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High Street - snippets

Locating the whereabouts of some of the High Street
properties can be difficult, especially before the numbering in 1895.

These snippets chart some of the changes, and may help to locate traders.

The Argus, 1st August 1890.

Boot, Shoe & Upper Manufacturer
High Street, Rushden

Has now in stock a large variety of Ladies'
and Children's Boots and Shoes suitable for
the coming season.

Quality Guaranteed.

Bespoke Uppers on the shortest notice.

Repairs of all kinds.     Note the address:—

Nearly Opposite the Feathers Inn, Rushden

High Street c1895
An early picture in winter of the central High Street.
Caves' factory left, and house opposite were lost in the 1901 fire
Rushden Echo, 22nd April 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins

MESSRS. CAVE'S FACTORY—The Easter holidays were extended until Friday last, so as to allow the machinery being put into the new portion of the factory, which is now being utilised. The alterations to the front of the factory in High-street, by which part of the premises will be converted into lock-up shops are now in progress.

Photo in the Rushden Echo and Argus 25 Nov 1949
High Street before 1901
Another early picture of the central High Street. Before the Great Fire of Rushden, the high pavement in front of the High street cottages provided a fine gallery when organ grinders paid a visit to the town. Although this picture is old and faded, and it is difficult to see what the tiny figures are doing, it appears that an organ grinder had taken his stand in the middle of the street.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st March 1957

Hidden 50 years

Workmen clearing a site in High Street, Rushden, on Tuesday uncovered this old well, which must have been concealed for at least 50 years.

The men, employed by Arthur Sanders Ltd., were clearing a site next to E. Warren Ltd., butcher's shop, for the building of a new shop for that firm, when they uncovered the old well. They knew it was there.

The well, which was in general use in Rushden's village days, was found to be 22 feet deep and contained 18 feet of water. It was lined with brick near the top and stone in the lower parts, and had a lead pipe running to the bottom.

The well will not be filled in; the workmen will re-seal it.

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