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Transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The Rushden Echo, 28th September 1962

Byelaws: Tough Line by Council

Rushden Urban Council is adopting a tougher policy on byelaws affecting its parks and open spaces. Steps taken at this week’s council meeting imply that, in future, they will be more rigidly enforced, and brought to the attention of the public.

On Wednesday the Council was told that someone had made “unauthorised use” of the swimming bath. In the playgrounds equipment had been damaged, and complaints about annoyance had been received from some residents living nearby. In the parks youths had been breaking byelaws by cycling.

The parks committee decided to take no action over the swimming bath incident. But to prevent similar damage being done in the Fosse Way and Rose Avenue playgrounds, it was decided to arrange for notices to be erected, directing young people’s attention to the use of equipment by children under 16.

In the case of the Rose Avenue playground the surveyor was asked to investigate the possibility of erecting obstructions to prevent anyone other than small children using it for football and cricket.

Court Case

In the committee’s report about cycling in the parks, a court case was quoted – another was due to be heard – and it was added that the council wrote to the magistrates regretting it had not been granted costs.

The parks superintendent report says that nine boys – between eight and 15 – were stopped when riding cycles in Spencer Park. They were later interviewed in front of their parents by the police.

The clerk was asked to write to their parents advising them that the committee would take “a very serious view” of any further offences.


At the council meeting last month – it is revealed in the current minutes – the clerk brought to light incidents resulting from contraventions of the byelaws in pleasure grounds and Hall grounds (the public was excluded from this part of the business). The council was told what action the police had taken.

As a result of discussion at the August meeting, the clerk was authorised to institute proceedings on behalf of the council against anyone breaking the byelaws in pleasure grounds – under the 1875 Public Health Act –and appear before the council if any proceedings were taken.

‘Improve more houses with grants’

Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday considered a Ministry of Housing and Local Government circular, urging local authorities to make a “determined and sustained effort” to secure a big increase in the numbers of houses improved with the aid of grants.

The circular suggested that authorities should consider arrangements for securing the improvement of all houses in a selected street or area.

The council was told that the views of the medical officer were being sought as to any suitable groups of houses which might be selected for improvements on the lines suggested.

Arrangements were being made for leaflets about improvement grants to be circulated with the council’s rate demands.

The clerk reported that the United Counties Bus Company has agreed to take action to co-ordinate the fares on services operating along High Street South so as to obviate the present differences in charges for the journey from Wymington Road to the Wheatsheaf.

The Housing Committee reported that following confirmation of the Newton Road Compulsory Purchase Order (concerning number 24-36 Newton Road), which was the subject of a public inquiry, it was felt desirable that the redevelopment should be planned in conjunction with an area of one-and-a-quarter acres lying behind the site.

The council approved the committee’s recommendation that the district valuer should be asked to negotiate and recommend terms for the acquisition of the additional ground.

The council is to look into the question of providing additional roadside seats in Irchester Road.

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