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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 11th September, 1953, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Housing Bonds Not Favoured
Councillors kill £5 investments

A proposal to issue local housing bonds as an alternative to borrowing from the Public Works Loans Board and in order to encourage interest in the town’s housing schemes, was narrowly rejected at Rushden Urban Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

The Finance Committee, from whom the recommendation came, suggested that short-term bonds could be issued at a slightly slowed interest rate than is paid for the present loans.

Opposition was led by Mr. R. R. Griffiths, who objected that there would be “tremendous” administration costs and an increase of staff at the council offices. This was denied by Mr. F. E. Brown, who claimed that the scheme would save money because the council would not be tied to a given rate of interest over a long term.

A comment by Mr. W. Brown was that a townsman’s anxiety to encourage housing would surely be measured by the amount he wished to lend free of interest.

The scheme was rejected by nine votes to eight, nearly all the opposition coming from the Labour side.

Shops to Rent

It was agreed to advertise for tenders for the tenancy of two shops (each with a flat) which are to be built on the Upper Queen Street estate. There was, however, a keen discussion regarding what goods should be sold in each shop. Mr. Griffiths urged an exact definition, but other members upheld the use of the term “etc.” on the ground that it would leave a loophole for settling any differences.

When new lighting for Washbrook Road was sanctioned Mr. Griffiths complained that the town already had four kinds of fluorescent lighting, ranging from blue to red.

Mr. W. Brown spoke scathingly about circulars sent to council house tenants because of complaints that children had damaged property in course of erection. He declared that the builders themselves had done the damage, but this was denied by Mr. R. H. S. Greenwood, who works on the Upper Queen Street estate.

Mr. A. Green complained that grass verges on the council estates were being used as car parks and would be an eyesore in 12 months’ time. He held that too many verges were provided, but other members took the view that the council must educate the public to take care of them.

The council recommended that Duck Street, between College Street and Wellingborough Road, should be restricted to one-way (southerly) traffic, the proposal being influenced by the plan to open a car park in this section of the street. Mr. W. E. Capon said that in view of the danger to traffic emerging from Duck Street it would be a good idea to have a very large mirror placed on the far side of Wellingborough Road, and Mr. R. H. S. Greenwood promised that this would be considered by the Highways Committee.

A scheme for an enlarged park to hold sixty cars on the Co-operative Society’s land off Rectory Road was adopted with thanks to the Society. The park will be rented out by the society at about £104 per annum for twenty years.

Because of “special circumstances” priority for a council house was granted to the council’s newly-engaged engineering assistant.

No useful purpose could be served at the present time by discussing a report received from the county treasurer regarding the financial effects of any arrangement for the transfer to Rushden of any London people, reported the Finance Committee. When an invitation was received to discuss the matter with the County Council the whole subject should be discussed by the whole council.

Bus Route

A letter from the United Counties Omnibus Co. stated that they had difficulty in maintaining the published time-table in respect of the town service. They asked to omit from the Oval Road service the present diversion via Oswald Road, Pightles Terrace and Grove Road, which few people used.

The Finance Committee stated they were reluctant to agree to the omission of the whole of the route on the south side of Newton Road and had appointed a sub-committee to meet the company.

It was agreed to erect a barrier outside Jubilee Park to prevent children running on to the road.

A drinking fountain for Rushden Hall Grounds is to be purchased from the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association.

The Housing Committee granted permission for an aviary to be erected at 1 Kent Road.

The Housing Committee have decided to consider at their next meeting the provision of further accommodation for old people.

Eight applications for licences to erect new houses were approved by the Housing Committee.

Although the development by the county council of a smallholding in the Newton Road is exempt from compliance with the council’s bye-laws, the Health Committee feels there should be co-operation between the two authorities. The Clerk has been instructed to contact the county council after a report from the Surveyor that the drainage is unsatisfactory, and also to forward a copy of the communication to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Requests for improvements in the street lighting in Quorn Road and Allen Road are to be investigated.

The council will support an application from Seamarks (Motors) Ltd. for a licence to operate a coach service between Rushden and Leicester on Saturdays.

Chairman’s Praise

The chairman (Mr. A. A. Allebone) voiced the council’s congratulations to Mr. A. P. Timpson and the staff of Rushden Fire Station on winning premier honours in the county competitions last Saturday.

Mr. Allebone invited the members to attend with him a Civic Night performance of “Merrie England” by Rushden Operatic Society in October, saying that the production formed part of the town’s Coronation festivities. He added that Higham Ferrers Town Council would also attend.

The Clerk (Mr. A. G. Crowdy) announced that a local inquiry would be held at Rushden on September 29 concerning an appeal by the Modern Electric Co. relating to the proposed development of land in Newton Road for a caravan site.

A circular from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government states that work on existing private dwellings may now be carried out to a sum of £500 without a licence. Above that amount local authorities are no longer required to restrict licences to any fixed quota but must judge applications on merit and give priority accordingly.

A meat pie manufacturer has been informed that the Public Health Committee take “a very serious view” of the Sanitary Inspector’s report on a pie which was unfit for human consumption.

Building plans were as follows: Store for inflammable goods, Midland Road, British United Shoe Machinery Co., site plan for bungalow, Grafton Road, Mr. E. Hartwell; lock-up garages, Station Road, Mr. C. Freeman; reconstruction of coach garage, Portland Road, Lord’s Garage; additions and garage, Midland Road, Express Dry Cleaning Service; extension to factory, Irchester Road, Strong and Fisher Ltd.; bungalow and garage, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mr. W. Hart; extension to King Edward VII public house, Queen Street, Charles Wells Ltd.; offices and showroom, Washbrook Road, Johnson Motors Ltd.; house, 78 Park Avenue, Mr. C. A. Slater; bungalow, Grafton Road, Mr. E. Hartwell; conversion of two flats over shop premises, 57 High Street South, Mr. J. Knight; garage, Wilson Road, Mr. R. Rott; pair of semi-detached houses, 9 and 11 Church Hall Road, Miss G. W. Barham and Miss T. P. D. Dawes; garage, 92, Queen Street, Mr. C. Durrant; garage, 110 Higham Road, Mrs. L. O. Felgate; site plan for dwellings, service road improvement at Irchester Road, Rushden U.D.C.; use of living accommodation for goods storage, 92 High Street, Rushden Co-operative Society; garage and store, 48 High Street South, Mrs. A. A. R. Dilley; enclosing wall, George Street, Rushden Co-operative Society; pair of semi-detached houses, St. Mary’s Avenue, Mrs. D. O. Mills and Mrs. E. M. Beeby; alteration to stables and lofts to provide living accommodation, 52 Grove Road, Mr. B. J. Davies; alterations to shop premises, 92 High Street, Rushden Co-operative Society; site for caravan, 28 Church Hall Road, Mr. D. H. Davies; cycle shed, 46 Irchester Road, Mr. H. G. Perkins; conversion of house into two flats, 23 Park Road, Mr. L. Cunnington; extension to garage, 31 Irchester Road, Dr. W. Forrester; semi-detached houses 80, 82 Park Avenue; garage at rear of 230 Wellingborough Road, Miss J. M. Russell; coal shed, 28 Southfields, Mr. F. R. Beck.

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