was decided to issue a public notice.

As the Upper Queen Street site is unlikely to be ready this year, it was decided to build the next 24 Council houses on the Headingley Road site.

Coun. E. A. Sugars was appointed to serve on the County Fire Brigade Committee.

Decisions made by the Rating Committee increased the rateable value of the town by £1,373.

Eight births and five deaths were reported for July.

It was learned that Dr. J. T. W. Reid, the District M.O.H. has resigned following his appointment as Deputy County Medical Officer for Renfrewshire.


Building plans included: House, Talbot Road, Mr. R. Neville; garage, Newton Road, Mr. W. Jones; garage, Fitzwilliam Street, Mr. R. W. Hollis; garage, Quorn Road, Mr. A. E. Bull; garage, 6 Park Avenue, Mr. R. Whiteman; dairy, 20, Washbrook Road, Mr. B. C. Groom; kitchen, 112, St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. G. Tew; conservatory, 24, Church Hall Road; warehouse and workshop, Robinson Road, Messrs. C. Espin and Son.

Taking up a request from a St. Peter’s Avenue resident, the Council has asked the United Counties Omnibus Co. to restore the stopping place in Wellingborough Road near the Avenue.

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