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Rushden Improvements
High Street c1905
The Rose & Crown and new Post Office in about 1905
Note the gas lamp on the extreme edge of the footpath
c1905 before the improvements were made
The stone wall right was the boundary to Rushden Cottage

The Wellingborough News, 13th June, 1902, transcribed by Gill Hollis

New Public Buildings
On Tuesday afternoon a start was made with what promises to be a great improvement to the High-street, of Rushden. As previously announced, plans have been prepared by Mr. A. E. Anderson, of Northampton, acting under instructions from Messrs. Cave and Sons, for offices, Post-office, and bank at the corner of College-street and fronting the High-street. Last week the plans were sanctioned by the Urban Council, and steps were immediately taken for placing the contract. This was secured by Mr. R. Marriott, builder, Rushden, and work was commenced on Tuesday by the process of demolishing the old buildings standing on the site. As the building line is to be set back, a great improvement will be effected.

The Rushden Echo, 4th March, 1910, transcribed by Jim Hollis

A Rushden Improvement
Good progress is now being made with the widening of a portion of High-street, Rushden, and few, we imagine, will be found to begrudge the cost, which will be very slight in comparison with the remarkable improvement which is to be secured. The high-street is inconveniently narrow at a point just north of the Post Office. The improvement now being effected was commenced in 1902, when the Post Office and the London City and Midland Bank Buildings were erected. It is now proposed to carry the building line of the Post Office through the garden belonging to the old house known as “The Cottage.” This house – one of the oldest in the county – was the residence of the late Mr. John Cave. Part of the house is being demolished. The full length of the facade will be removed, and the premises converted into three lock-up shops and one double-fronted shop with dwelling-house attached. It is generally regarded as the greatest public improvement ever made in Rushden, and is one of the best bits of work of the now expired Urban Council.

1910 plan
1910 plan showing the new line and drains. Centre of plan is the Cottage. The widening of College Street.

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